[TRANS] 110611 Super Junior Yesung – “Seeing TVXQ’s Debut Stage Made Me Cry.”

On June 11 during KBS2TV show ‘Immortal Song 2’, idols performed songs that they practiced hard on during their trainee years. Among them, Yesung of Super Junior sang Kim Jong Gook’s ‘One Man’.

During his interview, Yesung talked about his trainee years. What made it interesting was a story that specially involved TVXQ, garnering a lot of attention.

Both belonging to the same company, SM Entertainment, TVXQ debuted earlier than Super Junior. When Yesung saw TVXQ’s debut stage, he shed passionate tears. Why did he cry? That will be revealed later in the show!

The show was broadcast on June 11 at 5:35PM.

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Here’s the video

[Trans] Yesung, on KBS 2TV “Immortal Song2″ — theme “The songs we had to sing during trainee time” chose Kim Jongkook’s “One Man”, singing the song with great passion.
In the interview, Yesung said: “The trainee time was really hard. There was a time when I was in my hometown, Cheonan, my dongsaengs DBSK contacted me because they had a concert there. Therefore, as I wanted to go to DBSK concert, I called my younger brother. However, when I stood at the concert, I saw my parents standing there, with tears forming in their eyes”. He recalled that time with his eyes reddened by tears.

Yesung added: “Seeing my parents like that my mind kept telling me: ‘Maybe If I hadn’t seen their tears back then, I couldn’t be who I am now. I am grateful towards my Mother and my Father”.

This week’s Yesung’s stage has improved in comparison to his last week’s, his vocals is boasted by him singing “One Man”. MC Kim Gura said: “Yesung has demonstrated great skill”, praising Yesung

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