[TRANS] 120320 Junsu Twitter Update

Park Seung Kwang (@skpark81): Is there any team who can have a practice match with Gag Con~~~ baseball team? Kekeke Looking~!! We are not very good at it… looking for a team where we can leave memories together.

Junsu: @skpark81 Let’s compete… baseball!!

Yoon Kyung Shik (@fcmen17): @1215thexiahtic Junsu ah~ Should our Hulk team gather once again? Keke Our FC Men shouldn’t be losing, isn’t it~ keke

Junsu: @fcmen17 Shall we go get the baseball outfits? ke

Park Seung Kwang: Ke. Junsu ah, let’s have a real match. keke. We were once very hooked onto baseball isn’t it? kekeke

Junsu: @skpark81 Go go~ Gag Concert doesn’t play football???

Junsu: @skpark81 Oh ya hyung, I don’t really watch tv but I only watch Gag Con~~ I like everyone who appeared in Gag Con a lot… Except hyung!

Junsu: @skpark81 Keke

Junsu: Woke up at 7am again… Didn’t sleep that early yesterday either… Quiet morning… Mmm… One day one day… Went through a lot in the midst of it… What kind of challenge will it be today.. Or what kind of joy would fulfil me… It would be good if it is happiness… The kind of happiness that can be shared with everyone.

Junsu: @plmok30 Fighting~ Yong hwan ah! (T/N: Kwak Yong Hwan is one of C-JeS’s new artiste.)

[Junsu RT Jung Gun Yong’s tweet] Jung Gun Young (zerotic0124): Will plan to start JYJ dance classes from April onwards… Will tweet in future for details.. Please do look out for it and participate in it~ ❤

Lee Gi Kwang (@b2stGK): @1215thexiahtic A happiness day for Hyung and I. Fighting!!

Junsu: @b2stGK You are going Japan today right! Fighting ^^

Lee Gi Kwang: Fighting!!!!! ^-^ my hyung~

Junsu: @b2stGK Fighting~ my brother~!! ^^

credit: xiahcici+tvxqirene+josiemiao
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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