[TRANS] 120327 Men’s Club May Issue – Tohoshinki Photoshoot Behind-Story

Thanks to everyone, the May issue, released 24 March, is nearly sold out.

Stock seems to still be available at the following bookstores, so please contact them.

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※Please note that stock availability is accurate as of 27 March.

I would like to touch briefly on the happenings on the day of the photoshoot this time.

The shoot began in the morning on that day.
The duo had schedules till late the previous night, but they did not show any hint of tiredness, and greeted the staff with smiles once they entered the studio.
While Changmin was having his hair and makeup done, Yunho had an frank conversation with us staff. (the topics included Korean actresses)
Up till now, there have been many unique, unapproachable people among those popular artists who appear on the cover (of Men’s Club), but Tohoshinki was really friendly.
The photographer, Mr. Shimomura said, “They seem like extremely nice people! ☆☆☆”
Everyone was in a very good mood even before the shooting (laughs).

When seeing them in real-life, they are like regular young men, and left me with a very good impression.
But once they are up in front of the cameras, their “model-faces” immediately come on~!
It was really evident that they took each task seriously, no matter what it is.

Yunho shooting. He is very serious.

The duo also made decisions very quickly, so shooting went along very quickly.
Several shots were taken (continuously) without the shutter stopping, and it was an “OK”.
“What!? It’s already over!?!? OK~~~!!!” said Yunho in high spirits.

Changmin checked the monitor carefully, and always responded to our requests seriously with, “I understand.”

In the limited time, they wore apparel from 6 different brands. Although it may seem impossible, but the filming ended quickly thanks to the efforts of the duo and Mr. Shimomura.

After the interview, when the chief editor and Mr. Shimomura requested for a photo together, they also accepted it without hesitation.

Also, we will be giving signed polaroids to three chosen readers!

They did three different sets of poses and expressions properly!
There is a participation form in this issue, please send it in via postcard. (We have already received more than 200 entires!)

The rumour that you will become a fan once you meet them is true!
For those who have not checked out “model-shinki”, please do so soon!

Source : [Men’s Club Editor’s Blog]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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