[TRANS] 120502 JYJ Twitter Updates

Kim So Hyun (@wowkimsohyun): @6002theMicky Thank you ^^ I am~ all better now!! You took care of me even though you are so busy. Very caring ^^~ Your Highness (T/N: Kim So Hyun previously tweeted a picture of her on a drip.)

Yoochun: That’s good… ^^ Fool… don’t fall sick ㅡㅡ;; (T/N: That’s Penzal Q’s line.)

Lee Jae Eun (@beyondmonica): Wah…. goosebumps… Wah… If Yoochun have a daughter in the future, not only will you become a “Daughter’s Fool”, but also a “Daughter’s Sunflower”…. ;;;; (T/N: Daughter’s Fool = Father who especially love and care for his daughter. Daughter’s Sunflower = Father who only look at his daughter just like sunflower always facing the sun.)

Yoochun: @beyondmonica Fool… don’t say that. (T/N: Penzal Q….)

Junsu: Unknowingly… it’s the finale already… ^^;;

Junsu: Thank you for gifting my mum a beautiful outfit~ ^^ GGul Jame~ Please continue to be great ^^ (T/N: GGul Jame: An online clothing shop)

Junsu: I wish to go out of this window….;; http://pic.twitter.com/VKZUNZUs

Junsu: Ah….. http://pic.twitter.com/SeJYu2ej

Junsu: The coconut trees together with the sunset that I like….http://pic.twitter.com/PcSjFisK

Junsu: On my way to be Death for the last time. Irrelevance to my heart, the weather is so nice..^^;; http://pic.twitter.com/e7eS132I

Yoochun: Hello…Hello http://yfrog.com/kks2nap

Yoon Young Shik (@yoonphantom):@1215thexiahtic It has really been very difficult… Burn the flame to the end!! Work hard~~!!^^

Junsu: @yoonphantom It has been great standing on stage with hyung ㅜ

Kim Mun Jeong (@mjkim8200): @1215thexiahtic An early finale for someone!! ㅠㅠ You have worked hard. I will miss you. ㅠ

Junsu: @mjkim8200 Director-nim… Noona, will have a perfect ending today… keke Hwaiting

Jaejoong: Dr Jin Fighting! http://pic.twitter.com/JD1UtxF4

Jaejoong: Sigh… If there are 100 fruits in my Rule (The Sky)… all 100 will be stolen. ㅠ

Jaejoong: But please help yourselves to it~

Yoochun: Person Person Love http://yfrog.com/od4yuvp (T/N: Person is pronounced as Saram. Love is pronounced as Sarang)

Yoochun: Heart… East side. West side…. http://yfrog.com/ocw7tnp

credit: freyazo+josiemiao
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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