[NEWS] 120307 JYJ’s Junsu Talks About South America, Future Events and TVXQ

We just showed you how much attention Latin Media had put on JYJ’s upcoming concert.

However the boys have answered to that amazing love showing their own interest with the region as well as the fans on a exclusive interview with a local newspaper.

The most important thing is that the boys appreciate the love of the fans and explain a lot of things related to their upcoming activities, thoughts of the american market, the culture language and of course life after SM.

Check our translation of the article presented by “El Comercio”.

The news arrived to Korea. Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun, members of JYJ, have created a place in the history of musical events in Peru after selling most of the tickets of their concert in just half an hour. This characters, that can be nothing if you are not a k-pop fan, one of the most popular genres in Asia, will arrive to our city this Saturday, for the delight of thousands of fans on this side of the world. Without a single song on the radio or make TV appearance, these 3 boys are capable of create more hysteria than Justin Bieber, something that astonishes themselves, as Junsu told us, one of the members of the group, in a exclusive interview with elcomercio.pe.

Q: Your visit will be remembered because of the record on sales you broke. Did you expected it?

J: We really did not expected it. I mean from a country that is so far away from ours and being our first time there. Obviously, we didn’t imagine that this will happen. It has been a surprise find out that we have followers in South America and we are really thankful for that. Not long ago we watched a Peruvian TV show interviewing our fans there. It was really touching. We thank you a lot for that. We know that is not easy being a fan of singers that are so so far away.

Q: Have you heard something about Peru?

J: We heard it is great civilization of men that extended on all South America*(1) and they described us really happy people, cute and passionate. Exotic dances*(2) come to my mind.

Q: We know you have been in Brazil some time ago. How did you feel that first contact with our continent?

J: I had a cultural shock, but I liked it. People knew how to enjoy life truly and were really kind. I am excited to return to South America. We know that there are wonderful countries there, but, unfortunately we will only visit 2 this time. Maybe next year we will visit more.

Q: A lot of girls have learned Korean so they can understand your songs. Have you ever thought about returning that effort by making a song in Spanish?

J: We definitely have thought about it. What we want with this global tour is share emotions and feelings. Just like our fans, we are also interested in their culture and language. If we have the chance, we will do it. Now, the truth, I do not think we are ready for it right.

Q: What you have done is record a lot of songs in English. How important is for you entering the American market?

J: We don’t want to enter the american market. I mean, when we think about the american market, we think about our followers there and the excellent artists that exist there. What matters for us is not the market as it is, We only think about the capability they have to create amazing material and how much we can learn from that country.

Q: Did you expected to be that successful with JYJ after leaving TVXQ?

J: I think it will be more appropriate to say that we finished with the agency in which we were working*(3). TVXQ, as a 5 member group, will always have a meaning for us. When we separated from the company I was talking about, we thought our careers were over. Luckily, it wasn’t like that. There were a lot of people that kept their love for the ones leaving and waited for our comeback. Those people were the ones who motivated us to create better music and better stages for our comeback.

Q: Are you working on your new material?

J: On the second half of this year we will release a new album in English and will reinforce it with a new world tour. The stages will have a different concept form the one on this tour. Besides, each one of us has individual plans: Yoochun has been recording a new drama “Rooftop Prince”, Jaejoong has been selected for a new drama on MBC and I have been on a musical.

Q: Have you thought about transfer those solo works into music, I mean, make solo careers?

J: At the moment we only have plans as JYJ.

*(1)He is probably talking about the Inka empire that existed before the colonization of European countries after discovering the continent. The Inkas used to be a civilization that included the territories that are now independent countries like Peru, Chile, Colombia and Bolivia and the center on the empire was located in Cuzco, Peru. After the conquer, independence and wars the country was reduced and the old empire was divided. Now the country has one of the most multicultural backgrounds with the heirs of European, Asian and local mixed bloods that make it unique and have a mixed architecture as well as cultures.

*(2)Due to the mixed cultures and influence of nearby countries Peru has a huge range of typical and modern dances that include Saya, Marinera, Diablada, Afro and more.

*(3)Junsu is talking about SM

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