[NEWS] 120426 Filipino Fans of TVXQ/JYJ donate to Local Animal Shelter (Taking Fangirling to Another Level with CassPH)

Throughout the years, Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin have dedicated huge parts of their lives chasing after their dreams, creating music with passion and giving love to the fans who kept watch over them. In the same manner, Cassiopeia has also dedicated their time standing by TVXQ and JYJ throughout the issues and conflicts, as well as living by the codes the five men have set for their fans to follow. The relationship has brought not only friendships within the fans themselves, loyalty to the five and constant exchange of gratitude towards the said hallyu stars and their loyal followers, but also charitable deeds the fans do in reflection of TVXQ and JYJ’s actions. During concerts, fanmeetings, and even during fansignings, tons of rice wreaths the fans bring instead of fangifts have caught the attention of the world, on special occasions like the group’s debut anniversary, the members’ birthdays and just about any day to be thankful for the boys’music, health sponsorships to needy and sick people are given out by fans. Facilities have been built, and scholarships were organized in the name of TVXQ and JYJ members. This is the fandom culture built by Cassiopeia and their beloved Hallyu Stars.

Here in the Philippines, Cassiopeia has not only kept the faith and unity among fans despite the struggle with the recent isses, but also shown active participation in deeds the TVXQ and JYJ members can be proud of.With the lead of the Premiere TVXQ and JYJ non-profit organization, Cassiopeia Philippines – the faith is undisputed. A taste of the past months’ fandom culture would be the 9G: The Red Room ExhibitGlobe’s KPOP Fanclub of the Year during the Philippine KPOP Awards last 2011 and DBDs (Dong Bang Day) – a few of the highlights of the Cassiopeian existence. For the 47th and 48th DBD, last April 14 and 21, CassPh visited the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in hopes of channeling but a percentage of love Typhoon, Leo and the rest of TVXQ and JYJ’s pets receive from their owners. It has been a year since the team has fallen in love with the beautiful animals, that needed love and affection. It’s safe to say that Cassiopeia Philippines have treasured them in the depths of their heart.

PAWS is home to over 250 cats and over 50 dogs. Some were rescued from maltreatment. Others are sadly, suffering from illnesses. Knowing that we can’t just be bystanders to such, Cassies gave a shot in being PAWS volunteers. Kilos of ground pork, fish and rice were brought to fill up the tummies of our furry friends. Amidst the laughs shared while preparing for their meals and learning about the good hearts that took home the PAWS animals, we turned an attentive ear to the other side of the coin, the dark stories. For every visit, we make it a point to spread the word about the conditions of the PAWS shelter in hopes of gaining support and imparting knowledge to the unfamiliar ones. Cuddles and fuzzies were made here and there, and photo ops took place among the fans and their newfound little friends.

For years, Cassiopeia has made the fandom culture of the Red Ocean a reflection of TVXQ and JYJ’s charitable actions. When JYJ donated to World Vision, the fans did their best to do so too. For Cassiopeia in the Philippines, when TVXQ and JYJ smiled with their furry little friends, CassPh wanted to experience that, too. Although the deeds may be humble and not yet enough to make all the dogs and cats in the whole country happy, CassPh also wanted to show that fangirling should not just be limited to forging loyalty between fans and idols. Fangirls can be catalysts. Cheers and screams during our favorite groups’ performances can always be translated to energy needed for rebuilding, restructuring and reliving the good in society.


We would like to thank the Philippine Animal Welfare Society for welcoming Cassiopeia Philippines and helping us learn more about our little friends. We would definitely visit again and share more love. We hope that your doors are always welcome for us. Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

PAWS is in need of donations! You can help change the lives of hundreds of shelter cats and dogs by visiting their official Facebook Page and Website:

credit: CassPH.org
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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