[FANACCOUNT] A Fan coincidentally meets JYJ when departing from Peru Airport

*Note: This fanaccount was written by a friend of mine. Due to the recent controversy with the mentioning of Sasaeng, any form of simple excitement towards seeing JYJ in terms of taking airport pictures and such has been seen as controversial/sasaeng material.  I would like to say that that is a great exaggeration and that my friend is simply a fan of JYJ who was lucky enough to meet them on her return flight back from Peru. Plus, her sis took the pics, not her. Lucky lucky~


*Breathe* I will calmly write my first fan account with JYJ in Peru — Fate was definitely on my side ^^V (sorry, it’s LONG)

March 10– I heard that JYJ will be arriving in Peru that day. I was pretty bummed since the concert place was 30 minutes away from where I was staying, so the chances of them staying at the JW Marriott was slim.  HOWEVER, before driving off to my tourist destination, I noticed railings, extra securities, and fan-girls lining up outside.  When I returned, I couldn’t believe it, they really were staying at the Marriott.  You can check twitter for their hotel view.  I was staying at my host family high-rise two buildings over.

This is my view.

I nearly died when I realized we were in the same location. Here are some pic of fans still waiting after the balcony appearance.

Fans girls were screaming and chanting “JYJ”, “Be the one”, and the member’s name all through the nite ><.
March 12 After 10PM: Departing to return to home.

At first, I thought that JYJ might have taken the morning flight (the choices were either early AM or Midnight for outgoing flights). I prayed and prayed that they would depart the same time as me.  Then when I was getting ready to pack up the car to leave for the airport around 830PM, I heard some fans screaming–which could only mean one thing–JYJ is leaving for the airport.

I rushed my pregnant sister to finish packing and we left half an hour later :(

There was hella traffic going to the airport. At this point, I was more concerned with missing my flights and had forgotten about the boys.

When I went to check in my bags, I noticed fan girls leaving the airport. “No way”, “darn it!”–I just missed JYJ.  My host family was also at the airport and they rushed to tell me that they saw JYJ gone inside the security point. I calmly proceeded to go through securities.

While waiting in the normal line, I saw the dancers and some staff. I figured JYJ must have gone in first.  I wish I knew Korean—the dancers probably thought I was a crazy fan or something. We made some eye contact and they talked among themselves–hopefully not about me ><;;   They probably thought I was trying to cut in line to see JYJ. Regardless, I was delayed another 30 minutes.

Freaking international flights have so many check-points. After carry-on security check in, you have to show your papers and passport at another point to get to the gates.  I noticed the dancers were in the far right in a rather long line. I just wanted to quickly go through to the gates. I didn’t think anything of it and used the shorter line in the far left. When I got to the guard to show my passport, I saw Junsu’s blonde hair and JJ’s sunglasses in the far right!!

OMG—*remain calm* Don’t freak out the guard or you’ll get delayed.  I finished checking in around the same time as Junsu so I waited for him to walk over.

Junsu was like a little boy–talking on the phone. Even his demeanor was very child-like.  All he wanted to do was go shopping. After checking in, he was on the phone and headed towards the stores.  I don’t know why, but Junsu was somewhat shorter than I thought he would be.  But he looks exactly like the pictures and exactly the same as when I saw him in concert.

Because of the recent controversy with sasengs fans and the crazy fans in general (a fan threw something towards JJ when they were performing in Chile and luckily the female dancer (who I saw in line) was able to hit the object before it hit JJ.)–I didn’t want to go crazy or get arrested by securities.  So I was very civil. I gave the camera to my pregnant sister. ^^

JJ was taking his sweet time with security and since I didn’t have my camera anymore, I just pretended to not be a fan and walk normally to try to catch up with Junsu. While walking, I nearly bumped into Yoochun and almost mistaken him for a regular person since he was in gray sweats. He was coming out of a store with some other people.

He had a cap on and I barely recognized him. He was so thin :( .   Now that I think about it, the only person that I talked with was Yoochun. After realizing it was him, I said “Micky!”. *Ignored* “Micky, can I take a photo with you?” He turned towards me and shake his head while smiling. I didn’t want to be too aggressive so I stop walking beside him and waited for my pregnant sister. Oh gosh, I’m a horrible sister hehehe.  All I could think about was how thin and weak he looked. I guess that’s why he was so covered up in comparison to JJ and Junsu (who both were flaunting their airport fashion). His smile was killer though and his flawless white skin! HEHEHE

After a while, JJ finally walked towards me. OMG, he was such a diva (in a good way).  He was also so thin in comparison to when I saw them in concert in LA. He was walking with a bag on one shoulder and his sweater was hanging loosely over his other shoulder. *nosebleed* Below is a pic of JJ walking towards me.  It was like watching a fashion runway.

Here is a pic of me walking beside JJ…even though it was one-sided hehehe

While walking next to JJ, he easily picked up that I was a fan. Only I didn’t smile (I’ve been told I have a b**** face when I try not to care). JJ must have been seen my face, because I looked over and he looked back at me and gave me a smirk and slight laugh while we both were walking the same way. OMG, stupid me just gave him another dumb look like “who are you looking at?” since I was so taken by his presence……. I guess my plan to not be a crazy fan worked. hehehe All I could remember was his killer smirk.  I got so distracted that after a few more steps, I stopped and my poor pregnant sister waddled towards me to give me the camera and said she quits. Hehehe

I felt bad for my sister so I stopped following the boys. We found our gate and sat down. While I escaped to go use the bathroom, I passed by the dancers. Then I saw Yoochun walking into a shop. I didn’t see Junsu—I guess he was busy shopping somewhere else.  It must have been nice for the boys to walk so freely around the airport without any crazy fans screaming and cameras everywhere–so I didn’t ask for any photos or autographs. Just seeing them so close without any other fans was enough for me as well.  When I came out of the bathroom, I saw JJ walking as well and we crossed paths again. I just went on my way and left them alone.

I know…what kind of fan am I ? to let such a great opportunity passed. But I told myself I would not freak out my boys if I ever got to see them in a public place.  What I noted was that the boys were shorter than I remembered but their demeanor was everything I thought it would be. They seem closer to their managers and they didn’t really talk to each other. I’m not sure if that’s because they didn’t want fans to take pictures of them together or not…but they pretty much walked with their managers to the different locations.  They hardly interacted with each other or talked.

Credit: @kahjules
Shared by: JYJ3+iLoveTVXQ5


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