[TRANS] 120404 ‘Dr Jin’ Will Be Premiering Before ‘Faith’… MBC Confirms June/July Broadcast‏

MBC made its decision for broadcast of drama ‘Time-Slip Dr. Jin’ in June or July.

‘Time-Slip Dr Jin’ is about a renowned Korean doctor in 2012 who time-travelled back to Joseon Dynasty in 1860s and fought for himself. This drama is an newly-conceptualized medical drama.

Based on long-running japanese comic by Motoka Murakami, a TBS produced Japanese drama with the same name gained a lot of popularity in 2009.

The involvement of Song Seung Hun and JYJ member Kim Jaejoong as co-leads have attracted attention to the drama.

Director Han Hee who directed MBC’s ‘Over The Rainbow’, ‘Super Rookie’, ‘Merry Go Round’, ‘The Bean Chaff of My Life’ etc, will be directing this drama, nailing the trust. (T/N: Director/Producer Han Hee also produced ‘Miss Ripley’.) It will be co-written by Writer Han Ji Hoon (Writer of movies ‘Taegukgi’, ‘Running Wild’, ‘Once Upon A Time in Seoul’) and Jun Hyun Ji.

In ‘Time Slip Dr Jin’, Song Seung Hun will be challenging the role of ‘Time-Travelled Modern Doctor’ Jin Hyuk who travelled 150 years into the past and displayed his excellent medical skills. Kim Jaejoong will be Kim Kyung Tak who is a highly skilled Joseon-renowned military official and a descendant from a family of military officials. This will be Kim Jaejoong’s first-time acting in a historical drama.

The production team expressed, “We will be confirming the female lead soon and after which confirming the rest of the cast.”, “The filming will start on the 15th of April with intensive filming scheduled to bring out the best work to everyone.”

After the decision by MBC for ‘Time Slip Dr Jin”s broadcasting time slot in June/July, the battle between ‘Time Slip Dr Jin’ and the broadcasting of ‘Faith’ in August has aroused attention. As both works are about modern-day doctors who time-travelled back to the past and showcased their medical skills, causing conflicts with the people from Joseon era. The contract with ‘Time Slip Dr Jin’ creator Motoka Murakami is currently being drafted.

source: mydaily+kimjaejoongbar
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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