[NEWS] 120416 The college-sunbae that all women want to have …”From Yoo Ah In, Park Yoochun to Song Joongki”

A photo of the college-sunbae that all woman want to have was uploaded on an online bulletin board and is drawing attention.

The posting has listed many celebrities whose image is similar to the college-sunbae that many women are dreaming of.

According to the posting, many actors whom image is a tender sunbae were included: ‘the one who plays a lot but still ranks first in the department’ is Yoo Ahin, ‘the cool man in the student club’ is Lee Jehoon, ‘the one who helps you with your assignment’ is Song Joongki, ‘the one who is willing to give you a ride’ is Park Yoochun etc.

In addition, many actors who can shake women’s heart right at the first glance are mentioned: ‘the cool teacher assistant that even male hoobaes follow around’ is Joo Sangwook, ‘the one who gives you advice about social life’ is Sin Hagyun, ‘the lead vocalist of the music club who teaches you how to play guitar’ is Jung Yonghwa etc.

Netizens commented about this posting “They are indeed the college-sunbae that all women want to have”, “Seriously, if I have a sunbae like this, I am willing to live at the school.”

(T/N: the full description under Yoochun’s photo is ‘the popular guy of the department who will treat the cute hoobaes to a meal and give them a ride – Yoochun sunbae’)

Source: hkn24
Translated by: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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