[PIC+TRANS] 120322 Kim Jaejoong: About Acting, About Music Production

Below is the scanned article of Jaejoong in Chinese Magazine “娱乐无限 04 期”

About Acting
When I challenged myself to acting, I thought it would be fine as long as I did not act like a singer. However, with the increase of acting practices, I gained confidence and also discovered the fascination of acting. Being a singer for long, you get known by people but since I have started acting, I realized that more and more people started to like me and in turn began to approach JYJ. I consider it quite lucky when we can have our fan base expanded through acting. I started acting TV drama without having the awareness of being an actor. I hope that people can see how I mature through my next work.

About Music Production

I write songs depending on the different moods I have each day, which results in the variety of music genres I compose. At present, I want to continue composing like crazy. Recently, I frequented the recording studio at Sam-Sung Dong and the practice room at Yeok-Sam Dong. I feel blissful surrounded by music there. We challenged ourselves to a lot of things during this period. I realized that what we have grown the most are our heart and mind. We, who had been unable to handle small things before, have matured.

Source: 庚在中韩+HeroBar
Translated By:Mandragore of JYJ3

Shared By: JYJ3
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