[TRANS] 120416 JYJ’s Junsu makes a comeback to the music scene with his first full-scale album since debut.


C-JeS Entertainment, which plays the role of JYJ’s management, made a statement on the 16th, “JYJ Junsu’s first full-scale solo album will be released in May. Also, at the same time as its release, a full-scale concert in Korea and an Asian Tour will be launched. JYJ’s world tour recently came to a successful end in March after even visiting and touring South America, proving that they have enormous recognition not just in Asia but worldwide as well. Hence, the expectations placed on this album is higher.”

Through the first time ever release of Kim Junsu’s solo album since his debut in 2004, his superior abilities in the singing and performance departments will be showcased, and since he has received comments from album producers saying that he is the idol with the best balance of qualities, that expectation for this album is even greater.

In this album, it is expected that Kim Junsu show the musical talent that he possesses by personally taking part in the album’s production and writing most of the songs’ lyrics and melodies. Furthermore, it is planned to include songs of various genres like dance, ballad and R&B etc., and expected to include songs that the JYJ members have written for him as gifts.

C-JeS Entertainment’s representative Park Chang Jo says, “Kim Junsu’s value as a singer is the top within South Korea. He possesses unique singing skills, abilities of a singer-songwriter, and furthermore his firm grasp of dance performance has also received recognition and praise from choreographers from North America, South America and Europe.

For the album that is to be released, C-JeS Entertainment is in the midst of preparing a perfect package that includes JYJ’s system. Until the actual release of the album, through teaser posters, making videos on YouTube, and their Facebook page’s gallery, the album’s concept will be revealed progressively, so it is expected that the anticipation for this will reach greater heights.

Moreover, fans may expect the music video that will be revealed together with the full album to be of world class quality, as America’s greatest choreographer Jeri Slaughter’s team who has shown good chemistry with JYJ during their worldwide album also has a part to play in its production.

Instead of a showcase, the comeback stage will take place in the form of a full-scale concert on May 19-20 and an Asia Tour. Instead of performing on broadcasts, it is planned that Junsu will launch and open fire for the activities for his album through his first full concert in Jamsil’s indoor stadium. Two months worth of preparations are taking place in light of that. Furthermore, plans to visit Thailand, Macau and 6 other cities in the Asia Tour as part of the large-scale album promotions have also been made.

A related personnel revealed, “With the full-scale Korean concert as a start, from the end of May till July, while it has been confirmed that the Asia Tour will visit Thailand, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia and Shanghai making a 6-city Asia Tour, additional cities are in the midst of discussion. By way of JYJ’s worldwide showcase and world tour and through the results that those have brought, the system and performance contents are what gives us confidence to hold the full-scale concert as a comeback stage, and then follow-up by unfolding the Asia Tour during the album’s promotion period.

1st place for idol with the best vocals chosen by Korea’s vocal trainers, 1st place for idol with the best vocals chosen by music professionals, 1st place for idol most appropriate to join the show “I Am Singer”. Kim Junsu, who has received recognition as being the idol with the best vocals both in name and reality, will be revealing his first solo album in the middle part of May.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu has risen on the musical stage since 2010, through passionate performances in musicals such as “Mozart!” and “Tears of Heaven”, and has since been award the rookie award and popularity awards in the Korean Musical Daesang, and The Musical Awards, and thus received recognition for his skills as a musical actor. Right now, he plays the role of “Death” in the Musical Elisabeth, and is receiving good feedback for his performance from spectators as well as critics.

Article: Reporter Kang Seunghan of TV Report
Translated by: AllRiseXiahtic for ALL fans of Kim Junsu and JYJ regardless of background and opinions. Feel free to take out (with full credits including this sentence) whether or not you are a fan of OT5, only JYJ, only Junsu, only his cats, only Leo’s paws, a couple shipper or whatever you are. Because all fans have rights and idiots need to know that.


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