[PIC+TRANS] 120320 JYJ featured in the Argentinian Newspaper “Blue News”

[TRANS] JYJ’s Concert in Chile was a great success

Group of Kpop “JYJ” end with success their concert at Teatro Caupolicán in Santiago de Chile, the last Friday 9th.

About 3000 people filled completely the place and sang along the phrase “Mi Hijito Rico” that in Spanish means “My pretty boys”. There were dozens of fans that were camping in front of the Theater and there were some that kept waiting until 4am.

The ones related with JYJ said “Chilean fans were the most euphoric of all the 13 cities of the World Tour that take places in Asia, North America and Europe”.

That day were not only Chilean fans, but people from Brazil, Argentina, Perú, Bolivia, and Venezuela as well. There were also people that traveled 16 hours from Spain to see the trio of JYJ.

Also, in that concert were four people that fainted because of the craziness generated by JYJ, they sang 14 songs like “Empty”, “Pierrot”, “Ayyy Girl”, and others.

Even, after the concert, because of the huge popularity of Kpop, Korean Journalists were covering the concert, getting a lot of love and kisses from the fans, just because of the thing that they were Koreans.

Source: BUE NEWS
Credit: MyDestinyArgentina.com
Translated by: Duddley5
Shared by: JYJ3+iLoveTVXQ5


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