[PIC] 120402 Peruvian Magazine “Zona Joven” – JYJ in Lima


JYJ Made History in Lima
The Jorge Chavez Airport was packed with fans who awaited the arrival of the Korean trio, JYJ. Later, the nearby vicinity of the Marriot Hotel (where the group was staying) was taken over by fans of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, even paralyzing traffic. With so much anticipation before hand, it was easy to predict that the concert that occurred on March 11 at the Explanada Sur del Monumental would be a tremendous hit. And that is exactly what it was: JYJ made history in Lima.

Since the day before the concert, hundreds of fans arrived at the location to camp out and form line at the entrance. And on the morning of the concert,  the followers were now thousands. Among them, people from neighboring countries as Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc., who traveled from afar to see the one of the two only concerts in Latin Americam were present (the other had been in Chile two days before).

Red Fever
Red lights lit up the Explanada Sur del Monumental, which radiated from the light sticks of 6,000 fans that anioxiously awaited the start of the show. Lights and fanchants such as “Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, JYJ…. Fighting,” heated up the atmosphere until the introduction video began to play on the screens.

Suddenly, the Korean idols appeared before the hysterical youth. The song “Empty,” from their album “The Beginning,” opened the night. Dressed in red and with the contagious choreography they continued to captivate with “Ayyy Girl,” “Pierrot,” “Be The One,” and “Mission,” in addition to other hits.

An interpreter translated what the group said. “We finally are able to greet you all. It’s an honor to be in front of you all. We have something special for our fans. We did something special for “Get Out” and “Ayyy Girl,” we want to show you the songs and the moves to the dance. It is incredible that we are here” stated the Korean group.

“Are you Ready?”, “Thank You”, “In Peru there are beautiful women”, “We love you”, etc. were some phrases in Spanish that they were able to say without the help of the interpreter with them that night. They definitely were pleased with our country and promised to return since they had felt very comfortable with the love that was demonstrated to them.

In between songs, videos of JYJ during their stay in Peru were shown. Including when they greeted their fans from the balcony of the Marriott Hotel, unforgettable images.

Time To Say Goodbye
“In Heaven” was one of the most emotional songs of the night and the one which was to end this historic concert. However, they returned to the stage after constant shouts and pleads from the fans. They sang a remix version of “Empty” and “Get Out” and even used a Peruvian Band during a few instances.

Later they said farewell with a heartfelt “Thank You!” in spanish. The stage lights went off and the fans returned home filled with happiness having been able to live one of their biggest dreams.

Thank You
We would like to thank the company Noizu Productions, who made the JYJ concert in Lima possible, and for the facilities that provided coverage of this show. At the same time we want to congratulate them because this has marked a major milestone for the K-pop in Peru.

Source: Zona Joven Magazine
Credit: JYJ Peru Lovers
Translated by: popopiluvsjyj of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

 Please do not add to, alter or remove the credits.


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