[TRANS] 120517~120519 JYJ Twitter Update

Junsu: We have to be happier.. ^^ pic.twitter.com/UEC3O0GH

Junsu: I’m feeling good today… ㅎ pic.twitter.com/zFyDcCne

Junsu: The tree covered in dew ^^ pic.twitter.com/rXodUzSl

Junsu: I sang this song ‘Why didn’t you love me?’ which I have not been singing for a long while, to myself in the room. Unknowingly tears appeared.. It’s not even a performance.. but weirdly I felt better.. I wish to see Mozart again.

Junsu: Continuously running forward for success… Silly child.. My younger self is still living within me… He is also asking me… Why didn’t you love me… I didn’t changed..

Park Gun Hyung (@gunboy77): @1215thexiahtic I like this song too.. ^^

Junsu: @gunboy77 We all love this song, didn’t we ^^

Park Gun Hyung: @121thexiahtic Will there be a day to sing this song again.. kekeke

Junsu: @gunboy77 Let’s sing together again.. ^^

Ryan Chandler (@cRyanChandler): TOMORROW. @1215thexiahtic @slaughteration @paulmorente @carlost177 @moslaughter @thestaciflood @cRyanChandlerhttp://pic.twitter.com/bojMCf0s

Junsu: @cRyanChandler See you today!!! (T/N: Original tweet was in English)

Yoochun: Sometimes the sun do sleep within the cloud’s embrace…At Jeju island….http://yfrog.com/khyfmap


Yoochun: Able to see the sky no matter when and where… http://yfrog.com/mgd27p

Yoochun: Encouraging me with scent and sweet lights, sending gentle light beams to whoever, looking back at those times that passed, such endearing. Those times that passed made one’s life so beautiful… Moon… Sun… Sky… The life that everyone dreamt of.

Junsu: See you tomorrow ^^ pic.twitter.com/zdUe6Cpx

Kim Junho (@JUNO_JAPAN): @1215thexiahtic I really really real~~~ly wish to go to today’s concert!! Wish to see.. But as I have performance so I was unable to go~ Sorry!!! (⌒-⌒; ) Present the best stage today and tomorrow!! (Especially charismatic for those three songs…) kekeke Work hard!! \(^o^)/

Kim Junho (@JUNO_JAPAN): Today went directly to the store and bought 6 CDs!!! Do your best for your concert!!!^^ Proof shot!!♪ http://yfrog.com/h782tcadj

Junsu: @JUNO_JAPAN Taran(tallegra), Turn around (and around), Fever.. ?? ^^ Ke

Jaejoong: Little cute one. http://pic.twitter.com/jR5OStDb


Jaejoong: This is really very cute http://pic.twitter.com/lerIWSZx


Kim Junho: At the beginning, he let me try writing lyrics for Mission and then after that trusted me to be in charge for Fever in this album. Junsu, the one who said that if I wrote well, there will be another two more song lyrics that he wanted me to help with… When writing for the lyrics for this album, I kept worrying since it is my brother’s first solo album. Can I, this freelance lyricist, wrote those lyrics well and will my brother be dragged down by me? However after coming out with this handsome album, and seeing so many people who likes Tarantallegra, Turn Around and Around, Fever, plus hearing that he has brought upon such a handsome concert, once again I felt that I had the best and most handsome brother. If only I can hear for myself these four songs Mission, Tarantallegra, Turn Around and Around and Fever at the concert, I would really be very happy…! As I had work on hand, thus I couldn’t go. But I am still grateful to the one who charismatically performed and who trusted me with responsibility of the lyrics… Junsu. All the songs in this album are really great, and to those who likes Tarantallegra, Turn Around and Around and Fever, I am personally thankful to you all! ^^

Junsu: Hyung, you know, no matter when, you are my best hyung.. ^ Thank you so much for writing the good lyrics

Kim Junho: Thank you! You have worked hard for today’s concert~ I really wish to be there, such a pity! There’s another performance tomorrow, hurry up and take a good rest! Good night!! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

credit: JYJ Baidu bar+josiemiao+park0604
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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