[NEWS] JYJ Ends Tour in South America

JYJ has finally made the dreams of thousands of fans in south america true by ending their amazing world tour in the region.

Before all the unfortunate events JYJ members have lived in the past days the band was able to complete its tour with south america as its last stage. Fans had no words to express the feelings, emotions, tears, laughs and smiles of that day. What some people thought was impossible turned into a reality just like that.

This time we covered the event from a different perspective, not as a media team but as part of the crowd to let you know all the details and experiences of the fans.

The article covers all the events since their departure from Korea to the last second they spent in south america. It is indeed a bit long, but it has a lot of details and experiences lived by fans.

– Announcement –

Despite the fact the concert was scheduled for March 11th the adventure for fans started a few months ago with the announcement of the tour in South America. Due to the popularity of the boys the tickets were sold out in half an hour on the “In Heaven” (VVIP) section while the other ones lasted just one more day in Peru, happening something similar in Chile at the same time.
With the tickets in hand fans only had to wait a couple of months to finally see their dear boys live. The dream seemed more real when they shared a video for the fans and even more when they finally took their plane to visit the region. Their first stop was Chile. Everyone got really scared after their flight was cancelled thinking the boys wouldn’t make it on time for both concerts. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu had to spent more that 12 hours in LA to finally touch south american ground.

– Arrival to the Region –

Fans in Chile waited for the boys at the airport and got really close becoming something dangerous, but ended up as warm memory. Others run into them near a casual restaurant but everyone enjoyed the concert together. Peruvian fans were even more eager to see them live after all the comments and videos of the previous concert especially knowing that the upcoming show was the last of the tour.

JYJ and its crew arrived on the 10th at 11 am, More that 3,000 fans waited for them there and some even say the number surpassed the 4,000 ones. The boys left the ariport in secret but fans were really smart and found their hotel in just a few minutes. The place where they were staying was in front of the beach and during the hot summer days the view is amazing.

While some fans went to camp to get the best place to see the boys, others were shopping for presents or waiting for them at the hotel blocking the roads and creating a traffic jam on one of the most important areas of the city.

– The Day of the Concert –

The next morning, the day of the concert, things started pretty early, those fans who didn’t camp started to go to the arena and get a place on the line and deliver the presents that were going to be received only at the entrance of the arena early that day in order to have everything ready for the show.

The fans camping were really well organized sheltering from the sun and with plenty water and food to survive the hot day. The members of the local fanclub had a lot of work giving tickets to the girls who were in line so they could come and go to change, eat or rest a bit. They also shared some banners for the solos the one of Jaejoong was black with green letters, Yoochun’s one was skyblue with white letters while Junsu’s was a pink heart with his name on white that was going to be illuminated with a light.

Everything was calm and quiet when suddenly a big bus passed near the arena and fans could see the members sitting there with the windows opened and waiving to the fans who couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

A few minutes passes and the music started playing, it was around noon and fans were shocked to hear a familiar tune and the lines“Girl I swear..” and all of then started screaming. Earlier they were playing some songs inside the arena but the difference between an album and the real thing was amazing. Fans were shocked to notice that the boys were doing a sound-check with all of them outside listening.

Fans were able to see everything from outside, like how Jaejoong was wearing a black tank top while Yoochun and Junsu had white t-shirts. They kept testing the mics and stage when suddenly once again fans were surprised by Yoochun when he started saying hi to them while the girls were singing along with the songs. The check lasted a few more minutes and then everything was silent.

The line moved once in while when the girls who left returned to take their original positions. The sun was up in the sky and the heat wouldn’t stop. The following hours were spent with screams of “Retrocedan” (go back) and “Avancen” (go ahead) while the girls organized things to finally enter.

It was around 6pm and the doors were still closed making tired fans feel even more tired and scared since it will be difficult to move so many fans into the arena in such a short time.

Fans were in line and the sun was finally going down when they saw a green van with curtains pass nearby again. Fans weren’t sure who was inside but indeed it belonged to the concert, some girls moved a bit to watch and one curtain was opened out of the blue revealing a familiar haircut and color. Oppa was the only word you could hear. Looking at the face from afar they noticed that it really wasn’t Jaejoong as they all thought but were sure the boy was one of the dancers. The face of the boy who opened the curtain expressed surprise and disbelief of what was going on, since almost all the fans were already waiting for the concert.

It was getting dark and everyone was anxious when the doors were finally opened. Some people were scared of the reactions that fans will have but the red ocean formed by boys and girls demonstrated that they do not need someone ordering around or screaming to do things right. One by one they started to walk hand in hand to take care of each other and don’t get lost in the way or fall down announcing every bump or change on the road. By the time they entered to the first door the sun was gone. Fans passed several check points to verify the tickets, the contents of their bags and more. Stepping in the arena was a dream for all of them.

While everyone was taking their places and getting ready with their red lightsticks in hand some of them turned around and suddenly saw to bright stars shinning right in front of the scenario making their hearts beat thinking that even if they were only fulfilling 3/5 of a dream that night, the sky compensated all the suffering of the day under the inclement sun with a special present of 2 extra stars looking at them. Those two stars were spotted the night before at the top of the hotel as well and fans were really fascinated that they could only see those 2 ones despite the clear sky of the summer.

The time was closer and closer and all the tiredness of the day started to go away girls and boys were screaming counting the seconds.

– The Concert –

The introduction video was finally played at 8 o clock showing the previous stops of the tour and introducing the boys one by one while the lights went off. The video was played twice since the first time the audio wasn’t available.

Then at the top of the stage 3 shadows appeared and once again the line “Girl I swear..” started the unstoppable screams. Fans thought it was impossible, surreal and incredible to finally have them in front just a few meters away, singing and dancing. “Empty” was the first song and fans screamed along the lyrics of the song making the whole city know they were there saying the words “Let it Go” that they longed to scream for so long! The boys were wearing red outfits matching the ones of the fans and their shinny lightsticks. As soon as the first song was over they started to talk with the fans making the crowd go crazy at their cute attempts to speak a few words in Spanish, specially Junsu who said “Estan Listas” (Are you ready?) and “Vamos” (Lets go). The translator with them made a slight mistake at the beginning when the boys introduced themselves saying JYP instead of JYJ making everyone laugh while he corrected his cute mistake due to being so nervous in front of so many pretty girls.

Each boy talked a bit and then proceeded to the next song. “Pierrot” started playing and fans were so happy to see the boys in front of them. The boys finished that song and commented they made special arrangements on the 2 following ones just for the fans in america. Of course those two songs were “Ayy Girl” and “Be My Girl”. Both songs had a different vibe but the same feeling inside. When they ended “Be My Girl” the girls let go of the red balloons they prepared for this part of the concert while dancing with the boys. A video of their trip to America was then showed with images on the boys in Chile and their arrival to Peru where fans waited for them at the airport despite the fact that they knew they couldn’t meet them. They also didn’t rest at all while being at their hotel since they recorded videos on the Cafe of the hotel and corridors showing a relaxed but still gorgeous image. At that moment fans were shocked because the boys kept working hard and giving their best with all their heart no matter if they were even more tired than the fans.

The lights went off again and a skinny shadow was at the top of the scenario, the music was a familiar tune. The one in charge of the first solo was Yoochun with the track “I Love You”. His delicate and strong voice delivered words like “So could I say I’m sorry”, “I love you, means this can’t be”, “I will love you girl, love you I am your man” and “This is truly my fault, cause when you left that day it was tears from our fight I should’ve made you stay. God I’m begging you now, hear my cry I really need this girl, bring her back today”; the hearts of fans exploded with emotions, memories and anticipation. For those couple of minutes the red ocean turned into a blue one while fans hold the banners high and illuminated the arena with blue lights. Since his solo stage included a dance with one of the girls fans were a bit jealous, the seconds passed so fast that the end arrived without even noticing it and the next stage was about to start. He was dressed in black looking really elegant.

This time the red ocean left the blue lights and was tainted green for Jaejoong‘s solo. His track, “I’ll Protect You”, from Protect the Boss OST, made more than a fangirl sight at his perfect vocals and charming personality that with just one move of his hand could make everyone melt in a split of a second. Once again every girl had a banner, this time black with green letters that hold the name of the track and were held high. His smooth and soft moves were enough to once again make fans feel in heaven, specially with that voice that was like a choir of angels and that beautiful, perfect, white and flawless skin.

The mood was calmer by that moment, however by the time Junsu‘s solo started everything returned to a passionate state. The lights turned white illuminating a pink heart in hands of fans with the name Xiah in it. The mood was so upbeat and hot that despite the pain everyone felt for being under the sun the whole day they kept jumping and screaming at every special move. Everyone felt the“Intoxication” of the JYJ member who can not only sing but also dance perfectly.

The boys once again reunited at the stage and for the special track “Found” that belongs to SungKyunKwan Scandal OST. All the fans screamed “Saranghe” and “Chajatta” with all their hearts! At that moment it was undeniable that the dream was becoming true and those boys, fans have waited for so long, where there in front of their eyes, some filled with tears while others tried their best not to blind that moment with tears on their eyes.

It was now the time for a special show with the back-up dancers. All of them showed their best moves at the runway and received supportive words and applause from the fans, of course the female dancers weren’t applauded by many, but they all respected the girls.

Finally the boys returned to the stage once again and this time with “I.D.S.” the stage and floor started burning again making it truly become an ideal scenario. Their vocals, as expected, were more than perfect and synchronized. Just with a look fans started to melt and fly high baring the pain and tiredness, the adrenaline kept them standing, some girls spent the whole day on the line waiting to enter, while others were there since the previous night or even a few days before. It was so touching to see everyone scream and sing together while holding the lightsticks high just for the boys they loved so much not letting them see how bad they were by that moment. Fans knew they were as tired as they were. It was a long week for everyone but everyone gave their best.

“Fallen Leaves” calmed the fans and made them really happy. The dream fans and the band had became true letting all start again while walking over the fallen leaves of time, tears, nightmares and tiredness. Before tears covered their eyes the stage was restarted when“Mission” was played returning everyone to an upbeat and happy state. For fans the mission they had for so many years and for which they fought with all their hearts was in front of them. Fans sang along and screamed “shock”“mission” and “JYJ”! Their movements made everyone and be on the verge of fainting but keeping calm not missing a single note or move.

The boys talked with the fans once again but for even more time with the help of their translators taking chances one by one. The first one was Junsu who once again used his cute Spanish that some compared to his English, for fans it wasn’t perfect but the fact he was trying and took time to learn so many words including Te Quiero was pretty touching. The next one was Yoochun who took the place of Jaejoong. Fans praised him because of his perfect pronunciation that amazed the whole crowd. Now it was time for Jaejoong who blushed after every word. He was surprised by the quantity of fan boys present and asked them to scream, but the boys were too shy making fans laugh. Then he asked girls to scream at the count of 3 but fans were faster making him laugh on the stage. He also expressed his love for fanboys making him shy once again and apologize for his words but fans could only see his cuteness.

The boys said goodbye and announced the last track. “In Heaven” was perfect in every aspect, fans couldn’t be more happy for the night that passed so fast they couldn’t understand how it was almost over. Fans knew every single word and feeling in that heaven. Phrases like “Don’t Leave”“Lies” and “I love you” filled their hearts. That feeling of not wanting to let go of something so precious overwhelmed their hearts. The end was close but with that song fans promised to follow the footsteps of the boys no matter what.

The lights turned off and fans knew there was more to come. A couple of minutes passed while they calmed down and thanked the boys. Suddenly the stage was on fire again when the boys and dancers entered wearing white t-shirts to end the party with 2 more songs. “Get Out” was the first one, the remixed version, announcing their goodbye while the fans kept screaming with all their hearts as the boys went from one side of the stage to the other. The crowd turned into a party with the upbeat sound. The night didn’t need more explications, everyone was saying goodbye to the tears and painful memories from the past, leaving behind all the bad things and welcoming the good ones in the future while screaming out load. The dancers showed their last moves including Junsu with a handstand that surprised everyone.

Finally the remix version of “Empty” was played again. It started with the words “Girl i swear…” that during the day marked the start of so many things. Singing along the lines fans knew it was the end but kept going with all their strength. Their empty hearts where now filled with sweet memories that will last a life time and a promise to meet again that they are sure will turn into reality!

The words Always Keep The Faith! got a new meaning that night. For fans it doesn’t mean keep waiting and return to the past. Keeping the faith means showing strength, hard work, passion and courage to keep going, to keep walking in search of a brighter future. Many hearts broke the day the boys separated, everyone was unsure of the future, but even if fans can’t go back to those old days that doesn’t mean it is the end.

– The Next Day –

After the concert was over the boys and fans went to rest after living a wonderful night. The boys the next day were able to go shopping and drink a coffee at one of the most important malls in the area not being bothered by fans who indeed spotted them at the stores but kept their distance to let them have a good time by themselves while looking from afar not being noticed.

credit: GoKpop!
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5


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