[TRANS] 120504 JYJ Twitter Updates

Junsu: http://pic.twitter.com/g08JitE5

Junsu: http://pic.twitter.com/yMNelNoj

Park Sung Kwang (@skpark81): @1215thexiahtic Junsu ah, Hyung shall buy you some Kimchi!

Junsu: @skpark81 Oh oh~ Just by saying, this cannot be, no no~~~ (T/N: Junsu is using a running gag in Gag Concert)

Kim Junho (@JUNO_JAPAN): Junsu’s album will be released on the 15th of May! On the 16th will be the release of Juno’s single! I am anticipating it too! Have to work hard! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

Junsu: @JUNO_JAPAN Hwaiting!!! ^^

Park Gun Hyun (@gunboy77): @1215thexiahtic @JUNO_JAPAN Both brothers are brave!! ^^

Junsu: @gunboy77 Hahaha!!! >•<

Yoochun: Thwa ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (T/N: there was a discussion in PYC DC about Rooftop Prince Taeyong’s initials ㅌㅇ on his paintings that is actually part of the hangul in 태용 (Tae Yong). Coincidentally parts of TiO in hangul is also ㅌㅇ. So the fans posted a question in PYC DC to Yoochun about what are the first words that Yoochun can think of upon seeing ㅌㅇ, and asked him to tweet it. Thus he did tweet it. ^^ “Twah ah” is just a sound word.)

credit: josiemiao + freyazo
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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