[NEWS] 120420 All tickets for Jun Su (of JYJ)’s concert are sold out

All tickets for the exclusive concert of JYJ’s Jun Su got sold out in five minutes.

On April 19 at 8:00 p.m., the ticket sales for Jun Su’s first Asian concert tour, which will be held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium on April 19 and 20, began on Interpark Ticket. However, all 17,000 tickets were all sold out in five minutes.

The popularity of Jun Su was so high that Interpark Ticket became the real-time search word on all portal sites before the ticket sales began. A spokesperson for Interpark says, “After the announcement about Jun Su’s concert was made, about 70~80 percent of our call center operators are receiving inquiries about Jun Su.”

This concert is to celebrate the release of Jun Su’s first solo album. The audiences will be able to enjoy Jun Su’s powerful voice, dance, performance, and songs written by Jun Su. Jun Su already received wide attention from many people with his talent in acting and singing shown in such musicals as Mozart, Tears In Heaven, and Elizabeth.

A spokesperson for C-jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, says, “All tickets for Jun Su’s concert were sold out in five minutes even though the concept of his album wasn’t released yet. From this, we could see how much attention is being paid to Jun Su. We’ll see how many people will cancel the tickets on April 23 and decide whether or not we should begin the ticket sales again. For now, it won’t be easy.”

People responded: “The news about Jun Su’s concert is awesome,” “I want to go to Jun Su’s concert, too,” “I think the people who bought the tickets are really lucky,” “I tried to buy the ticket right after the sales began, but the website was already down,” “I envy the people who bought the tickets for Jun Su’s concert,” “I wish there’s another ticket sales for his concert.”

As all tickets for the concert were sold out in five minutes, Jun Su happened to set another record. Thanks to him, all 54,000 tickets for the premiere of the musicalMozart were sold out in five minutes, all 15,000 tickets for Tears In Heaven were sold out in two minutes, and all 32,000 tickets for Elizabeth were sold out in ten minutes.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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