[INFO] 120504 Why Cassies should buy Sparkling Magazine Spring Edition

This is for the fans in the Phillipines 🙂

Sparkling Magazine’s Spring issue may not have TVXQ as their cover (it’s IU andZE:A this time!) but they sure did exert some effort to include our JYJ and TVXQ boys in this edition.  Seriously, I was like spazzing every 5 pages or so because I kept seeing our boys’ picture with the corresponding articles. Uhuh… there’s even one that is dedicated to their drama appearances.

And because I am not selfish, let me share to you some of their pages, but I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to buy cause you’ll never know what will be inside the next issue. Let’s show our support, Y/Y?

So ok, upon opening the cover, you will see in the inside page…

Our JYJ boys…

Turn a few more pages and what do we get?

Yep, the five of them, in one article. *cries tears of joy…*

Moving on.  Oh! they’re discussing the artists’ tattoos and who is our resident tattoo enthusiast? It’s none other than Jaejoong.

Of course there are the interesting interview articles for the singers on the cover, ZE:A and IU plus the people behind Wong Fu productions but then after a few pages, who do we see?

It’s Junsu with the article about his gadget, the Samsung Galaxy tab (I still can’t forget that picture of him playing Fruit Ninja out of my head…)

Last but not the least, there’s the article about the 2011 Kpop Convention and guess who won as Globe’s Fanclub of the year?

Of course it’s not other than CASSIOPEIA PHILIPPINES, the premier TVXQ and JYJ Fanclub in the Philippines.

Now that you’ve seen some of the contents, buy it now ok?!? Enjoy reading.

credit: hanneebuff33
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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