[TRANS] 120305 ‘Rooftop Prince’ Park Yoochun Says, “I’m Envious Of ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun”s Viewership Ratings”

Appearing as Crown Prince Lee Gak in ‘Rooftop Prince’… Being compared to Kim Soo Hyun of ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’? “I’m not fazed by it.”

JYJ-member and actor Park Yoochun revealed his true feelings about having his drama compared to the MBC Wednesday-Thursday miniseries ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’.

Park Yoochun attended and participated in the conference for SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Rooftop Prince’, which was held on the 5th at the Lotte Hotel in Jamshil-dong, Seoul. He will be taking on the role of Lee Gak, a Joseon Dynasty crown prince who finds himself in Seoul in the year 2012.

When asked how he felt about his character being compared to King Lee Hweon in ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’, played by Actor Kim Soo Hyun, Park Yoochun gave the reply, “I’m not fazed by it.” Park Yoochun went on to explain that, “As the plots and characters themselves are so different, I don’t think a comparison between the two would be reasonable.”

He continued to smile and say, “Their drama is recording such amazing viewership ratings and I’m really envious about that aspect.” Park Yoochun also added, “A drama is a production that is completed through the hard and laborious work of many. That’s why I hope this drama does really well.”

‘Rooftop Prince’ is a drama with a plot that revolves around a ‘time slip’ concept. The drama will depict the various episodes that arise when Lee Gak, along with Librarian Song Man Bo (Lee Minho), Military Guard Woo Young Sool (Jung Seok Won) and Eunuch Do Chi San (Choi Woo Shik) somehow find themselves in the 21st century atop the rooftop home of Park Ha (Han Ji Min).

Source: [Sports Hankook]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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