[TRANS+PIC] 120223 Junsu Twitter Update

[TRANS] ▶joohyunieee | Nuna, I think that color is really the best~~ –

[in reply to]- That manicure was Shu Uemura GPR285~!

[TRANS] ▶poimin73 | You’re saying that it’ll be after a month until I get to perform with hyung again……..ㅠ-

[in reply to]- Junsu-ya You worked hard today!!! Let’s see each other after one month!!!!^^


Junsu: Why did they take pains because of me? I didn’t know about it.. I’m dumbfounded

Junsu: Aja~! pic.twitter.com/7f2Ndp5h


Source: 1215thexiahtic
Translated by: 0101jyunshyu + @theyoungestmin
Shared by: JYJ3+ILoveTVXQ5


About angelprincekjj

This is extremely dedicated to the person who changed my life. He gave thousands, millions, and billions to the infinity of reasons for me why life is great. He is the one and only one. A great member, singer, dancer, composer, actor, director, producer, designer, aspiring photographer. His whole life was dedicated to his fans and not only that, he love his group members as well very much. “JYJ from 東方神起 always keep the faith” JYJ HoMin = DBSK “5″ let’s not forget. Let’s support them as 5. Because until now… They do still support each other.
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