[TRANS] 120308 JYJ Press Con At Chile

A few minutes past 16h the three members of JYJ enter (the room) with a table for three prepared in front of us, Jaejoong in the middle, wearing black frame glasses Yoochun on the right and blonde Junsu on the left, two translators on the sides and a small presentation of them:

Yoochun – I’m happy to be in Chile, I know there are many fans waiting for us and excited about tomorrow’s show. We were slow in coming to Chile due to the delayed of the flight in L.A. (Los Ángeles, USA).

Junsu – Happy to be in Chile, I’ve noticed how beautiful the mountaing range and at the same time I feel sad for not being able to visit it due to the short lenght of the stay, we hope to come back another day and visit it.

Jaejoong- We were late because of some problems with the plane, I’m terribly sorry for the lost time, I’m impressed arrive to Chile I never thought we’d be here, as my partner Junsu says, the view is incredible. I’ve known that Chile is a very energetic country with a lot of movement, but seeing it from above(the hotel) it seems rather calm and different from what I thought. Tomorrow is our concert and I hope everyone to arrive and enjoy it a lot.


They made clear that questions regarding their private lives and legal issues with their label weren’t allowed. Therefore, this questions were discarded outright.

Q: How did you felt on your arrival to Chile, the welcoming of the fans and the chaos that occurred. They were expectant on how you’ve perceived. This.

A: We’ve never travelled so much, two days more or less, but when we arrived, we took into account how difficult it is to get to a country in South America, when we entered the airport and saw all the fans, all the tiredness of the trip vanished immediately.
While in Chile we’ve learned that people greet with a peck on the cheek, a fan(man) approached to greet us in the airport, he was bigger than me and I couldn’t do anything. —– everyone laughs—–

Q: @Zukoe,: The popularity of your group, and the previous one, is due largely to the Internet, so… What is your opinion on piracy?

A short pause before the answer

A: Not only is this(piracy) happening in music but also in movies and content of all kinds. And I personally think that not the fact but the process of downloading content illegally is wrong, we musicians felt uncomfortable and it’s not good.
But, if you’re a real fan, a real fan of k-pop I think it should start by improving and not downloading. And be a real fan of music.

Q: Do you think K-pop would be able to enter the South American market despite the language barrier?

A: Generally pop in our country is from many countries, China, USA all pop is considered and recognized in Korea and everybody enjoys it, music is a language that unite us all, rhythm and passions are true feelings, so I think that it is possible.

Q: After the world tour… What is it for JYJ?

A: South America is the end of our world tour, we don’t know the exact day but in June, July in the summer time we’re planning on releasing our second album in Korea, so we think that by the end of 2012 we’ll start our new tour.

Q:You’re working on your new album, one of yours it’s in English. Are you planning on including a song in Spanish?

A: I appreciate a lot your question. We in our history as a band have made songs in Japanese, English, therefore we think that some day we’d include songs in Spanish, plus this would help us learned and understand a little better this language.

Q: This visit to Chile from JYJ, could mean that your original albums would be coming to Chile. How do you see the K-pop scene in Korea with other groups like SHINee, Super Junior?

A: We really want more fans from all over the world to listen to us, we’d also like to distribute our albums in Chile and other countries but, this is something we simply can not do, but we do want that much.
And regarding the other groups, we’re still surprised of being here, so I wouldn’t know how the other groups would see it, but yes, I hope the albums from everybody reach Chile.


They say goodbye, they pose for the photographers meanwhile we’re all looking forward for tomorrow’s show.

The general impression after this brief approach with JYJ is that of great guys, with a clear horizon in music, show their work in and reach to were the fans are, and here in Chile, not only JYJ has experienced how passionate and euphoric we are when artists visit us.
In general the latino community is characterized for this vivacity that is rare or not usual in Asia. At least these 3 Koreans have taken it with humor and as a pleasant surprise, the meeting of opposites cultures always causes rare effects.

source: kuchizuke.net
trans by: marinaLR91
shared by: SYC+iLoveTVXQ5


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