[FANACCOUNT] Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival

TVXQ has not been to Hongkong in 6 years. I was really excited so I arrived at the airport around 10
At that time there were already a lot of Cassiopeians there. Homin’s flight was CX415 that was to arrive in Hongkong at 11:45
At the airport there were 2 banners. The one in front of me was “WE ♥ YUNHO”. The other one was yellow, it was hung on the other side, I didn’t see it clearly
Around 11, Cassiopeians continued to arrive. The airport security guards all came out. A lot of travelers were curious who we were waiting for. Some people in front of us took pictures as souvenirs
When we saw that the fight has arrived everyone was very excited.

At the moment the door opened I saw Jung Yunho inside
Everyone forgot to react, after a few seconds a couple of people already rushed down to the parking lot. I saw so I went there as well
Since they weren’t coming out, they were going through VIP. So when I got to the parking lot, Homin are already in the car. The car is a 4 seat car, the windows are not tinted. So the fans following the cars are very lucky.
So I was lucky to have had one glance at them because I was standing in the middle. Those that were standing on the side and other fans were not even able to see them.
Just like that Homin arrived in Hongkong

At HKAMF Homin’s performance everyone already watched it. So I will just share some interesting things and feelings
WHen it started, the place Yunho was standing was where the Dragon dancers would come down, they would have bumped into him. So Changmin pushed Yunho a little, but Yunho did not responde
So in the end Changmin just grabbed Yunho so he would stand by him, a few seconds after that is when the cute pout appeared.

At the concert there were more Cassiopeians than expected. Even though it was kind of spread out, but the red ocean was very amazing, they were happy seeing it
At this time I would like to say Cassiopeians are very amazing. Even when other singers performed they still waved their light sticks. The atmosphere at the concert was very good.

TVXQ was the last performance, they sang BEFORE YOU GO and WHY
I was standing at the front of the blue zone, it was very exciting watching their performance
It seems like WHY’s dance step was changed, it was a little different. But I didn’t pay too much attention to that

When they finished Changmin wanted to leave. But when he was almost getting off stage, Yunho and MC stopped him. Haha so cute

Then Yunho used Chinese to say “we are very happy, are you happy?”
Truthfully at that moment, I couldn’t tell they were speaking Chinese. It was when I went home and watched it on the internet I finally understood
I really could understand what was the 2nd line he said. Sorry Yunho T_T

Then it was the awards, our leader was very polite
He used one hand to present the award to the Korean female newcomer, another hand holding her elbow, and bowed a little
Then he shook hands with the singer, said something (probably congrats) ah Jung Yunho, you really are the perfect gentleman.

Then that singer performed encore, Homin stood on stage. Changmin at times would look at her, enjoying the performance, but there’s a feeling that his heart was not there
Yunho was singing along waving his hand to bring up the atmosphere, so we were waving our hands with him
He looked like he was very very touched, he continued to look at us
Because my spot was in the moddle, my friend was a lot closer to them. She said Yunho was looking at all the Cassiopeians’ faces in the front. She even had two pictures of him looking into her camera
When Homin left, Yunho bowed to us. I don’t even know what to say about this wonderful guy!

I hope you guys can enjoy tonight’s performance and cassiopeia’s support. Even though our voices weren’t that loud, but the light sticks and red balloons in everyone’s hands were very awesome
I feel like Homin was really touched by us
Especially Jung Yunho, his face showed that he was touched, thankful, and happy. Probably because he felt the love of Cassiopeia
Tonight is really very wonderful.

Today Homin left Hongkong through VIP
Around 1:30Pm, a couple of minutes before Homin boarded their flight
My friend and I were waiting and saw Yunho walk out, he then walked into OMEGA and looked around. But he left without buying anything.
So when Yunho walked out, I walked in front of him and shouted “UKNOW OPPA” and wanted to give him a letter
His hand was out to take it, but the manager who was standing outside the store that didn’t let us take pictures, he pushed my hand aside and pushed me away
Yunho was standing at the side smiling T_T

Then I gave up and walked with others beside oppa to the boarding area
The manager and staff were very mean kept shouting at us, no matter what wont let us talk a picture
There were about 10 people that were taking picture, but when they shouted the fans put up their cameras, but in matter of seconds they took them out again haha

Yunho oppa is really tall, wearing his sunglasses, he was really cute. There is a big big pimple on his face and has stubbles
But he was really happy and chatted with staff the whole way. We walked to the boarding entrance and oppa went on the plane
When he walked in I used Korean to shout “Oppa goodbye” he heard and turned around to wave to us with a smile. Then he walked a few more steps and turned to look at us again
Ah I was really touched. Yunho Oppa, you are really wonderful ><

After sending Yunho off we went to find Changmin
He went into the restroom so we waited at the exit. But the SM person kept shooing us away, not letting us wait. But no one listened to him. Everyone just dispersed a little
After a little bit, Changmin came out! S oI shouted “Changmin oppa!” but he didn’t pay attention to me 😥
So I went his side and walked by him. He is so skinny, makes my heart hurt. Hurry and gain some weight!!!!
The whole way Changmin was quite, no expression, no words. but he was very tall!
I only came up to his shoulder. So like this I walked with him until he boarded the plane. When he got on I shouted in Korean “Oppa goodbye” but he still ignored me and went on the plane
Shim Changmin! I don’t care if you are not happy, sick, or tired, or pretending to be cool, you have to live well
Jung Yunho too! Both of you have to take care of your health, rest well
Soon there will be the DOME performances, to create another history!

After you all left, my life is about to return to normal
Even though I don’t know how long we have to wait until you all come back again

But thank you all for the wonderful memories in these two days
In these past years, TVXQ has been with me as I grew up
These are the days of my youth

credit: NAT@baidutvxq
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net


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