[NEWS] 120416 Time Slip Dr. Jin mired in lawsuits, moves up premiere

What is WITH this drama and the drama? I know we joked that Song Seung-heon was running about making demands that his drama Time Slip Dr. Jin make it on the air before the similarly-themed Faith stole any of its time-traveling thunder. (And here I am screaming, THAT SHIP’S ALREADY SAILED and its name was Operation Rooftop Queen.) But now the production is in the thick of not one, but two lawsuits.

Lawsuit 1: Dr. Jin is suing Faith for plagiarism. Its argument is that Faith is plagiarizing the Goryeo-era time-traveling doctor bit right out of their script, for which Dr. Jin has very clear source material–the Japanese manga of the same name. I can see why they’re up in arms about it, since Faith didn’t reveal its time travel storyline until very recently, when the casting was in place. But uh… Faith has been in pre-production for YEARS, and with an A-list writer like Song Ji-nah (Sandglass, Legend) penning the script, I can’t imagine this case will hold any water in the end.

Lawsuit 2: Time Slip (Yigim Pictures) is being sued for THEIR writer, Han Ji-hoon (Road No. 1, Time Between Dog and Wolf), by production company Apple Tree Pictures. Apple is arguing that Han is a staff writer for them, and is breaching contract by penning a script for Yigim.

And then in the midst of all that behind-the-scenes drama, the production has decided to premiere SOONER. (Is it possible that all the time-travel drama has gone to their heads?) Maybe it’s an attempt to get it on the air before their writer gets yanked off the production due to legal battles. In any case, now Dr. Jin is set to air against Jang Dong-gun‘s upcoming drama, A Gentleman’s Dignity. Talk about gunning for top dog. I guess they decided to hell with story, let’s just go hottie for hottie.

So now Time Slip Dr. Jin (MBC) and A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS) both premiere May 26. Let the battle of the Hottest 90s Oppa begin. *grabs popcorn, busts out Last Match OST*

Credit: Dramabeans
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