[TRANS] 120402 TVXQ, Women’s Fragrance “L’eau De Missha” Holds Launching Event

Top idols TVXQ participated in the launching event of “L’eau De Missha”, which was held successfully.

As the models for Missha, TVXQ participated in the launching event for “L’eau De Missha” in Seoul on 30 March. This perfume is produced by Missha, the top cosmetic brand shop in Korea. On this day, around 150 fans and customers who previously submitted applications, were invited to attend the event. Hundreds of TVXQ fans also gathered outside the venue, causing traffic in the surrounding areas to come to a standstill at one point. A second video clip, “Fascination”, was also released together with the screening of the teaser video “Arrival”, which had been shown since 16 March. TVXQ’s charismatic and mischievous images in the making film were also attention grabbing.

“L’eau De Missha” consists two different types, “Always Be Mine”, which emphasises the feeling of a mature woman, and “Stay Beside Me”, which gives off the feeling of a shy female. To commemorate the release of the perfume, a limited edition package (70,000 won), including the two perfumes with TVXQ’s signatures engraved on them, as well as a photobook, was also released. The two products under the “L’eau De Missha” line will officially be on sale beginning 2 April, and will be made available at all stores nation-wide, as well as on beauty homepages online.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Daily Sports via Nate]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net


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