[NEWS] 120312 JYJ’s South American Tour: Peru airport paralysis – 5,000 seats sold out

Peru Reporter on JYJ: “Amazing popularity, received even greater response compared to American Pop Stars”

On the 9th in Santiago, Chile JYJ spent a fantastic 2 hours with over 3000 fans at the ‘Teatro Caupolican’ stadium. This time, in Lima, Peru as well, JYJ received an enthusiastic welcome.

On the 11th, when JYJ arrived in Peru’s ‘Jorge Chavez’ airport, they caused a state of paralysis at the airport. (There were so many fans.) At the airport there were around 3,000 people surrounding the airport that were JYJ fans, screaming for JYJ—verifying the amount of positive response from fans. JYJ’s management CJES said “Upon arriving at the airport, there were 10 airport staff with serious faces, telling us that for the safety of JYJ, all the staff had to go through VIP exit-way. A staff further said that considering the situation at that given time, greeting fans was an inconceivable situation. He said that Peruvian fans were willing to follow JYJ’s vehicle on their motorcycles or via mini-busses.

Before the concert, on the 10th, JYJ held a press conference at the Marriot Hotel. El Comercio, TV Peru, etc, a total of 30 national newspapers and broadcasters attended, showing the hot coverage for JYJ’s visit in Peru. In the large square in front of the hotel where the press conference was taking place, 2000 fans gathered.  Traffic was blocked and the police were called in. In answer to the reporters’ question of whether they had expected this high popularity in Peru, JYJ said, “It’s surprising. We were surprised in Chile too but we couldn’t imagine that we were this popular in Peru. It’s surprising and amazing that we can see the image that we could see in Asia in South America. We feel thankful and also sorry that we could only come to see them just now because of the long distance. We must return that long wait with good performances.” When asked what they thought as K-pop leaders, they expressed their high expectations, “The word ‘first’ itself is thrilling. However, since this is the place that we, as representative of Korea, take the first step in, the responsibility is big. We must finish the concert successfully. We’ll create wonderful memories in Peru before going back to Korea.”

Miritza llanos of Peruvian leading newspaper El Comercio said, “They were welcomed much more than U.S pop stars. There is about 30.000 K-pop fans in Peru and most of them are JYJ’s fans. In Peru, JYJ’s music is not just at mania level but is mainstream pop music. JYJ’s music can be heard everywhere in Peru.”

VICTOR (the promoter) stated, “In comparison with the tour concerts of U.S pop stars like Britney Spears, the reaction is much greater. All the local staff were surprised by their popularity. Even after the press conference, the reporters still held their cameras, on standby.”

After the press conference, JYJ had a fan greeting from the 4th floor balcony of the hotel. The fans cheered and shouted Koreans words such as ‘JYJ I love you. Thank you, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu!’ JYJ expressed their feelings, “We felt like we were the princes. We were unspeakably touched when we came out in the balcony and saw our fans filling the space in front of the hotel. We’re happy and thankful that there are many fans who love our music in Peru. Tomorrow we’ll deliver a great concert in order to return this enthusiastic welcome.”

In addition, JYJ’s Peruvian fans made a special advertising bus. A week before the concert, they began to camp outside the Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental concert hall. Hundreds of tents could be seen near the entrance. A JYJ fan, Camila Gonzales (23), said, “I have come here since Thursday and have been queuing up. It’s hard to belive that I’m going to see JYJ. It’s such a miracle that they came here and will sing. I don’t know if I’m breathing properly. It’s like a dream and I can’t stop crying.”

Meanwhile, all 5000 seats for JYJ concert in Peru were sold out and an additional 1000 tickets were also quickly sold out. JYJ’s management company, C-JeS Entertainment said, “This concert of JYJ is the first concert of a Korean artist in South America. It’s not a concert of many artists from a company but a solo concert of the artist, which is very meaningful. The concert was held at Lima’s Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental, which is located in the second-largest football stadium in South America. Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Avril Lavigne…all held concerts there before.”

Source: Top Star News
Translated by: Buniustyle + The_Little_Pear of JYJ3
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