[NEWS] 120404 Song Seung Heon-Kim Jaejoong’s “Time Slip Dr. Jin” scheduled to be MBC’s successor to “Light and Shadows?”

The drama “Time Slip Doctor Jin” starring Song Seung Heon and Kim Jaejoong has finally been confirmed to air on MBC starting from either June or July.

On the 4th MBC officials stated that Time Slip Dr. Jin would be broadcasted by MBC in either the month of June or July. It will be the successor of the current hit “Light and Shadows” and is expected to be a powerful drama because of the combination of the two male leads [Song Seung Heon and Kim Jaejoong].

The drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” tells a story of one of the best doctors from 2012 transcending time and space to end up in the Joseon Dynasty of 1860. This medical drama is based on the Japanese manga “JIN”, for which a TBS drama by the same name was created in 2009, causing a sensation throughout Japan.

Song Seung Heon and JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will appear for the first time together in this drama that is directed by Han Heui, who has worked on the direction and production of dramas such as “Over the Rainbow”, “Super Rookie”, and “The Bean Chaff of My Life”. The scriptwriter for “Dr Jin”, Han JiHoon, has written several hit movies and dramas including “Taeguki”, “Boy’s Don’t Cry” (t/n: also known as Once Upon a Time in Seoul), and “Time Between Dog and Wolf”.

Song Seung Heon will be playing the role of a genius doctor who must use his intellect to deal with the challenges of traveling over 150 years in time. Kim Jaejoong will take the role of the first son of a noble house that is known for their exceptional martial arts skills. This role will be Kim Jaejoong’s first attempt at historical acting.

The production crew for the drama stated that “We will finalize the details for the casting of the female cast sooner or later” and that “filming will begin on April 15th”.

Though there has been controversy as of late because of the similarities in plot between “Time Slip Dr. Jin” and the SBS medial-fantasy fusion drama “Faith”, both dramas are still in production. Broadcast dates for “Faith” seem to be scheduled to begin in the month of August.

Source: Star MT + Osen  I Translated by: Yule @ PrinceJJ
Credit: PrinceJJ

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