[TRANS] Exclusive: JYJ spoke with elcomercio.pe after their record sales in Peru

The Korean group of K-pop never imagined that the tickets for their show in our country were going to be sold out in just one day.

The news reached Korea. Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun, the three members of JYJ got a place in the history of musical events of Peru after selling out the tickets just half an hour for their show in Lima. These three singers that may not be very popular among those who doesn’t profess K-Pop fanaticism (one of the most popular musical genres of Asia) will arrived this Saturday for the delight of their thousands of fans they have in this part of the world. Even though their songs aren’t played on the radio or TV, these singers can cause more hysteria than Justin Bieber himself. Something that surprised even their own members; as Junsu told us in an exclusive interview with elcomercio.pe.

Your visit to Lima will be remembered specially for the tickets sale record. Did you expect this?

We didn’t expect something like this will happen. I mean, we are from a very distant country and this will be our first time there. Obviously, we didn’t expect this would happen. It was a surprise to know that we have fans in South America and we are very thankful for that. Recently, we saw a Peruvian TV program where they interviewed our fans there. It was very significant for us. We are very thankful for that. We know that it’s not easy being the fan of a singer that lives that far away.

What have you heard about Peru?

We heard about a great civilization of men that was extended through all South America and they describe very cheerful, kind and enthusiastic people. Exotic dances come to my mind.

I heard that you went to Brazil a while ago. How did you feel with that first contact with our continent?

I felt the cultural impact, but I liked it. The people really knew how to enjoy live and they were very nice. I’m really looking forward to come back to South America. We know that there are many wonderful countries, but, unfortunately, this time we’ll only be going to two countries. Maybe next year will be visiting more.

A lot of girls have learnt Korean so they can understand your songs. Have you thought in giving their effort back by singing a song in Spanish?

Definitely we have thought about it. We want to share emotions and feelings with this world tour. As our fans, we are interested in their culture and language as well. If we have the opportunity, we’ll do it. For now, I think that we are not ready to do it well.

But what you have done is singing many songs in English. How important is for you the American market?

We are not planning to enter the American market. I mean, when we think about the American market what comes to our minds are the fans and the excellent singers out there. What is important to us is not the market itself but its capacity to create amazing material and that we could learn a lot about that country.

Did you expect to have this amount of success as JYJ, when you got separate from TVXQ?

I think it’s better to say that we got separated from the agency we worked for. TVXQ, as the five members we were, will always have a special meaning for us. As I was saying, when we got separated from this company, we thought that our career had ended. Fortunately, it wasn’t that way. There many people who still kept affection for the ones who left and they were waiting for our comeback. Those people were the ones who encouraged us to create better music and better shows for our comeback.

Are you working in any new material?

In the second half of this year we’ll be releasing a new English album, which will be reinforced with a new world tour. Unlike this tour, the performances will have a different concept. Besides, each member has individual plans: Yoochun has been filming for a TV series “Crown Prince Of Rooftop House”, Jaejoong was selected for a series of MBC and I have been working on a musical.

Have you thought in doing solo careers?

For now, we only have plans as JYJ.

source: elcomercio.pe
trans by: @JuJumaddie+@MaCgM
shared by: SYC+iLoveTVXQ5


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