[TRANS] 120322 Junho’s Interview Mentioning Junsu‏

Junho: “I often say that ‘Our relationship is good thanks to me.’ I’m the one who called (him) the most and is the more caring party. Whenever our family gathered and was about to leave, I would say my greetings to my mum and would hug my dad, doing it all slowly. At this time, Junsu would have already disappeared. He would often disappeared in a whoosh in the middle of conversation with ‘I shall make a move first.’ (laughs) Although it seems a bit uncaring, he would surprisingly made a touching gesture to the family. If were to ask him, ‘What happened to you?’ He would answer, ‘Though I did not say it out, I actually missed you all a lot.’ He would not show it out too often but he thought a lot, deep inside.”


Staying in Seoul for 3 days, you went to watch Junsu’s musical ‘Elisabeth’ with your family. What were your thoughts after watching?

Once again I felt that, ‘(He) is really the best~’ Though I’ve watched all of his previous works too and find all to be good, this musical piece really display the handsomeness. The expressions, every steps taken and even every hand movements were very sexy. Looks like female audiences will be deeply enticed after watching.

credit: dongA+Josie
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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