[TRANS] 120425 TVXQ’s Secret Behind Rising Popularity

No one could have expected such result. Although the members reduced from 5 to 2 people, rather the number of fans increased. The recent tour drew in the largest audience ever of 550,000 people as a hallyu singer. This is referring to TVXQ.

TVXQ kicked off Japan nationwide concert ‘TVXQ Live Tour 2012: Tone’ on January 18 at Yokohama Arena concluding the finale on April 23 at Kyocera Dome and drew in a total audience of 550,000. The entire 26 performances were sold out and due to fans request even sold limited view seats. It certainly showed off their tremendous popularity.

TVXQ in 2009 before the 3 former members left the group the 5 member group held a ‘TVXQ Live Tour 2009: The Secret Code’ at that time drew in 250,000 audience. Defying expectations that TVXQ’s popularity will fall as a duo rather brought in double the number of audiences in this tour. This is a surprising result even for the members Changmin and Yunho.

TVXQ’s official fans club BigEast also reorganized their existing members and accepted new members after TVXQ was restructured as a duo, the members have already broke through 170,000 members. If you consider the number of members during 5 member of TVXQ was 140,000 the number of fans have rather increased.

What is the reason that the duo of TVXQ is receiving such tremendous popularity in Japan. TVXQ duo shared, “We believe it’s because the two members remained and is trying their best.” It seems that although only two members remained from the original 5 members, the remaining members’ passionate performance and diligent activities that is the same as when 5 members were on stage have come to be effective.

Also the two members have stepped closer to the Japanese fans with their fluent Japanese. This also was enough to draw in the hearts of Japanese fans. Yunho shared, “Although our Japanese is insufficient they probably see our hard efforts. We communicate with our audience in Japanese and they seem to like that point as well.”

SM Entertainment staff also shared that this is the result of both of their passion. SM Japan’s representative gave credit to the hard work of both members sharing, “TVXQ is receiving favorable evaluation that TVXQ was reborn during two years or so during their hiatus and is now exhibiting their full 200% ability.”

In addition to the hard efforts of two members the fact of the word of mouth that the performances using new performance techniques as ‘being a spectacular show’ have also placed a great influence in the success of this tour.

In reality TVXQ’s performance was so well planned it was enough to forget that it only consisted of two people. Especially this tour used 3D mapping to create optical illusions that duplicates the two members into several people to make the audience feel the stage make it full.

Yunho also mentioned, “Compare to the past there are more male fans and family members to visit the concert. It seems they not only come because they like us but some come to enjoy a delightful show.”

Indeed the increasing number of male and family unit audience was largely noticeable. The fact that their number fan club is 170,000 and was able to draw in 550,000 audiences proves that the majority of the audiences have come to enjoy the show itself.

TVXQ is taking rest after concluding their large-scale tour of drawing in 550,000 people and is expected to release a new album in Korea and begin their promotional activities shortly afterwards.

Source: Naver
Trans by: kpopstarz.com
Shared by: iLoveTVXQ5


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