[NEWS] 120223 Group JYJ’s Documentary ‘The Day’ beat both ‘The war …’ and ‘Howling’


Group JYJ’s daily life documentary ‘The Day’ made an extraordinary achievement as the film with the highest percentage of total number of reserved tickets for the weekend.

According the data base of total film tickets of the Korean Film Commission on 23rd, ‘The Day’ (28.9%) beat with the percentage twice higher than that of “The War against Crime: Golden Age of the Bad Guys (a.k.a. Nameless Gangster)” (13.3%) which came second.

“Howling”, which made number one in weekend box office with its opening, ended up with 11.3% and came down to third position. The Hollywood movie “Man on a Ledge”, which opened on 22nd, came fourth with 8.0%.

The animation “Legends of Vahalla: Thor” (6.7%) and movie “Dancing Queen” (5.8%) made 5th and 6th.
“Underworld: Awakening” (5.0%), “Legend of a Rabbit” (2.9%), “Iron Lady” (2.8%), and “Jumbagi: the Korean Dinosaur” (2.4%) made top ten.

Translator’s Note:
– Because this is a rough translation, there might be many grammatical and spelling mistakes.
– No infringement of copyright intended.
– Please DO NOT post and/or modify my translation on any TVXQ5, TVXQ2, COUPLE SHIPPER, ACGAE, and/or ONLY-ONE-MEMBER SUPPORTING sites.
– Have a nice day! :)

Credits: E-today/ Reporter Kim Jaebum from E-Today 
Translated by: @dlwpdldhkdlwp
Shared by: JYJ3+ILoveTVXQ5

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This is extremely dedicated to the person who changed my life. He gave thousands, millions, and billions to the infinity of reasons for me why life is great. He is the one and only one. A great member, singer, dancer, composer, actor, director, producer, designer, aspiring photographer. His whole life was dedicated to his fans and not only that, he love his group members as well very much. “JYJ from 東方神起 always keep the faith” JYJ HoMin = DBSK “5″ let’s not forget. Let’s support them as 5. Because until now… They do still support each other.
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