[NEWS] 120315 JYJ concert in Peru, Peruvian JYJ fans’ extreme excitement: “No te vayas!”

JYJ concert in Peru, Peruvian JYJ fans’ extreme excitement: “No te vayas!” (Don’t go!) 

The very first genuine World Tour of Korean artist JYJ has come to an end with a splendid finale in Lima, Peru. Last weekend, JYJ has performed a perfect two-hour concert in front of 6,000 South American fans at Estadio Monumental stadium. By the end of the concert, passionate Peruvian fans who had been camping-out for over a week showed their extreme excitement over JYJ while chanting “No te vayas!” (Don’t go!).

In the morning of the concert’s day, news about JYJ’s concert was reported exclusively by most Peruvian media. Major media in Peru including daily newspaper ‘El comercio’, ‘El Men’, ‘Peru 21’ , ‘OJO’, ‘Correo’ etc all competed to cover the news as fast as possible. JYJ member Park Yoochun said in the press conference, “The huge crowd at the airport and in front of the hotel surprised me. I didn’t know that such phenomenon which I am able to see in Asia could even reach South America. I am really happy and I will give a great performance in return.” Later, many news headlines reported “To the group JYJ, the crowd in Peru is incredible”, proving once again JYJ’s popularity in Peru.

2 hours before the concert, thousands of South American fans already arrived to the concert venue. There were not only Peruvian fans but also fans from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay and other South American countries. They all brought a flag of their own country and JYJ banner with them. Rossa Paradense (18) expressed her deep emotion,”JYJ is my whole life. After knowing them, my life has changed completely. Whenever JYJ’s song starts playing, my heart seems to stop beating.”

JYJ’s performance at their World Tour concert finale was perfect. They heated up the energetic South American fans by dance songs with strong beat, such as ‘Empty’, ‘Ayyy girl’, ‘Be the one’, and ‘Mission’. At the peak of the shuffle dance in ‘Get out’ remix, it was reported that 10 fans fainted and were taken out. Moreover, JYJ’s amazing singing ability in ‘In heaven’ and ‘Fallen leaves’ received big cheer and applause from the fans. While cheering for the encore stage, the audience all chanted ‘No te vayas JYJ!’ (Don’t go, JYJ!) as tears were falling down their faces.

Carolina Mehia (22) shared her feeling after the concert “They are too perfect. They don’t seem to be human. They took my soul away. I still don’t believe that I have seen them.”

Cecilia Rohase (27) said “I want to feel what JYJ feel during the concert so as soon as I heard they would come to Peru, I memorized and understood all lyrics of their songs. I sang along with JYJ through the whole concert. I really want to go to Korea in the future.”

Starting with concert held in Thailand last April, JYJ’s world tour stopped by not only Asia but also North America and Europe then ended successfully in two South American countries. The success of JYJ’s World Tour was amazing. Not only are they the first Korean artist who successfully hold an arena-level concert with more than 10,000 people in North America, they are also the first Korean artist to successfully hold exclusive concerts in Spain, Berlin, Chile and Peru.

CJeS Entertainment’s representative Baek Changjoo said “The World Tour were feasible because they are JYJ. It is amazing that their popularity is great enough for them to hold exclusive concert in any country in the world. Now we already had the confidence and the know-how. That’s the reason why we are expecting to hold another tour next year”. “Of course JYJ’s world tour left behind both successes and challenges. The primary factor of our success is rather than entrusting the concert to the executive; we went to each country to grasp the market situation first then deliberated on the best scheme. Moreover, at every concert, after arriving to the country, we filmed JYJ as they were experiencing the culture of that country and showed the video at the bridge time of the concert as a gift in order to improve the communication with the fans. Of course we faced some challenges too. How to extend long-term interactions with fans in each country and how to distribute officially our records to fans in Europe and South America are our number one concerns. We will try our best to make everything perfect in the next tour”, he expressed his hopes.

During a year, in total 15 cities, JYJ concerts attracted 210,000 fans, achieved high sales of more than 80% on average, set tickets sales record and sold out in 12 cities. For the time being, JYJ are concentrating on composing songs and their individual activities. They plan to release their second English album in the latter half of this year.

Credit: Top Star News
Translated by: sweetiexiah of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 
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