[INFO] ‘Elisabeth’ OST will not include any recordings by Kim Junsu

Summarization of EMK’s notice about the release of “Elisabeth” OST

1. Musical “Elisabeth” OST was released by EMK. The OST includes:

– 3 CDs contained total 55 tracks of different versions of songs from the musical, which sung by Kim Sunyoung, Ock Joohyun, Ruy Junghan, Song Changeui, Choi Minchul, Park Euntae, Min Younggi, Jeon Dongsuk, Yoon Youngsuk, Kim Seungdae, Lee Junseo and Tang Junsang.
– 1 bonus DVD contained the making videos, interviews with the cast and music video
– A 112-page photobook of photos from ‘Elisabeth’ live performances

2. At the moment, actor Kim Junsu does not participate in this live performance OST. Because the negotiation with actor Kim Junsu’s agency has not yet finished, the production of actor Kim Junsu’s version OST is still unconfirmed. We will release another notice after receiving the answer from his agency.

3. The accurate information of the OST will be annouced on March 20. We sincerely apologize for the confusion caused by misleading information from the distributors and EMK musical community. From March 20, we wil start receiving orders of the OST at the theatre


EMK’s low behaviour:

1. Excluded Xiahtod from the OST
2. Erased logo, background of photos taken by actor Kim Junsu’s fans and then sold them to Japanese fans.
3. Included activites that completely have no relations with Japanese fans who bought EMK tourist package, e.g. Japanese fans who came to see Xiahtod via EMK tourist pakage had to have dinner with actor Jeon Dongsuk.
4. When the “Elisabeth”‘s copyright manager went to Korea, EMK released notice saying taking photos and filming during the curtain calls were banned and they would take legal action upon fans who took photos. After the manager went back to Vienna, they took photos of the live performance then sold to Japanese fans.
5. On ‘musical day’ – EMK musical community, EMK only uploaded photos of other Tod and excluded actor Kim Junsu. They only uploaded his picture when fans started protesting.
6. EMK particularly gave discounts to students during the two weeks where actor Kim Junsu doesn’t have any performances due to his schedule in South America. They only gave discounts on the weekdays’ day show and charged full price on Wednesday night show and weekend show of actor Kim Junsu.
7. In the interview videos of the casts showed repeatedly in the lobby of ‘Blue Square – concert hall for ‘Elisabeth’, there is no actor Kim Junsu.
8. Organized a fansign event of all other actors, except actor Kim Junsu.


Even thought Junsu was excluded in the OST, EMK still put Junsu’s name first in the OST description

A fan called EMK and asked why there are no tracks of Junsu in this OST, EMK representative answered “Because this OST wasn’t for only Kim Junsu fans.”

From a Japanese fan’s blog: She bought the tourist package in order to watch the premiere of Elisabeth. While she was checking out at the hotel, a man approached her and asked whether she wanted to buy some photos. Those photos are Xiahtod’s photos taken during the live performance. She was surprised and asked about the copyright so he said these photos were only for regular customers. The price of one photo is 800yen.

DNBN Announce that Most Korean Fans of Junsu will BOYCOTT this OST.

Source: sojoung9DNBN
Translated by: Sweetiexiah of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not modify the credits.


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