[TRANS] 120527 XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert Tarantallegra Live In Bangkok Press Conference

MC: We (the media and the MC) are very glad and honored to be able to interview you today.

Junsu: This is the 1st time I got a chance to have the solo concert. In the past I’ve had a concert with other members but this time I’m performing alone. Please support me and go to my concert today.

MC: We’ll definitely support you and we’ll all attend your concert today. Now let’s talk about your solo album “XIA TARANTALLEGRA”. Please tell us about the album concept.

Junsu: The album concept is very unique. Both hair style and dressing style will be totally different from the previous albums thus makes it special with new songs with all new concepts, new choreographs and new sounds. Everything will be vigorous and strong.

MC: Besides being vigorous, you looked very sexy too and it makes the fans screamed crazily.

Junsu: *smiling sweetly and giggling* Thank you. I’m very glad. At 1st I didn’t know how to present my sexiness to the fans but when I tried to do it, the fans realized my sexy concept. I’m happy to be able to present it to the fans. Normally I just showed my sexiness via my body (revealing clothes) But in this album concept, the clothes will be unrevealing. It’s sexiness, with clothes on. Thanks a lot to the fans who understand my feelings.

MC: Just seeing a bit of the curve of your chest is very sexy.

Junsu: Thank you (Thai)

MC: Thank you (Korean)

Junsu: *laugh*

MC: You produced for this album but I know that Junho and Jaejoong have helped you produced this album too. How do you feel to have your brother and JYJ member to help you produce this album?

Junsu: Thanks a lot to my twin brother and Jaejoong Hyung. I self-produced this album with their help. Hyung composed “No Gain”. I’m very glad and thankful.

MC: What are JYJ members’ feedback regarding your solo album?

Junsu: JYJ members are busy shooting dramas so we don’t have much time to talk but if they had free time, they will listen to my solo album and we will discuss about the parts they like and the parts I need to fix. I’m glad the members gave me advices and also compliments.

MC: There are so many XIA concepts/looks in Tarantallegra MV, could you please tell us which look you prefer the most?

Junsu: My Tarantallegra MV looks are very fantasy. Normally I had a manly look with generic male clothes. But this time I looked tough and strong in the manly style. My clothes are also different than the old look.

MC: The outfits are your own style concepts?

Junsu: The stylist was the person who designed my clothes but we discussed about the album concept before making the outfits.

MC: There are many songs in this album, which one is the song you would select for Thai fans in order to show them your feelings.

Junsu: Many songs in this album but if I have to select, I’ll select the song “Lullaby”. In Korea when a mother raises a child, she will sing a bedtime song before sending her kid to bed. I’d like my fans to have a good night sleep so I select this song.

MC: So you’d like to be the mom who comforts your kids?

Junsu: Please don’t think that I’m the mom, but think as if I’m the boyfriend instead.

MC: Wow that’s sweet.

Junsu: The meaning of this song is the boyfriend wants to take care of the girlfriend and wants her to have a good night sleep.

MC: That’s romantic.

Junsu: Sure *giggles*

MC: What is the special thing you’ve prepared for Thai fans at tonight’s concert?

Junsu: I can’t tell you now about the surprise. The fans will have to attend the concert to see what it is. I’ll be able to be closer to the fans. Please come and watch it.

MC: So there’s a surprise the fans must come and see. You like to tweet a lot lately. What would you want to tweet for Thai fans?

Junsu: I’d like to tweet the picture of the coconut trees. Besides Thai fans, I’d like fans from other countries to know that I’m already in Thailand.

MC: The coconut trees represent that you are in Thailand?

Junsu: Yes in Korea I can only see coconut trees in Jeju island but when it comes to Thailand, I thought about coconut tress and I’d like everyone to know that I already am in Thailand.

MC: Please leave a message for the concert tonight.

Junsu: I’d like to invite you all to my concert. This is my 1st solo concert in Thailand. Please attend to know what’s special and the surprise I’ve prepared for you all. Thank you everyone.

MC: Thanks a lot Xia for letting us have this close interview with you.

trans by: sharingyoochun.net

Thanks SNP Media HUB Thailand for inviting us to join this press conference


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