[INFO/TRANS] Some “Dr. Jin” casting news

Lee Bumsoo joins Song Seunghun and Kim Jaejoong in Dr. Jin, first challenge in historical drama

Actor Lee Bumsoo will participate in ‘Dr.Jin’, new weekend drama of MBC.

Lee Bumsoo’s role is Lee Ha-eung. For survival, Lee Ha-eung hid his status, living a dissolute life with the low fellow. But actually, his lust for power and ambition are strong than anyone else. Later, Lee Ha-eung put his second son, Myungbok, on the throne. This is a real character of history, which is known as Heungseon Daewongun (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heungseon_Daewongun).

Lee Bumsoo said, “The synopsis has captivated me. Since this is my first challenge in historical drama, my heart flutters with anticipation.

Kim Soyeon in ‘Dr. Jin’?  “Still in consideration”

Could we meet Kim Soyeon in MBC’s ‘Time Slip Dr.Jin’?

According to Kim Soyeon’s management company, Kim Soyeon was offered to join ‘Dr.Jin’ but she’s still considering.

The role offered to Kim Soyeon is an attractive woman who owns the hearts of both Jin Hyuk (Song Seunghun)and Kim Kyungtak (Kim Jaejoong).

Park Minyoung joins Dr.Jin cast, playing dual role – “It hasn’t been decided yet.”

Park Minyoung was offered the female leading role in ‘Dr.Jin’ and is still in consideration.

Park Minyoung side stated, “Our side still hasn’t decided yet. It’s true that Park Minyoung was offered the role but nothing is confirmed.”

If Park Minyoung joins the cast, she’ll play dual role, one is the sister of Jin Hyuk (Song Seunghun) in modern time, one is a noble lady in Joseon Dynasty.

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Translation by: Hannah for PrinceJJ | Shared by: PrinceJJ
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