[TRANS] 120526~120529 JYJ Twitter Update

Kim Jea Hyung (@fraktaldj): @1215thexiahtic Junsu jjang ㅠ Thank you ㅜㅜ For following me~~ (T/N: DJ Fraktal produced Lullaby and Set Me Free with Junsu)

Junsu: @fraktaldj Haha~ secretly followed. ke

Kim Jea Hyung : Asia tour fighting! Work hard!! Daebak!!

Yoochun: If I could grab that pair of hands… doing things together… just once while I’m still living… I will once again go there to show you my new drama.

Lee Jae Eun (@beyondmonica): It’s okay if you wrap yourself with a huge towel and imitating superman, batman, lightning power while showering, but Suk Jun ah, can you please wear your underwear? Baring your body naked with just a towel wrapped around for almost 10 minutes, and what’s that turning around in front of the full length mirror in the midst of it for? Narcissism… kekekeke

Junsu: @beyondmonica Adorable Suk Jun ah…. be my son ^^

Lee Jae Eun: @1215thexiahtic I told Suk Jun, “Suk Jun, why not mum sell you away for $500?” He said, “Is $500 something good? +_+”

Junsu:@beyondmonica Just tell him it’s something good. keke

Junsu: I love~~bangkok!!♥ http://pic.twitter.com/dobOpgcP (T/N: original tweet was English)

Junsu: ☆☆☆☆ http://pic.twitter.com/8hOS5ty7

Yoochun: @motoro100 Dear Chang Ju hyung~ You started this too ^^ Kekeke (T/N: @motoro100 is C-JeS’s CEO Baek Chang Ju)

credit: josiemiao + freyazo
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iLoveTVXQ5

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