[NEWS] C-Jes defends JYJ against recent Dispatch articles

JYJ who has been the target of recent news scandals, will be taking legal action against Dispatch. The news outlet has been biting the tails of the trio, like a pack of dogs and won’t let go.

The news company recently released another article featuring the “full” audio of Jaejoong abusing fans. The article also claims that Jaejoong did so not by self defense or pent up frustration, but that he did it to keep fans from revealing that he had a girlfriend at the time.

C-Jes, JYJ’s managing company released a statement that they will be taking legal action against Dispatch for defamation.

“Nobody wishes for this to happen, solely JYJ members are receiving their attacks through malicious articles.” Furthermore, “because we will not stand for the continued defamation of character and malicious articles, we have decided to take legal action.”

“Illegally disclosing voice files without verifying who exactly were the people directly involved is a direct violation of privacy and defamation of character.”

(…) Not to mention the so called “Things like this always happens” excuse when shows or vendors make sudden cancellation on JYJ participation.

Meanwhile, JYJ had just finished a tour in South America but unfortunately was met with the heartbreaking news of Yoochun‘s fathers death. With everything happening to JYJ, the group has let fans know they will stay strong and true to their work. However, if the trio does decide to take a hiatus from the entertainment scene for awhile, no one would be surprised.

Which shockingly won’t be sad news for a certain entertainment company.

What does everyone think of the whole JYJ situation that has been going on?

Source: Nate
Credit: KpopSeven
Shared by: iLoveTVXQ5


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