[PIC] 120411 Gifts of Peruvian Junsu’s and Jaejoong’s Fan Clubs

  ++ Gifts of Junsu’s Dolphins FC to Junsu ++

1. A personalised Peruvian national soccer shirt

2. A cap of the fan club.
3. A DVD containing the video projects “South America loves Junsu” (T/N: you can watch it here) and “Peru loves Junsu” (T/N: you can watch it here)

4. A pair of soccer cleats (the official ones of the Peruvian National Team)

5. A T-shirt of the FC with their logo and the sentence “We always support you” (T/N: No photo)
6. A photo collage with the signatures of the FC members and of the people who made donations for the gifts

  ++ Gifts of Jaejoong’s Addiction FC to Jaejoong ++

1. An exclusive silver necklace
2. A photography book of Peruvian touristic places

3. A wooden and silver ornament

4. A Chullo (Andean hat) made of baby alpaca yarn

Credits: Junsu’s Dolphins FC + Jaejoong Addiction FC
Translated by: Junmoshi of JYJ3
Shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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