[TRANS] 120312 JYJ Jaejoong mentioned in Slate magazine’s article on the global rise of Kpop

The Korean pop, or K-Pop, is already close to your place. This musical genre apparently far away has globalized itself these last months towards the European and North-American stages, with international tours and a massive passion on social networks and video sharing sites, where it makes figures “à l’américaine” (T/N: on the American way) thanks to a very active fanbase:(…) or more than 730,000 followers on Twitter for KIM JAEJOONG, singer of the group JYJ, considered as one of the most beautiful men of Asia.

+ A fabulous market for Seoul +

The genre also acts as an intermediary for culture and diplomacy: on last February 5th, KIM JAEJOONG was accompanying the South Korean President Lee Myung Bak to Turkey for a meeting with the local fans, in order to promote Korean culture and cultural exchange [between Korea and Turkey]. The tickets were gone in 30 minutes. The President slipped away with a joke (“It is Jaejoong, the real star”) to let his guest exchange with his fans.

(Parts unrelated to Jaejoong or JYJ are ommited)

Source: Slate.fr | Photo: Top Star News
Translation by: @6004theSheena | Shared by: PrinceJJ


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