[TRANS] 120328 Cecilia Morel put on Eastern style makeup and met JYJ

<Seoul.- The second day of Cecilia Morel in Seoul it was transformed into a intense introduction to Korean culture.

While the second and last day of Nuclear Security Summit has happening, Morel participated on a lunch for First Ladys.

The appointment was on the Blue House, the seat of government from this country, where the reception was all Korean style. “We had to take off our shoes to enter to the house”, Cecilia said, who had to put on specials shoes.

With whom she shared the most was the hostess First Lady, Kim Yoon-ok, who was sitting next to her where they tasted typical local food.

The main attraction came later, first with a dance performance and typical dresses. Then Cecilia meet up with JYJ, the most popular Korean K-pop group and they were in Santiago on early March.

“I approached them and congratulated them. It was funny because two of them are blond, blond, blond, blond. It was so funny because they look like rockstars in Korean and for me is something new, it caught your attention,” Cecilia said, who for the next activity, the official dinner, decided to innovate and got an oriental make up. “Your skin has to be so pale, because here women like that thing”, she said. “Two girls came, one was doing my hair and the other the make up”.


credit: lun.com
trans by: yurimin@sharingyoochun
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5


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