[NEWS] 120207 Idol Stars That Look Like Real Couples

Do you want to know about dating rumors behind Go Ara and U-Know Yunho and Kim Soo Hyun and T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung?

Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, which is set to air on February 7, at 5 pm, will be unveiling hidden stories among idol stars, centering on 15 star couples who piqued the curiosity of fans with their dating rumors.

Among them, the most attention is being paid to the Go Ara and U-Know Yunho couple. Go Ara recently confided that she was asked out by SM Entertainment artists while appearing on a show. She said that she was pursued by as many as five celebs from the entertainment company – and many believe that one of the five is Yunho.

The production crew will be unveiling the facts that sparked the rumor. The two naturally acted in a kiss scene in the MBC drama No Limit back in 2009, and vibed as well as a real couple, even cozily posing in the press conference for the drama. The heat and Yunho′s affectionate touch fueled the speculations, and many fans went wild over the rumor.

Another couple that proves where there′s smoke, there′s fire is Kim Soo Hyun and Ham Eun Jung The two, who were both born in 1988, worked together on KBS’s Dream High.

After the drama wrapped up, they met again as a couple in many photo shoots. During the shoots, the two naturally created an amicable atmosphere as if a lovey-dovey couple. The production crew of Wide Entertainment News will be adding to more curiosity by showing a music video where Kim Soo Hyun excessively tries to protect Eun Jung.

The program will also cover dating rumors surrounding SHINee’s Key and Kara’s Nicole, After School’s Kahi and Teen Top’s Niel, 2PM’s Wooyoung and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany. 

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, SM Entertainment
Credit: Enews World
Shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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8 Responses to [NEWS] 120207 Idol Stars That Look Like Real Couples

  1. saddy says:

    is it a new news or old???O.o

  2. Adi0915 says:

    Loves, can you confirm the date of when this is broadcasting are the true? It says on the 7the but that past and I really want to see this lol Thank you

    • Cece says:

      I think the 7th is broadcasted on Korea only, but we will have to wait awhile to see it released with subs to international fans.

  3. ChanchanYJ says:

    can I re-upload and translate it into Vietnamese? T_T btw, I feel shocked…why :((((((((

  4. Hello there people. Same as you, I was so shocked when I read this. Regarding the date, It is posted on Enews website last February 7, 2012. If you guys want to check, here’s the link. http://www.enewsworld.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=3280

    @ChanchanYJ: Oh sure. besides, this is not my translation. So feel free to translate it. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting our blog! ^_^

  5. Nice to meet you too! ^_^ Ooh! Thanks a lot! We will try our best to update this blog everyday coz you know, were so busy because we are still studying. heheheh, 🙂

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