[TRANS] 120401 Junsu, Yoochun and Others’ Twitter Update

Junsu: Snap a shot with Jung Jae at the cafe! A relaxing evening… it’s really not bad~pic.twitter.com/vIUWYqhi

Yoon Young Shik (@yoonphantom): @1215thexiahtic Having an enjoyable time~~ ^^ We shall meet tomorrow!! ^^

Junsu: @yoonphantom Looks like its a long-awaited reunion. keke. See you tomorrrow, hyung~ ^^

Junsu: If only I am my mother’s mirror… (she) will look at me… (she) will talk to me… This lyrics… really seems to have portray Rudolph’s feelings out well… I like this lyrics the most…

Junsu: Mother, listen to me… Please help me… Seung Dae hyung is really pleading here, he did it so well ^^ ke.

Yoochun: Who is it… pic.twitter.com/17RH7EQm

Lee Minho (@93leeminho): How can the three of us be omitted at Yoochun hyung’s fan meeting! Hyung really didn’t know it… Caught you~ ^^!! Keke twitpic.com/93nv64

Yoochun: Preparation. pic.twitter.com/cYS5Evdk

Yoochun: The reddened eyes, are prepared in order for the next step…

Yoochun: I… am unable to be well-prepared.

credit: josiemiao + babewarm
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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