[NEWS] 120313 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Shows a Cute Face with the Concert Dancers After a Good Show

After the completion of their Latin American tour, pictures of the JYJ group members with their dancers have caught the eyes of fans. ‘

On the 13th, two photos appeared on an online community with the title “Picture Tweets from JYJ’s Dancers”. Embedded in the post were photos taken backstage that show the appearance of the JYJ members together with their dancers.

In particular the appearance of Kim Jaejoong, who is showing a comical look to the camera while his making a V-sign with his hand, has been the focus of fans’ attention.

Netizens who saw the photos reacted by saying things such as “Kim Jaejoong, those who are close to him are fortunate”, “The Real World Tour of JYJ has now finished, please come back safely”, “We can see Jaejoong’s chest” and “I miss you”.

Over the past year, JYJ has held concerts in 15 cities, mobilizing over 210,000 fans. These concerts averaged 80% of all tickets sold, with 12 concerts being completely sold out. For the time being, the JYJ members announced that they will be working on personal activities as well as songs for their upcoming 2nd English language album.

Source: enews24
Translation by: Yule @ PrinceJJ.com
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