[TRANS] 120408 JYJ Twitter Update

Yoochun: Recently we… ^^ pic.twitter.com/y07VKoPj

Yoochun: ~^^ pic.twitter.com/xoLJRc4h

Lee Tae Sung (@TAE_SAMA): @6002theMicky There’s only half of my face left kekeke

Yoochun: @TAE_SAMA The other half can’t be revealed!!

Yoochun: Mr. ‘One-Kill’ has a unique pose. pic.twitter.com/xoLJRc4h (T/N: ‘One-Kill’ is a nickname for Tae Mu acted by Lee Tae Sung in Rooftop Prince. As he often gives a one punch or one-punch resulting in death (Tae Yong), thus netizens nicknamed him ‘One Kill’.)

Yoochun: Our black card, starting from the shoes ^^♥ pic.twitter.com/yHVovV2E

Lee Tae Sung: @600theMicky Mr ‘One-Kill’ ke ke ke It’s very cold at the filming site~~ But as expected from the ones living in rooftop, (you two) can really withstand the cold ke Slippers kekeke

Yoochun: @6002theMicky Keke If you one-kill me again before the drama ends, would I have died thrice then? Nuclear punch.

Yoochun: Unreleased…. pic.twitter.com/flQo0wGW

Lee Tae Sung: @6002theMicky The revenge of the petty who cut off half of my face

Yoochun: @heartj0126 heart?? I like.

Lee Tae Sung: @1215thexiahtic Mr Tod, I am RyuTod~ Nice to meet you ^^ Please impart to me some Death God’s skill~~ ^^

Junsu: Today’s weather is really good ~ ^^ pic.twitter.com/jT9uZEdO

Junsu’s mum (@zunoxiahmom): After the performance yesterday~ Took a photo at the waiting room!! Ke Those who envied me, please do try to photoshop your face on my face!!! I gave my approval, thus please help yourself with the photoshopping game ^^ Keke pic.twitter.com/sKCMUAo5

credit: freyazo + josiemiao
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun.net
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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