[NEWS] 120313 Rooftop Prince Releases Character Descriptions in English and Third Trailer

Come to me, my pretties. Don’t worry, I won’t bite. I’ll just paw you to my heart’s delight. Grah, having to wait an entire week for the premiere of Rooftop Prince just chafes. Especially since it’s all due to MoonSun, as if I’m not already annoyed to the nines with that silly dully excuse of a sageuk. RP, on the other, promises sageuk angst (Dead Crown Princess! Prince in Pain!) paired with modern hijinks and reincarnated selves and crossing lovelines. Could it get any better? I sure hope so, because the potential is ALL there. SBS knows its target audience and loves to fan service, so today it released detailed character descriptions of the four leads, in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English. Talk about saving me translation time. Read on for more juicy goodness, plus a third trailer involving a fire extinguisher.

“His highness is a narcissistic brat with anti-social tendencies.” OMG I love him already. Plus he’s useless and a know-it-all. I swear his character is comic gold.

She learns English from menus. Ahahahaha, okay, I love her already as well. Rare that I approve of an OTP before even seeing the first episode.

Rooftop Prince:

credit: Koalasplayground
shared by: JYJ3+iLoveTVXQ5


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