[NEWS] 120418 Song Seung Hun – Kim Jaejoong and now Lee Bum Soo – MBC ‘Dr.Jin’ May 26th first broadcast

MBC’s new weekend drama “Dr. Jin’s” first broadcast is confirmed to be broadcast on May 26th. As a take on the original ‘Dr. Jin,’ (which was created by manga artist Murakami Motoka in Japan as a 10-year serialized comic strip) the 2012 medical drama is about a doctor that travels through time and space and arrives in Joseon era 1860 where he faces a lot of struggles. In 2009, Japan broadcast station TBS aired a drama version of Dr. Jin as well and it received high popularity.

In this new drama, a modern day doctor will transcend time and space and slip into the past. There, he will begin to conduct medical activities and meet important historical people of that time. Actor Song Seung Hun will play the character “Jin Hyuk,” the genius doctor who transcends through time and space. JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will play the character Kim Kyung Tak, Joseon’s best soldier.

Along with Song Seung Hun and Kim Jaejoong, the drama will star “box-office invincible” actor Lee Bum Soo, who will play the character Lee Ha-eung in the Joseon era. He will be a soldier of fortune who hide his status. He also has strong desire for power and ambition. Lee Ha-eung has strong desire for power and ambition and puts his second son Myeongbok to the throne. This is a real character of history known as Heungseon Daewongun.

When Lee Bum Soo saw the synopsis for “Dr. Jin” he said that he was slightly nervous because it would be his first historical drama. He believes that the drama is a good piece of work and that he feels that he has a responsibility to viewers. Thus, he wishes to create a good drama.

[Parts omitted not related to the cast]

Source: Kukinews
Translated by: Buniu of JYJ3

Shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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