[FANACCOUNT] 120320 My Economics professor knows Jaejoong

Today’s lecture was just another 2 boring hours of my first year life during uni. Our professor talked about ‘Inflation’, some of you might be familiar with the term? No? Well, never mind, that’s not the point. Anyway, I didn’t really pay attention because it was quite lame to me since I’ve already done all this nonsense in A-level.

I guess I looked like I was daydreaming or spaced-out? Because the professor chose me out of all those students in the lecture hall to ask a question.

Professor: So Crystal, is there a product that you would still definitely buy regardless of how inflation affects its price?

Me: Erm…. anything that my favourite artist produce

Professor: Okay, that’s an interesting one. Who’s your favourite artist?

Me: Just a Korean boy band
(At this point, the class suddenly became so noisy as others started to whisper to each other =) After that, he was only talking to me :P )

Professor: What’s with the trend of liking Korean boys/ girls these days? They’re not even that good. (pause) But there is this one guy called …. (my professor could not pronounce the name) I think he’s in a trio group? He’s quite good compared to the rest.

This was how my brain worked: “Trio group?” >>> JYJ? // “The guy?” >>> must be Jaejoong! So I decided to ask him:

Me: Is he Jaejoong? And the trio group is JYJ?

Professor: Ah, yes, that’s correct. I’m still not quite sure about the guy’s name though.

So I showed him a pic of JYJ *this is me being a bit shameless* asking him which one was he referring to =) He pointed at Jaejoong saying this is the one ❤  Thus, I went on asking him how did he know about JJ. He said his daughter likes the group, and that she always plays their music. It just happened that the melody of one of JJ’s solo stuck in his head XDXDXD He didn’t comment much about JJ’s appearance but he praised our prince’s voice saying his voice is really soothing and that it gives off a really peaceful/ calm feeling for the listener.

**FYI: Our professor is a 41-year-old-British man =) You just can’t possibly deny the popularity and talent of Jaejoong ~haha XD

Credit: Crystal
Shared by: JYJ3+iLoveTVXQ5


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