[TRANS] 120312 JYJ and a delirious night of Kpop phenomenon in Lima

Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong performed for the first time in our country. 6000 fans were present.

The worldwide Kpop fever materialized in our country yesterday with the JYJ concert in explanda del estadio Monumental. Even when the Koreans Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong were not yet on stage, their fans were already out of control, wild and delirious with the passing minutes. “I will finally see my idols!” one exclaimed. “It’s my dream come true,” another almost sobbed.

The clock read 8:12 pm, and more than 6000 Cassiopeians (the name of fans of DBSK/JYJ) were deafening with their screams of “Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, JYJ… fighting,” the shouts became almost an anthem for the young fans.

The stage, by then, forgotten its emptiness with “Empty”, a song from their English album “The Begnning”, and the trio finally appeared. Bright red lights among the audience (the color of the group) welcomed them.

Their tight costumes, voices, and choreography caused fury among those that were present. The most in unison during the night: the fanchants (chants exclusive for the shows) of songs like “Ayyy Girl”, “Pierrot”, “Be the One” and “Mission”.

If they want to be sweet to their fans, they succeeded easily. Two phrases were enough: “En el Perú hay chicas muy lindas” (There are many pretty girls in Peru), “Te quiero” (I love you). The audience would be in their pocket, the euphoria.

During the show, Jaejoong was grateful for the kindness and love of their Peruvian fans and was surprised to see the band also have male followers. They all shouted “Saranghe” (I love you in Korean).He said that he would like to return to Peru.

That was not all. They also showed some videos of JYJ during their stay in Chile and Peru, including the “balconazo” at a Miraflores hotel.

The evening continued its course, but suddenly the lights went out. It was time for the solos. Between the shouts and applauses came the melancholic Yoochun and singing of “I Love You”. Suddenly the bright red glow in the audience became blue and it kept changing.

What happened? One fan explained that when a group member sings his solo, the colors change: blue corresponds to Yoochun, green for Jaejoong, and pink for Junsu.

The second moved the audience to tears with “I’ll Protect You”, the themes song for a Korean drama “Protect the Boss”. After a moment of nostalgia, the last one went into action with his bold but elegant dance to the rhythm of “Intoxication”.

They had already left, but with the relentless clamor of their fans, the singers returned to stage with a simple outfit and performed a remix of “Empty” and “Get Out”. Jaejoong even held a Peruvian flag in his hands.

At the end of the song, the groups members of JYJ said goodbye with “thank you” in Spanish. The lights of the stage were turned off, but the red color emitting from the lightsticks still lit up the place.

Slowly the lights died down in between the tears and smiles.

credit: elcomercio.pe
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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