[TRANS] 120325 Idol-Born Actors, Learn From Park Yoochun!

SBS ‘Rooftop Prince’ has only broadcasted two episodes and the impact of its existence can be felt. From the grief and anger of losing the crown princess to the detailed acting shown in comical parts, Park Yoochun has captured the hearts of the viewers with the various protrayal of his character. In the boundary of Idol-born actors, his acting has excelled. This is the reason why many Idols-born actors who has been labelled with ‘Acting Skills Skepticism’, should look up to him.

As the male lead in ‘Rooftop Prince’, Park Yoochun has good grasp of the character. From the steadfast resolution to the comical expressions, Park Yoochun has shown it out meticulously.

In the storyline for last week’s episodes, Park Yoochun’s perfectly illustrated deathly pain as the crown prince who lost the crown princes The angry bellowing of his lines and acting, luring the viewers into the drama. Park Yoochun’s detailed comical acting is also one of the fun for watching the drama. Due to hunger and thus stared at others’ food or the sudden softening due to Han Ji Min’s fierce scoldings, and had to act upon her orders. The majestic stance from before are nowhere to be seen.

One point to notice about Park Yoochun’s acting is his tremendous improvement. From the debut work of KBS2′s ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ to MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’, he has been earning praises for his steady acting. In ‘Rootop Prince’, his acting is further enriched and detailed. The handling of the lines were even more steady and suitable. Park Yoochun has understood the way to adjust the strength of acting and gained the energy to helm a drama.

Viewers love to see good acting skills. Same perception goes for Idol-born actors. To always be having the debate and bias against Idol-born actors, it might just probably be their own fault. When will be the day the label of ‘Acting Skills Skepticism’ came off? If only Idol-born actors can be alike to Park Yoochun, then the bias label of ‘Idol-born’ that is hindering them might just disappear.

source: star.mk+baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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