[NEWS] 120311 What JYJ Has Done In The Last One Year

After 3 members from TVXQ, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, left to form the group JYJ,they have been met with extraordinary success. The latest stop on their whirlwind adventure brought JYJ to Chile, where they are covering uncharted territory. On March 9th(local time) JYJ performed a concert in Santiago, Chile as part of their ’2011-2012 JYJ World Tour’, marking the first time any Korean act has performed an exclusive concert in South America. The World Tour started on April 2nd of last year  in Bangkok Thailand and comes to a close with their concert in Lima, Peru on March 11th.

At the end of this year long journey, JYJ is now standing on the other side of the world. As the Peru concert, and thus the end of the ’2011-2012′ World Tour, draws near we will share record numbers that JYJ has accomplished.

#4- JYJ has written new history in terms of world tours for Korean idols. This world tour included 4 new countries which Korean singers have never held concerts in before: Barcelona, Spain (October 29th of last year); Berlin, Germany (November 6th, 2011); Santiago, Chile (March 9th, 2012); and Lima, Peru (March 11th, 2012)

#18- JYJ’s concert, which spanned Asia, North America, Europe included 13 different cities (not included Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru) for a total of 18 shows. For the South American leg of their tour, JYJ opened in Chile where they sang remixed versions of many of their songs.

#20- JYJ’s management agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said that well over 200,000 fans came out for the 13 city ‘JYJ 2011-2012 World Tour’. The 4 city North American leg of the tour was organized by AEG, which is America’s biggest promoter, and was the largest scale exclusive contract that an Asian performer has ever had with them.

#9000- The new concerts that are taking place in Chile and Peru also recorded a sell out of 9000 tickets total. In Chile, JYJ performed to a completely full crowd of 3000 people in Teatro Caupolican and the concert in Peru’s Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental sold out all of the 6000 tickets they had put for sale. Originally promoters in Peru released 5,000 tickets and had to hastily add 1,000 additional seats once those sold out at an amazing rate. On the continually sold out shows, one of Peru’s most influential newspapers, El Comercio, reported “It was Korean Artist JYJ…not Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus…that made new records of ticket sales in the country”. The South American promoter who organized the concert stated “Even famous American pop acts cannot sell out tickets so quickly after the ticket sales are open. JYJ’s level of popularity is incredible.”

#230,000-  For the performance in Lima, Peru the super VIP seats cost 230,000 won. C-JeS Entertainment stated “these tickets are standing tickets for on the floor. Because they will be standing right in front of the 3 members, they can have a close experience with them during the concert”. The last artists that performed in the same venue and sold tickets at similar prices were the popular Japanese band X Japan and American pop artist Britney Spears, which shows the level of popularity that JYJ is also on.  Peru’s concert tickets tend to be more expensive because a 40% tax is placed on tickets from foreign performers. In Chile, VIP tickets were priced at 70,000 pesos (approximately 160,000 won).

Source: Billboard Korea
Translation by: Yule @ PrinceJJ.com
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