Jung Yunho

*Yunho’s Profile*

★ Stage Name:U-KNOW | U-know Yunho (유노윤호 or 瑜卤允浩)
★ Real Name: Jung YunHo (정윤호, 鄭允浩)
★ Height:186cm
★ Weight: 61kg
★ Birthdate: February 6, 1986
★ Star Sign: Aquarius
★ Birthplace: Gwangju (광주)
★ Blood Type: A
★ Band: TVXQ | DBSK | DBSG | Tohoshinki | 东方神起
★ Talent Agency: SM Entertainment
★ Position: Bass, Baritone, Leader, Lead dancer
★ Religion: Christian
★ Family: Father, mother and one younger sister
★ Education: 3rd year university student
★ Special Abilities: Jumping, something has to do with breathing, dancing, singing, writing lyrics/composing
★ Dog: Typhoon/Taepung
★ Favourite Colors: Green
★ Hobbies: Music, reading, playing sports, composing music
★ Wants To Do: Volunteer
★ 1st Annual SM Best Competition: Best Dancing 1st Place
★ 1st Debut: In South Korea on 4 January as DBSK, and debut in Japan for the following year
★ Successfully Held Performances: At the Tokyo Dome 2009, and performed in the Michael Jackson Memorial LIVE performance jointly held by South Korean in March 2010.

★ Jewelry Award: Asia’s Star Award 2010

*Biography And Early Life *
(A 14-year old kid who relied on his perfect dancing skills, beautiful vocals and passions to become a successful artist)

Yunho was born with the name Jung Yunho on February 6th, 1986, in Gwangju. He is the team’s leader and the bass vocal-part of the DBSK. Having too many thoughts being a distinctive character trait of an A-blood type, Yunho also carries this trait. He won the Best Dancer award from SM and is the most talented in dancing. His hobby is to choreograph. He has experience as a rapper from Dana’s 1st album song–Diamond. He likes to play basketball, and is talented in martial arts (hapkido) for he placed 3rd in a contest. On the other hand, he enjoys writing fictional stories and has diverse thoughts. Yunho had a hard time becoming a singer. His father opposed of it. But now his father is the biggest supporter. Yunho is going to study hard and major in music in college.

Just by looking at his face, it seems he grew up without any hardship right? Not, before he became a singer, 3 years ago, he left his home at Gwangju and went to Seoul because he wanted to become a singer. From this time, he prepared to become a singer with Jaejoong. Since both of their circumstances weren’t good they did part-time jobs at law schools and saunas and practiced hard. The group’s second member, Jung Yunho, secured his spot in TVXQ through a dance competition in which he won first place. Being from Gwangju, he had to commute several hours from home to practice to even get a chance at becoming an entertainer.

After his selection he gained some experience in the midst of spotlight by being a rapper and backup dancer for K-pop singer Dana- who is now no longer a solo but a member in The Grace. As a dancer, he accompanied many Korean singers, traveling to China as well. Jung debuted as U-know Yunho. His chose his stage name as “U-know” from his Korean name “Yun Ho”; U-Know is pronounced “You know” in English. However, it is meant to mean “Yunho ‘Knows You'” in regard to his understanding of the other members as the leader of TVXQ.

(credit to Wikipedia.com)

*Blossomed And Thrived In Spite Of Hardship*
(Yunho: To lift your head up high while moving forward happily is better than lowering your head in sorrow!)

Yunho also experienced lots of hardship growing up. He himself had to leave home and came to Seoul to work and study at the same time. At times he had to sleep at/under the train station, picked aluminum cans, doing heavy manual labors for construction sites among other things. A young man at 20 calmly told others about his past of picking cans, sleeping on the street, and still smiling “as if he was advertising himself…” Who would ever know behind that calm smile what kind of hardship he had to face?

When he was in Grade 9, his father lost his business due to the severe Depression in Korea and was not able to send his youngest sister to school. He, being the filial son and brother that he is, dropped out of school and moved to Seoul in order to support for his family and continue to send his sister to school. It was one of the darkest times of his life. He cried as he told of how he was forced to sleep underneath bridges and in Seoul’s underground bus stations because he did not have any place to sleep. Some of the jobs that were included throwing sand on the snow-covered grounds in order for it to not be slippery for cars and as well as collected wine bottle exchange for money.

Though he had a very sad childhood that almost seemed unimaginable by us fans, but his story’s ending isn’t an unhappy one. This boy is U-Know Yunho. He’s part of the ASIA’s TOP artists, Dong Bang Shin Ki, and together with his other four bandmates, best friends, and family, he will one day take the world by storm.

(credit to lavender rain  for compiling info)

*How Did U-Know Yunho Name Came Up*
(The simple trivia that the name “U-Know Yunho” was his username for a game.)

The other members they named themselves with advice from the management, but Yunho came up with his name by himself. U-Know Yunho was actually his ID, it was an ID for a famous game called “Tetris”. Yunho went to the site and someone had taken that name. He called the site and tried to return it. He was gaming and he got chatting, “Oh your ID is U-know Yunho?” and the person with ID U-Know Yunho said “Ah, I like Yunho”. And then Yunho slipped a subtle, “I am U-know Yunho”, and the person said “Then I am Seo Tae Ji”. And then he thought … Oh so its like this now?

The Meaning Behinds Yunho’s name

★ Yunho: Why is “Yunho” called “Hou”호우? It’s just because he simply says lots of “Hou! Hou!” while singing (Especially O-Jung Ban hab)
★ Other nick names: “Hwo” 훠(It comes from “Hou”, when speaking fast), “Li da Jung” 리다정(Leader Jung), “Ap Ka” 압카(Stands for “Ap Do Juk In Charisma”압도적인 카리스마, meaing absolute charisma of Yunho. “MooDaewiui Kunju” 무대위의 군주is a similar nick name), “Lily Yunho” 릴리윤호(He’s a leader of the group, yes, but at the same time, he’s a quite sweet guy, and sometimes shows girlish/feminine[?] side. For instance, he likes to watch “Nodame Cantabille” and “Boys over flowers”, and did some knitting as presents for members. Afterall, he’s very sensitive guy.) Lastly, “Se Jack Ul” 세작얼 means “the smallest face in the world”, refers to Yunho’s face size.

★ Yunho: “Bing Gu” means stupid in cute way, and the reason Yunho got this, is he “really” is. You really got to watch Korean TV Show.

*Most Memorable And Tear-Jerks Facts Between Yunho and the Members*
(Even when he was happy he would still have to control himself. When he wants to cry, he didn’t; When he is tired, he say he isn’t; When he is in pain, he say it doesn’t hurt; Only again and again putting his smile up and saying “I love you all”.)

• After one and a half year, Yunho and Changmin come back as TVXQ and appeared at KBS Music Bank for the first time to performed “WHY”, and when they won the award, Yunho could not even gave a speech because he was teared up and nervous, thus he passed the mic to Changmin and let him gave the speech first.
• Yunho’s reason for why he is always the one to take the initiative of taking care of everything regarding all thorny issues and all the awkward matters is, “Because I’m the leader who loves all my members.”
• During an interview, Yunho said, “I hope that no matter how many and how great our difficulties may be, we will always overcome them together. Just as long as the five of us are together, we are most happy.” 
• When TVXQ were asked what they most wanted to continue, Yunho answered, “I hope that the members of TVXQ would always continue. Right now, our friendship is already very strong. But I hope that in the future, it will definitely grow even stronger!” Yoochun said, “I hope that the friendship betwwen the members will always remain.” Junsu said, “The health of the members is what is most important!”

• During Rising Sun period, Yunho gave his single deck bed to Jaejoong because of Jaejoong’s knee injury.
• During the Rising Sun period, TVXQ won an award, but Jaejoong was not able to turn up because of his injury, so Yunho carried the trophy and said, “This trophy belongs to Jaejoong”.
• 2004, on Micky’s birthday, Yunho said to all their fans, “Please look after our Micky, I can’t use words to express myself, MICKY, I LOVE YOU!” 
• On August 2005, Yunho carried Junsu to the hospital when Junsu had a high fever.
• When Jaejoong’s knee was injured, Yunho wanted him to rest more, but instead, Jaejoong said to Yunho, “Your stomach is not well, you should be the one hospitalized, not me.”
• In the X-Man “Of Course” game, Yunho said the Junsu, “Did you know that I love the four of you very much?
• Yunho’s stomach is not well, so Changmin would always write him a reminder note saying, “Don’t always forget to eat just because of work.” and slip it into his pocket. Junsu would also always remind him, “Eat your food on time.”
• When Yunho is asked which member he likes the most, he answers first with “I like all of them” but when he was forced to answer, he replied ” I like Jaejoong.”
• On July 7, 2005, when TVXQ were in Fangshan, Beijing, female reporters were interviewing Jaejoong. He carefully answered the questions and then made eye contact with leader Yunho as if asking him, “Did I answer appropriately?” Yunho smiled at him and gave a little nod as if to tell him, “Yes, you answered very well.” 
• When Yunho was pranked as an experiment, before his four fellow members carried on with the prank, they turned to the camera and said, “Yunho, we love you!” 
• In 2005, when Micky was celebrating his birthday in Japan, reporters were asking if they prepared any presents for him. Junsu said, “No, we didn’t. There is just our sincerity.” Yunho said, “I think, this is what makes a true partner.”
• Everybody’s appraisals of Jaejoong: Yunho said, “Although sometimes, he can be rather rough, he is actually the one most like a mother. He is the most gentle member.” Junsu said, “He is the most empathic member who cares most about others when they get sick.” Yoochun said, “He is a reliable person who will always stand by your side. He is a member of members.” Changmin said, “When you compare him to others of the same age, you cannot imagine… Once you look at him, you get an impression of light and nostalgia.” 
• In 2006, when it was Yunho and Changmin’s birthdays, Jaejoong especially wrote a letter for Yunho *ooohh!! loveletter!! JAEHO!!*. JJ, Micky, and Junsu got two pizzas and JJ lighted candles to put on them.
• When Yunho was asked what his continuing power is, he answered, “Encouragement of the members.”
• Jaejoong said that, “When cooking, salt and sunshine are very important, but Yunho is very important too!” 
• Yunho said that if he was not a member of TVXQ, he would have become a fan of Jaejoong. 
• Yunho said that meeting the four members was the greatest event of his life. He also said that whenever he comes across the word “Promise”, he would think about his members. 
• At a KBS award ceremony, when Yunho and Jaejoong were speaking, Yunho noticed something in Jaejoong’s hair and helped him pull it out. 
• In the 51st X-Man, when Micky was playing a game with others, it was very awkward. Yunho, who was on a different team from Micky, especially moved over to Micky’s team and gave him a pat on the shoulder. 
• Everyday, Yunho would wake up earlier than the other members and patiently wake them all up. 
• Jaejoong said “I’m the mom and the other members are my children.Yunho corrected him and said, “We are the Dong Bang Family. I am the daddy, Jaejoong is the mommy, Changmin is the youngest child, and Junsu and Yoochun are the daughters ” at this time, Junsu interrupts with a, “Yoochun is my wife!” 
• During the Rising Sun period, Jaejoong was injured and had to use crutches. Yunho would always be following behind him and would gently place his hands on JJ’s shoulders to prevent him from falling. 

(Credits: rebel4aclause@z-degrees)

*Immortal, Strong, Determine, And Optimistic Are Made Of Yunho*
(Finding the strength from within himself to continue pursuing his goal and career)

Yunho revealed that he has bested the grim reaper at least 100 times. Because of this, one of his nicknames is Yunhorus (derivative of virus for you slower ones) because of his ability to ridiculously fend off any harm. He also describes himself as the VIP of hospitals. He claims to go to the Hospital 30-40 times a year.

From his head to his toes, he have also been injured before. The worst accident to happen to him was when I fell down from 4th floor of a building. Luckily he was able to hold on something at the first floor. If not he would have been badly injured, and also the well-known “poison drink” incident. Though he had received lots of injured, but he take those as a challenge in his life, because of those accidents and incidents, he can be stronger and stronger. Some of his life threatening moments include:

♥ Falling off a rooftop and landing on a jar (dwen jang holding kind) resulted in cheek scar.
♥ Trying to pull a book off a shelf and having the entire shelf land on himself which resulted in a scarred chin.
♥ Surgery for some sort of hormone imbalance. This one sounds weird…moob reduction?
♥ Anti fans and their terrorizing. Many of you will remember the poison in the drink incident.
♥ Inflammatory attack on neck and face right before a concert, which he decided to perform with anyways. He fainted and was hospitalized for two weeks.
But throughout all this, Yunho remains surprisingly optimistic. He stated that he was thankful that they weren’t serious and that he learned something through each ordeal, being more careful; like don’t drink something unless you open it and make sure it’s not tampered with.

(source and credits to: allkpop+E-pop Magazine No. 237+JoeYee@DBSKnights)

*Pains And Tears Behind The Precious Smile*
(It’s not that he is strong, but he has to be strong. When he was young, he was a kid with good patience.)

credit: U-Know♥Angel @ AF

Jung Yunho – Hospital’s VIP. Visit the hospital annually in average of 30-40 times! Brush past the death more than 100 times…… The numbers of internal trauma injuries accidents are countless and where did those large and small scars on his body come from? Just listen to me slowly.

Scar on the left side of his face Here
There’s a light scar on the left side of Yunho’s face, many people thought that it was left due to the injury during sports. Actually, this scar has existed since Yunho is 2 years old. The story goes like this: One day, Yunho’s mum and 2 years old Yunho were playing bom bom car at the rooftop, at this moment, the phone rang and Yunho’s mum went to pick up the phone. During this blink of time, little Yunho fall off from the rooftop and landed first with his face on the ground, hence, his left face become bloody and that’s how his scar was left.

Scar on his forehead Here
It was undeserved for Yunho to have that obvious scar in the center of his forehead! One time, Yunho was standing in front of a book shelf and he was thinking of getting a book from the top shelving, but who knows, just when he was taking the book out from the shelving, the book shelf collapsed at the same time and it was just pressed against Yunho’s forehead. Yunho’s face was full of bloods after being rescued out from the book shelf. The wound have recovered after that, but the scar stayed on his forehead forever.

Scar on his neck Here
The long scar on Yunho’s neck was left due to operation. When Yunho was young, his vocal and singing was absolutely awesome, but nobody knows why suddenly there’s something growing on his vocal cords. After the doctor diagnoses, he straight away suggested having an operation to remove it. After the operation, Yunho’s neck emerged a long scar. It is also because of this operation, Yunho’s voice was seriously affected, his beautiful voice was having difficulty to send out again.

Originally, we thought that Yunho’s throat will be fully recovered after this. However, lesions occurred again in 2006. At that point of time, it was coincided with TVXQ’s Japan Live Tour Concert. All the way from Yunho’s throat to his nasal cavity were full of spores, besides forgetting the unbearable pain at that time, his throat was still unable to send out any voice. Facing the upcoming concert, Yunho could only inject an emergency treatment injection and the effect of this injection was not to remove the virus, it was to turn those non-virus parts into virus, so that Yunho’s throat would be able to be in the state of paralysis. After struggling through the whole concert, Yunho was sent to the hospital straight away and was hospitalized for a week. (The doctor originally advised to stay in the hospital for a month for treatment, but due to the working reason, Yunho could only stay for a week and discharged.)

Incident of falling off from the building Here
Should I say that Yunho was dogged by bad luck or lucky? There is also a breathtaking moment of Yunho falling off from 4th level when he was young. Yunho was playing catching with his friends at an old 4-levels building. Being the mischievous ones, Yunho was afraid that his friends might found him, so he hung himself outside the wall on 4th level. Just when Yunho was pleased with himself that he had found himself an excellent hiding place, one of his friends ran over with a loud “WOW” and Yunho was scared by it. Then his hands were loosened and fall off from 4th level with his back facing downwards.

Even after becoming popular, Yunho still have to endure injuries, broken leg, stomachache, etc.. but in front others he would always looks strong and smile.

(Translated and credits: Jaesica+韩剧攻略09.1 + 做珉的冰箱 @ TVXQBaidu + fangirlmitz +soompi)

*All The Things About The Mysterious Man Yunho*
(He is a man of many faces, but each of his personalities hold great inspiration and lessons for others.)

credit: it’sCHECKMATE @ AF

During the 10 years that have gone by, the boy that tried his best can now sing and dance well. His looks have changed too. He’s taller and his face and body have matured a lot too. Even though, we can no longer see the kid from 10 years ago, the eyes and the young boy’s ‘passion’ is still in his heart compared to 10 years ago. The boy successfully became an asia star with his efforts and with the help of others. 

Though he has the huge popularity and skills that the young boy did not have, he never shows it off. If you compare him to before, what has changed is that the sweet and bitter experiences he suffered through for a long time has made him be strict on himself. If you ask this grown up boy ‘what is the strongest quality that you have only, he will answer without hesitation with a humble look and tone, ‘passion’ which he has had since long time ago.

Secret Things:

*Yunho can’t drink drinks that are open. There was that glue incident and there were lots of things, one thing or another that he went through so if the top is already open or if the drink is already in a cup, he won’t drink it. He has to open the top to drink it, he won’t drink the drinks that are already open. Even though the kid acts like he is fine/full of life, the kid has lots of pain. 

*Methods that Yunho used to cheer for himself: “This period was the busiest but no matter how busy, still have to find a space that belonged to yourself in between. Physically it’s is very tough but because mentally you are able to achieve a balance, hence currently am in bliss.”
*Yunho’s motto: “Action speaks louder than words”
* Yunho confessed that the left and right sides of his face are different, he chose his face as a complex. The left side is masculine whereas the right side is feminine.

* If he becomes a girl in his next life, Yunho wants to be able to cry as much as he wants.

*A fortune teller said Yunho’s palm indicates that he has a great wisdom, doing hardwork throughout his life, always think about other people and very busy with their problems.

*A fortune teller ever said that the mole on Yunho’s lip is “a beautiful woman’s mole”

* If he reborn, he would like to be the child time of my parents. He wants to see how they found love and how they met.

* In order to persuade his parents to let him entering entertainment world, he danced in front of them

*He has been learning to dance through videos since he was young. Because of that, he has to convert the left/right dance steps and do it the opposite way!

*Yunho once has dream in the past that he was murdered by the Terminator

His characteristic:

1. His strong point is his concentration; he can actually be addicted to something

2. While his weakness point is his forgetful attitude

3. The charm point of Yunho is “he can place himself well-mannered in any situation!”

4. He is very dedicated and determined in his career and everything he does.

5. He is very competitive.

6. People said that he is a very polite and knowledgeable leader. He will answer accordingly to any questions he is asked.

7. The members say that he is very manly and very sexy in a manly way. All members respect him alot.

8. Do not compete with or challenge him. He won’t let himself lose to you!

9. He likes to help people a lot and he is very nice and sweet to his friends.

10. He is serious when working so don’t talk to him at that time!

11. He is very responsible person, and has the deepest thoughts

12. All members said that it’s because his “charismatic charisma”, and he himself is someone who has a high awareness about the surroundings.

13. Because his parents likes to help others, thus he has learnt to do that unconsciously as well.

Fact things about him:

1. Yunho was the first of his group to reject fans’ gifts on his birthday in 2008, and asking his fans to donated to the more needy.

2. Korea thinks YunHo has the 3rd most symmetric face in the industry.

3. YunHo is a 2nd degree blackbelt in aikido/hapkido.

4. He had his tooth fixed because he said it was bothering him and his singing.

5. Yunho’s dream is volunteering. He said it never enough when it comes to help people and make them happy.

6. He says his flaw is his small face.

7. He has 4 piercings.

8. He has NO tattoos.

9. He stopped smoking.

10. He is the only member that was never mistaken to be a girl

11. He actually has a korean dialect since he’s hometown is from GwangJu.

12. Yunho grew his hair in 2006 because he wanted to see if long hair like JaeJoong’s would look good on him

13. He has a mole on the left side of his mouth

14. Before he became singer, he wants to be a lawyer

15. His first performance was not with DBSK but it was in Dana’s diamond.

16. His dad and mom used to be fighting to become school president. In the end they fell in love with each other.

17. Yunho was supposed to debut in a 5 or 4 member group with Jaejoong and the others were Super Junior members. [mainly Heechul and Kangin]

18. His ‘mini Yunho’ looks very up to him and wants to be like Yunho when he grows up

19. Do not stand close to him when he is dancing. His powerful hand move may injure you!

20. Yunho (and/or Xiah) gets very serious before performances so DON’T TALK TO HIM. 

21. Yunho was caught wacthing ‘special videos’ and he said it was a school assignment.

22. Yunho brings his bambi doll everywhere he goes (He call’s it his daughter)

23. Spent most money on: CDs, clothes and shoes

24. Yunho got rejected by a friend that he came to like. He asked her out and lit 100 candles. She told him she only wanted to be friends.

25. His father didn’t approve of him being a singer but now, he is Yunho’s greatest supporter.

26. Yunho wanted to become a police inspector when he was young. In order to have additional advantage for his then-prospective career, he went to take up Aikido and Taekwondo

27. How did he enter SM : By dance performance. SM saw one of his performance after that, he signed official contract with SM

28. Some of the members from super junior knew that Yunho bought a leather jacket. They told Yunho that to know whether the jacket was fake or real he had to burn it. Of course they were kidding but Yunho really burn the jacket and bye bye jacket.

29. He is the most populer among TVXQ with ‘adjummas’ (middle-aged women) or ‘noona’ (older sister) as he likes to address them.

30. The first time doing “BEAT BOX” was in Stay With Me Tonight a capella version 

31. During debut he was the fastest in the group and he had man boobs. (Ya shim man man) He had to do special exercise to get fat away around THAT area.

32. Future plans: Becoming an international star, want to try being a director and acting.
33. He will name his future daughter Jung JiYool

34. Yunho calls his parents everytime he arrives in Japan to tell them he is safe.

35. He used to talk to crows to cure loneliness when DBSK first debut in Japan

36. Yunho is ambidextrous.

37. The Grand Canyon gave Yunho power to help everyone! He said he should do his best for everyone, keeping the impressive feeling he felt at the Grand Canyon.

38. He has a few scars on his face and neck due to some accidents during his childhood (Refer to “Yunho is Immortal”.)

39. Yunho IQ is 142

40: What he was afraid of as a child: Scary stories 

41. Yunho will only receive feelings’ for birthday present.. He won’t receive any presents from the fans and asked the fans to give the presents to those who need them more

42. He used to be quite short

43. Yunho has now porcelain veneers. He started off DBSK with a couple of crooked teeth and a snaggle tooth.

44. When YunHo gets excited, he slips into his satoori.

45. YunHo can’t cook much, but can apparently make delicious pizza. He likes spicy food.

46. YunHo is a slow text messager, and has been known to fall asleep in the middle of one.

47. He also falls asleep a lot during movies.

48. YunHo has a stuffed toy – a bambi – that he refers to as his daughter. He has been seen carrying it around at the airport, as well as when he displayed it at home on one of DBSK’s house tours.

Things he likes and wants to do:

In 10 years later, Yunho wants to get married by 30 or 32, and he wishes to do volunteer work with his lover, children and friends. He also wants to continue working as TVXQ and becomes a great presence like Michael Jackson.

1. Childhood dream: Prosecutor, because of his family and relatives work in law related jobs, he also wanted to do it. When he was little, he always say things like “guardian of justice”, he said he does not know how I end up becoming an artist.

2. Dream in his private life: (” I want to create a warm family, and wear the same fashion with my kids. I want to go cheer for them on the Sports Day. Also want to do volunteer activities together with my family. I want to build a school… it would be great if I really can.”)

1. What he wants to do: Volunteer

2. What he want to do the day before the earth dies: Eat with the people i love.

3. He LOVES little children. He wants to have 25 kids.

4. His dream at the moment: “Since I’ve come/reached a mountain, I see a higher mountain. No matter what I do, I will do my best. As Yunho, I want to always be honest and be a truthful person who gives trust. It’s easier to say than do it but eventually that will happen.”

5. His favourite number is 5, because동방신기 has 5 members.

6. He likes sky a lot

7. Favorite manga(s): CHIHRTO (it’s in english. )

8. He likes boxing video games.at was never mistaken to be a girl

9. Yunho likes travelling (mountain climbing).

10. Yunho likes carbonated drinks, fried egg with a kind of mixed rice.

11. Yunho likes comics (Slam Dunk etc.)

12. Yunho likes fruits (esp strawberry and watermelon).

13. Yunho likes fresh flowers (rose).

14. Yunho likes reading, singing, dancing, watch drama and movies.

15. Yunho likes walking by the lake.

16. Yunho likes likes basketball and likes to buy sport shoes.

17. Yunho likes blue, white, black and green (colors).

18. Yunho likes animals (puppies & panda).

19. Yunho likes to ride on bikes (especially green ones).

20. Yunho likes to write novels on rainy days.

21. Favorite movie(s): Lord Of The Ring and This lazy woman

22. Favorite gift from his fans: He mostly likes CDs, clothes and shoes.

23. He likes to steal food from the other members.

24. Favorite scenery in China and food: PeKing ducks and SanDong cuisine; clearly remember people riding their bikes on the open road and the bar that is in some of the taxi!

25. He likes simple music. Music type : Hip-hop, R&B and Soul.

26. He wants to go to Lav Vegas during Summer Vacation

27. He likes unique fan’s letter. So decorated your letter with beautiful pattern!

28. He likes to drink ice chocolate

29. When raining, he likes to write novel so he won’t go out when it’s raining!

30. Fav. food: I’m not that picky, but I like kimchi and BBQ meat.

31. Yunho’s fav place: Lav Vegas and The Grand Canyon.

32. Yunho wants to go to “uninhabited island” and takes all the members with him.

33. The thing he likes to do alone: Traveling

34. He also likes skiing and bowling

35: His worries: It’s been for awhile but I can’t understand girls feelings

36. He likes the sea, and he would likes to go to the seasides with his friends

37. He likes to write stories especially when it is raining

38. The most cherish thing: Family, piggy bank and diary.

39. He likes to tease girls until they cry

40. Favourite flowers: White lilies and rose are his passion

41. Place where he wanted to promote Korea’s top tourist destination: Seoul Tower

42. Yunho’s recommended tourism spots: Gwangju, Han River, Seoul Namsan Tower , Jebu-do

43. Place to go for a date in Korea: Seoul tower.. (“Up there you can hang key ring that only belong to two people. I want to go to such places where couples would like to go”)

Things he does not likes:

1. What he hate most: People lies. Lies

2. He cares about his fans very much so he don’t like fans to force themselves to get very near them because it is dangerous. He likes fans to stand and watch them from a bit distance for their safety.

3. He does not like to cry in public

4. What he dislike about himself: Dressing habit. Yunho said “I want to correct grabbing just whatever feels the most comfortable. Once in a while, manager hyungs will tell me to wear something nice but I don’t like it when they say that either. I also have to take care of my face. Oh, I hate taking care of my nails the most”

5. He doesn’t like to get too intimate (hugging and touching) with people he is not close to, so don’t hug him.

6. Don’t tell him to lose weight! He said that his Winnie the Pooh’s tummy is fill with fan’s love.

7. When fans are pulling his hair and cloths he will smile to them but actually he doesn’t like it!

His talents and specialty:

1. Aikido. He’d been taught since a very young age and also taekwondo

2. He is the best fighter

3. Can bend his pinky finger 180 degrees

4. What he cook best: Kimchi(soup) and pizza, its really good when I make it

5. Yunho used to teach dancing

6. He Knows TaeKwonDo and won 3rd at a world championship for hapkido, when he was in elementary school

7. He can do break dance

8. Tongue Twister

9. He is good at jumping

His habits:

1. Habit he can’t fix: Forget stuff..

2. When he sleep, his eyes and mouth will open and sometimes dance while asleep

3. When Yunho starts dancing, he uses alot of strength in all his movements thus he often hits other members accidentally

4. Yunho takes a LONG time in the shower. Xiah says that he sings at least 3 songs and does 3 dance routines in the bathroom.

5. Has an odd habit of losing his processions.

6. Yunho sleeps diagonally on his bed

7. What he do when you cant sleep: Read a hard book

8. He wakes up the earliest and wakes the other members.

His relationship with others:

1. He admirer’s the girl from the drama My Sassy Girl – Jeon Ji Hyun.

2. Michael Jackson is Yunho’s inspirer.

3. First impression on Dana : Innocent, cute and honest singer.

4. What he thought of the chinese fans: Very good hospitality and nice

5. He is a fan of SES especially Eugene.

6. Yunho’s favorite singer is The Gospellers. He loves all the members.

7. People mistake him to be with Dana but he said clearly that they were just very close friends. Dana also said they were just friends.

8. Actor who is role model: Robin Williams

9. The artist that Yunho think is sexy is Johnny Depp (“because he is a charismatic person that’s also very gentle with children. I can feel he’s a man of kindness.”)

His moments:

Yunho actually teared up at their first win since TVXQ’s 2 years and 3 months comeback on Music Bank. He couldn’t speak and had to pass the mic on to Changmin during their Thank you speech. At the start of their comeback, he and Changmin also went around and greeted everybody as if they were rookies, presenting and exchanging albums.

Time when he gained confidence from his worries: “When I’m performing a concert in front of the Japan’s fans. When I shouted “it had been long~!”, what greeted me back was the enormous cheering that I’ve ever imagined. Ah~ Actually we have alot of fans, I felt touched. I have the “THSK is starting now!” kind of confidence”

1. The last time he cried: When he was standing on stage in Tokyo Dome, he was truly amazed and touched by the fans.

2. His happiness moments during work: When a Live just begins, the moment where we just step on stage,and the faces of the audience enter my vision, I feel really happy then.

3. Happiest moment: first time performing with DBSK and when he is on stage. That’s when he feels the most alive, and also because he can brings music to the fans.

4. His best memory of 2009: The final stop of our tour in Tokyo Dome.

5: Most memorable event in his life: “I believe was when I become a singer. At that moment I really felt fantastic. The first moment I stepped on stage, the first performance, those situations were vividly remembered till now. Everyone was crying out my name, I became the protagonist on stage. In fact, it was a very incredible thing to me. I believe I will never ever forget this first time in my life.”

6. During the scene in Yunho’s Tokyo Holiday where he was saying that he was the best member in DBSK. Yunho was afraid to say he was the best and he felt awkward.(he was afraid the other members will get angry at him.)

7. Most embarassing moment : While performing in China, some of the Shinhwa fans came up to me(YH) and mistake me for JunJin(hyung), they asked for autographs.

8. Words that give him strength: Don’t give up

9. Words that he wants to hear: You are doing good

10. Words to describe his voice: Like a rainbow

11. Feel the most blessed: When he felt the fans’ love.

12. The moment when he feels that it’s full of happiness: On the stage. I feel I’m alive. If I have eye contacts with fans, I’d feel like I become Michael Jackson, the artist that I respect the most (laugh).

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*A Strong Determination And Passion Towards Goal*
(“My goal is to become a celebrity that can produce a song that will always stay in people’s heart. Then, to show different sides of myself to everyone. In order to show everyone different sides of me as a celebrity, I will never stop working hard! – Yunho”.)

credit: U-Know♥Angel @ AF

He has a height of 186 cm, beautiful dancing that charms people as well as a voice that touches one heart. The artist that has captured many people souls with these abilities is Yunho. As the leader of TVXQ that leads the members, as compared to any one else, he has to always control his desires. Today, as he stands at the highest idol position, he feels that he is not worthy of it and that is why he continues to work hard with each day. In order to unravel a new him, he has never stopped challenging himself.

How does Yunho values his life:
Jung Yunho is an undeniable youth. Ever since he stepped foot onto the entertainment industry, his life, his thoughts and everything about him, have unavoidably become public. Only when seeing someone who is not interested in DBSK, “I become the real Jung Yunho”, he said this. He has never thought of himself as a shining superstar, and he has always kept his innocent and pure self. He wanted to do things a normal person could, not minding all the eyes around him. If given the chance, he always wished that he could spare the time to help out his friends tidy up their houses Only that way can he really feel that he is living, something that he can never feel normally. “Guess that’s the real me?”

“When I was young I thought, if I succeed when I grow up, I’m going to return to others and return as much as I receive.”

When I just started, it was quite hard and it wasn’t easy to get used to it. I would also occasionally suspect if I did the wrong decision. Because my surroundings are gradually changing, I feel that life is abit wild at the end. I will work hard until I am able to do very good.To be able to enjoy life every day, even if it’s hard, I would work hard. Although I don’t really like leading life to be too ideal but compared to a 100 dreams, I think it is better to have a 1000 dreams.

For goals, I must have a 1000% determination and work hard even if I can’t achieve that much but at least I would reach 999% so I will use all my strength before I succeed. In the future, I would like to become the responsibility of those who want to be able to become the driving force of our country, but until now, there are those who are finding a hard time find an opportunity. Although I am unable to see the results of the future right now, but if I start working hard now, I will become proud of myself one day, right?

He said: “Being an artist yourself means you have to bring the audience entertainment and laughter. For that reason whether being tired, whether being in pain I must show my audience a very happy face.” That is why you would never see a sad Yunho on stage. Yunho will always be a happy in front of the audience.

He added: “I work hard as Tohoshinki’s leader, but when I’m with my friends or members, I’m just a normal guy. I am courteous, and tell jokes too. Although my original personality doesn’t change, I’m different from the Yunho you see at work. I’m a bit more energetic. Changmin always tells me, “Yunho-aniki (older brother) seems pure and simple like a high school student.” That’s because Changmin usually emits more of an aura than I do.

Meticulous and Perfectionist Type:
Yunho is the type that well prepare a lot for the next schedule. he practice at night for example, he doesn’t just practice. He likes walking on the spur of the moment. He likes to walk around Seoul here and there in disguise and think. He is the type to drive himself hard but there’s not enough time.

No matter how many people praise him saying he did good, there are times when he look at myself and he does not think he did. So, he think that others really think he didn’t do good either. He feel like he can only give that feeling (doing good) if he has tried his best 100%. When he has a really bad cold and he has to go up on stage, he think, “should I dance hard?” He know that when he think like that, he will only be able to give the feeling of 30%. (He is very hard and demanding on himself)

Yunho said he does not want to lose “Jung Yunho.” On the stage, he goes “I’m the best, I’m the best who can’t lose to anyone” so I can do it (perform), but when he comes down from the stage, he want to be normal. Just like in private, he acts like a dummy and dorky, but when he is working and something goes wrong, he will definitely ask himself questions but when it’s personal, he just goes “oh well~.”

There’s a hope within the mighty arms:
Once, he had the dream to become an upright prosecutor, but he had accidentally become an entertainer. He had commented that his character doesn’t really fit into the circle of entertainment. He personally prefers to gather with his friends outside this circle, than partying with other artists. Other than work, he has always fought hard to draw a line in between, in search of the real him

When being asked about the goals in the future, he cited the name Michael Jackson. “No matter the time has passed, his music remains forever. I’d like to sing songs like that. For everyone who always support us, we’ll never be forgetting our dream.”

Related his first debut as an actor to his own experienced:
After his debut a few years back, Yunho has always been a singer, who has now finally stepped into the acting field. He admitted that his feeling is exactly the same as his name in the drama; “Cha Bong Gun,” passionate yet uneasy. “I’m a daring person. There isn’t a thing that I’m afraid of, so this is a good name.”

As a singer, he already achieved status as the top Asian group in Asia with Dong Bang Shin Ki, and as a beginner in the acting field which he is not familiar with, he is humble and had to start from scratch. His hard work and passion for acting is admirable. He once had a conversation with the producer of his drama that lasted for 6 hours when he was away in Japan, and also on the filming location. All these had shown how much effort he had put into his debut drama.

In “Heading to the Ground,” Cha Bong Gun is a lively youth who is passionate about soccer, and keeps fighting hard towards his dream. The strong willpower and fighting spirit are what Yunho wanted to express the most. His first taste in acting has brought him the excitement that he has never experienced before. Even if he reaches home late from filming, he’s still looking forward in going to the filming location the next day.

To date, the most memorable scene to Yunho is the one where he had to jump right into the 5-meter deep river. That refreshing yet shocking emotion is what he remembers, since if not for the filming, he would never have had the chance to do something like that. Therefore, it can also be considered as a special experience he gained from being an actor. He said Life is full of challenges, similar to “Heading to the Ground.”
“Through filming, I had learned the pain in growing up, just like getting taller”

A man who loves his hometown and never forget his root:
To the members of DBSK, he is the reliable leader; to fans, he is an elder brother whom they can pour their hearts into; to others, he is still the young man from Gwangju. His feelings towards his hometown are deep. He would visit whenever he had a vacation, because that is where he started, and because it is the source of his strength. Although he has becomes a mega super star now. He always spent his free time with his family, friends and help people in GwangJu such as help to sponsor scholarship for students there, volunteer in orphanage, visit old people at the hospital and do donation etc.

His responsible character started from his youth; whenever he failed, he would think that is all due to his weak points. Disliking half heartedness and putting his best in everything is the only way to keep things in control, not messing up.

When he participated King’s man he had to play the twisted tongue game and was being teased by the host for his hometown accent. However after he read his part the first thing he said was “There’s nothing embarrassing about having an accent.” With such pride and confident, his hometown seemed like the world to him.

When the group had to write out wish for the new year, everyone was being very realistic about their own wish. Yunho on the other hand wished that North and South Korean will unite

(Source: [demonhome]+Nikkan Sports Daily+sina
Credits and Translations: thesexy-orange@iscreamshinki.net+ xiahyu-ri+sharingyoochun+sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com+OneTVXQ.com+Hiroshi67

*From What Being Heard, Yunho Used To Withstand His Father A Lot*
(Yunho stated: “A man should always be louder in actions than in words, and he should always put responsibility as top priority. No matter what happens, he should always be in the front, protecting everyone while observing the surrounding situation. When I see my father, whom I respect a lot, I would have such a strong thought. My father has always been the leader amongst his friends, and he has been friends with my mother since they were students so he’s also quite a romantic. I really feel he is very amazing, to have found both friendship and love in my mother.”)

Jung Yunho was born in a very well off family in Gwangju. His Grandfather, father, and paternal relatives are all from the Faculty of Law. His father is very strict. He’s been taught about a sincere manliness for a belief that “a man should be like this” in him. Due to his father’s lesson, from the very young age, he’s trained to not easily whinny when he made mistakes.

Yunho said whenever he sees his father, he is amazed. His goal is to becomes even half like his dad. Even now, Yunho’s father goes to work at dawn and goes to sleep at night, and even this, he managed love, friendship, and friends. Whenever Yunho hardship strikes, he listen to his dad and inspired.

Yunho’s father is someone important, and he has influenced him in becoming a prosecutor. His father, who had always woken up at dawn for work, has not changed one bit, always giving the tired Yunho encouragement and support. From these, it can be said that Yunho will be someone who cares for his family. Yunho’s father always tells him “Don’t ever forget that you’re standing here today because of the supportive staff around you and the fans who cheer you on.” So Yunho always keep my father’s words in my heart.

Even when he was in 1st grade, Yunho repeatedly was placed as head of class and this was heavily influenced by the way his dad taught him. Yunho said “because I’m a male, thus my dad is extremely strict toward me. When I was young he taught me how a male should behave. If I show weakness or cry, I’ll be punished. Because my dad and my uncle all graduated from law, my childhood dream was to become a prosecutor.”

Yunho becomes a natural leader and always been chosen as captain. Yunho really respects his father. In Yunho’s eyes, he is a man of all man, a man who deserves utmost respect. And that is exactly why his biggest dream is to make DBSK a very successful band and also be a man of all man like his dad. Studying Aikido was also one way to follow his dad’s footstep, so Yunho hope that he can follows in his dad’s footstep in order to becomes a good father in the future.

Yunho’s Father’ Double Life Story:

Yunho said that whenever he’s asked who he respects or wants to be like on shows, he always says his dad. His memory of his dad is always a person who does the right thing, who takes responsibility for what he says and doesn’t give empty words. That’s why since he was young, watching his dad, he felt that a man should be like that. But, when he was in middle school, his family had hard times (financially) during the IMF days. He would work part-time and so on… 

One day, while sleeping, he heard his father go out at 4:00 a.m. He just figured his dad had something to do but his father kept going out exactly same time every day at 4:00 a.m. So he said he got the feeling that his father must have some kind of double life (as in an affair). He said it’s because, his dad would come home around 9-10 p.m. and then exactly at 4:00 a.m., he would go out. That’s why he couldn’t help but misunderstand. 

He even talked to his mom about it and told her that something was weird about his dad, that he tried to pretend that he didn’t notice anything but he couldn’t help but think something was going on..he goes out at exactly 4:00 a.m. every day. His mom told him his father wasn’t the type to do that (have affair). He was getting frustrated and decided that he needed to find out what was going on for sure.

So, he decided to follow his dad and find out for sure exactly what was going on. He said he disguised himself and even was going to take pictures. (acting like a dectective because he was deep into Conan manga and dramas). When his father would turn around because he sensed that someone was following him, Yunho would stand pretending to look around. He said he was definitely going to reveal what was going on so he followed him. 

His dad didn’t take his car but instead took a taxi (which made it even more suspicious). So, he was thinking, could it be.. would dad really?…no way…Ho Dong asked wasn’t that something that would have been very difficult for Yunho to face since he was young. Yunho said that up to that point, he was just thinking maybe…he believed his dad but as a son, he felt that he should get the courage and face his dad and tell him straight out if he’s doing something wrong. Yunho said it was a way to protect his family since he was a man so he kept following his dad.

Then his dad suddenly went into some building. He was thinking what is that building..it the first time seeing that building. Yunho then got really suspicious and he was telling himself that if he went in there right now, it could end up ruining his family. He was going to wait until his father came out and while he was preparing himself (for what he might discover), his father came out with bunch of newspapers. Then his father went into another building and came out with more papers and so on. It turned out that his father was delivering newspapers to make extra money because they were having a hard time and even his mother didn’t know about it. 

Yunho said he was shocked and extremely touched and as a son seeing his dad delivering papers, he thought to himself that he should live earnestly. He thought that if he can do well (be successful), he should be good to his dad, mom and sister and make them happy. 

The Shocking Story About Yunho’s Mother:

Yunho said what is even more shocking for him was regarding his mother. He said this is recent, not even a month ago. He said even though his mom was exercising/working out, she seemed to be gaining weight. He said he found it strange because she’s been working out for the past 7-8 years. He said he’s revealing it for the first time publicly and as a son he wasn’t sure if he should reveal it or not. 

However, he’s found out that his mom hasn’t been working out all that time, instead, she’ been working at a factory all that time and still is working at the factory . He said what was important was the fact that they’re both still working. If a son does well (successful), the parents could use that as their own (to make their own lives easier) but they said that the money Yunho earns is his money and he should learn how to use it (properly) and learn to handle everything himself. 

They told him that parents could use their child’s money to buy cars, building, show off as their own but that’s not right to do that to their child. That’s why, his mom and dad still work and earn a living to support themselves (instead of living off of Yunho’s fame and money). He said he feels really bad about that, (to see his parents work like that). So, he’s bought his parents an apartment and bought his dad recently who would use the same car like for 10 years, a new car with the money that he has earned. 

His father sent him a msg. Lately, since starting again after a long time, he’s been really busy coming and going because of his hectic schedule and without realizing it, he was showing his tiredness. So in the text, his father told him that though it’s not newspapers, he still gets up and prays for Yunho to be okay. His dad wrote that the reason he gets up 4-5 a.m. every day is because Yunho works late all the time and doesn’t get more than 2-3 hours of sleep and though he’s older and it’s harder, he wanted to let Yunho know that he was up same time and facing it along with him. 

Yunho said because of that, he feels like he has strong backup and he can overcome anything. When Yunho gives his message to his dad, he said he just wanted to say that a long time ago he made a promise, he mentioned that promise on Strong Heart, he said that when he’s reached the point that he thinks is the top, at that time, with his grandfather (passed away), his dad, and rest of his family, he want to express his gratitude so please wait until then and thanks his dad for always loving/treasuring him.

(Credits: Hiroshi67+ newsen+lovelyunho@soompi+YunHo♥neyBunny@AF)

*A Master Of Self Discipline And Self Control Yunho*
(He is tough enough to fight, humble enough to admit them, strong enough to absorb the pain and resilient enough to bounce back and keep on moving.)

From primary school, Yunho already started to discipline himself. He held the responsibility of the class monitor before. He think this is because the effect that his dad has on him. Although his mom always pampered him, his dad always gave him advice to be a noble gentleman. If he cried, his dad would become stricter towards him.

Yunho always knows how to catch a good opportunity. When he is on stage, he is able to grasp and control the atmosphere, know the right time to act in a right manner, his talented in public speaking and possesses an ability to pacify surrounding relationships extremely well. Indeed Yunho especially was born to lead, to be a leader.

His ability in public speaking and the talent to respond in certain situation have impressed quite a few. In every circumstance he could always be able to respond very calmly and creatively. When answers in an interview even with very difficult questions, he always manages to answer it in an articulate manner and would never offend others while not revealing unnecessary details.

SM Insider talk about the Fabulous Yunho
“Leader Jung Yunho”: A perfect socialite, he handles social scenes very well, not only it’s due to extensive training from SM, but also has a lot to do with his personality and his family surrounding. SM was focusing on him since the begining of days because they knew he was something special. The whole : ” I only became leader after JJ hyung said he didn’t want to be one” talk is all garbage, JJ’s personality isn’t suitable for a leader, which will be explained later on in this.

Yunho’s very well rounded, and he knows what to say and what to do at places, even when he absolutely has to critize someone, he does in a low-down way that it’s not dramatic, once back stage, this big time celebrity was upset about something, so he was basically cussing everyone out, no one had the guts to say anything because he was such a big shot, but Yunho came into the room, greeted the big shot and started some casual chit chat, they both ended up engaging in a light hearted conversation.

All five boys have great professional attitude, esp the leader Yunho, he’s not the type that comes, does the gig and leaves, he will make sure all details with the crew, anything related to DBSK, he will and wants to know. he often cares for others, see how they’re doing, perhaps that’s why being the leader gets so exhausting sometimes. But he’s really smart and very detail oriented, not to mention he pays attention to others, even when a crew member hurted his hands during a photoshoot, Yunho saw it and asked him if he was alright and if he needed help. Everyone truly likes Yunho. He knows the importance of his place yet he’s very modest.

He’s very caring toward the members, professionally; he does everything in his powers to make sure others work smoothly, so that’s a load off of the manager’s shoulder. Once half way through a schedule, he asked a crew member to bring a pair of shoes, I first thought Yunho just want to wear another pair of shoes, but turns out the shoes were for JS, because Junsu had mentioned his shoes were too slippery and they had to dance later in the schedule. Yunho immediately thought of taking care of the problem for JS.

Yunho plays it tough in front of others, but there are times it’s hard for him to hold back his emotions, behind the glam, he’s a very sensitive, passionate guy, not after they debuted, once I saw Yunho cry, it was in a small room, his back was facing the door so I didn’t see his face, but I saw his shoulders shiver, the members were around him. CM gave him tissues and JJ was holding his hand and comforting him. The entertainment circle is a cruel place where people learn to toughen up, the tough will get tougher and the weak will only grow weaker.

Yunho’s a nice guy, but he absolutely will not allow it when people attack JJ, whether as a joke or not, once someone was talking about JJ in a way bad, Yunho stared the person down for about 30s.. that sent shivers down my spine

The five are extremely close, they’re always playing together, once Yunho asked JJ to do something, JJ jokly said ” if you dare to go kiss, i will do it right away..” . that person was a girl. Then there was a time where everyone though Yunho liked her, Yunho laughed and said ” what the heck are you smoking” then he hugged JJ .. the ending? all five hugging together on the floor.

This is what others said about Yunho: “Yunho is an individual with a depth and he’s very hard to grasp. This person is amazingly capable”. Be it in work or public speaking, he’s extremely well verse and never seemed to make mistakes. He’s one who knows himself and knows others. If others don’t provoke him, he won’t provoke others. However when his face turns moody/dark he looks very scary and no one ever wants to bother him. The rare thing is eventhough he’s being loved, he never shows arrogance nor step on others to go beyond. He treats everyone very well and in all fairness. In SM, his relationship with higher ups, staff or interns are all very good that no one could have done better. Other than big brother/sister like Kangta and Boa, you can say that Yunho is the next one that is very much loved by SM. He’s an important individual with potential to be trained and developed by the company. Loved by higher-ups, respected by others, needless to say he’s a formidable foe for many.

Doing his best when no one is looking
For us we are really surprised. Actually we don’t really notice someone who ‘s really working hard alone rather than the aggressive ones. So we just think the latter guy is working hard. But U-know never show off what he is doing . Sometime when we were together, U-know is missing and we wonder where he is and can’t find him. We find out later he was making a song and arranging his music or he is recording all by himself. That was really a surprise. But i have a personal wish , I want him to share with us , Don’t keep it to himself . “Doing his best when no one is looking.

Jaejong: Yunho just pust in so much effort , For us for example , when Micky is writing a song or listening to music , He lets us know what he’s doing ” i am writing a song , want to hear it ?” You could say he is very aggressive. But for U-know we all heard his own songs one way or another , But we didn’t know when he wrote it . Under a very tight schedule and being so busy , He just does his best without boasting it . He wait until the song is complete and then play it .

(Credits:Soompi + DBSKer.blogspot)

*The Leader That Wholeheartedly Cares For His Members And Group*
(He can be so strong and authoritative, yet so tender and caring at the same time)

As a leader, he can’t show his weakness, ge can’t cry, ge can’t have a bad day, and he will be the first one who got blame when thing go wrong. A leader’s duty is to take care for the others and to be strong for them, but who is there to be strong for Yunho when he needs it?

Yunho the leader….so tough yet the vulnerable. Because he’s the leader he has to take up all the responsibility, carry the burden, hold back his tears and emotions, and he can’t think for only himself,, he is indeed our great leader. His strength and endurance as a leader are suffocating but that is what makes him an admirable leader.

Although Yunho was not the eldest, he has the most leadership qualities; Although DBSK has five members, he always the one who takes the initiative in public affairs; Although he was said to being unreasonable, he is always give thoughts to DBSK; And although when he was extremely cute when acting like a spoiled child, he looked the most domineering when he was angry.

♥ Although he was not the eldest, he has the most leadership qualities; Although DBSK has five members, he always the one who takes the initiative in public affairs; Although he was said to being unreasonable, he is always give thoughts to DBSK; And although when he was extremely cute when acting like a spoiled child, he looked the most domineering when he was angry.

♥ He once had been asked what does he wanna do if DBSK breaks up? He replied “If that does happen, I will gather my members again. As the leader of DBSK”

“Each time, I’ve said that they’re like my siblings, like my family. But to me, they’re more than family. They’re a part of me. My alter ego, perhaps?” Yunho once said this. Yunho is a person who loves and treasures his own group. He said besides his family/loved ones, his four members are ones he wants to protect the most. When DBSK was rumored to change a member (Jae), Yunho declared “I will not allow any member to leave.”

He always mentioned DBSK and the members in almost of his interviews, he always think about the members and DBSK before him, and he even split his earning from his solo project with the members equally too. In one of the interview, Yunho said this “We as 5 people works together is a fate. We see all of us equally. When we’re in joy, the joy is multiplied by 5, while when we’re in sorrow, the sorrow is divided to 1/5, it’s a pleasant thing. TOHOSHINKI is my house which becomes my home. Even when I’m going to the distance, once upon a time, it will always be an important return place of me” This make him becomes the best leader not only in cassiopeia’s eyes, but in other people’s eyes too, the leader who loves his members, his group, his fans and the leader who always there and stays strong all the time.

Yunho mentioned he likes number 5 because DBSK has 5 members. Being a person who’s very easy going with fans but if fans behave rudely and affects the members in the group, Yunho would be very angry. He wouldn’t mind turning against others to protect his members. Yunho said:“Being a leader, I love my members. I hope we DBSK will always be able to overcome any difficulty together. Only when all five of us are together, that is when we feel the happiest.”
When a member is sick, Yunho knows how to care for them. When they participate in a program and his members are also on it, Yunho will always pay attention to them, always there to help, to defend them if need be. Others said if there is only one bottle of water, Yunho would let the members drink first. Every time when the manager bought lunch he would always let others choose first and he would be the last to choose.

Yunho’s images in the members’ eyes..
YH: Sometimes because of DBSG, I don’t have a choice but to be strict. But this doesn’t mean that I am angry or pissed. I calmly tell all the members and later I will apologise to them. Yeah. The stress of being a leader is great and it’s great that the members understand the position that I am in.

JS: Yunho is the leader and his personality and character are just like a leader’s. He is very manly and views the brotherhood amongst us as very important.

CM: The amazing part of Yunho is the strong sense of responsibility I cannot imitate. He never fails to accomplish even very tough goals. When I see him try a new job and accomplish it to the end, I’m so proud of him. Of course, I always believe he can make it, but worry at the same time because I know how much difficulty he is having. The difficulty and pressure he faces must be far greater than others can imagine. It must be very tough. But he never fails to accomplish them. That is an amazing part of Yunho.

JJ: He will find opportunities to communicate with each and every one of us, even when he is dead tired he will still talk non stop! Ha! Sometimes, he is simply too long winded!

YC: Yunho is very serious and focused and has great self discipline. He always places DBSG as his greatest priority.

The members’ images in Yunho’s eyes..
Now, I’m not a leader, I’m just a part that completes the missing one as a teamwork.

Now I see Junsu as the mood maker, Changmin as the determined youngest, they play important role, it’s settled. Yoochun the romantic while Jaejoong is the realist, it creates a balance. I myself just realized this yesterday, therefore this question really is in good timing (laughs).

In the past, as the leader, I had to appear first and pulled everyone out. But now as everyone has grown, the necessity to do that has gone. Sometimes you may notice it’s Changmin who takes that job of mine (laughs).

(source: ordinary days+dnbn
trans + credits: sharingyoochun@wordpress+OneTVXQ.com+U-Know♥Angel @ AF for compiling info)

*The Touching Story Behind Yunho’s Characteristic “Thumbs-Up Pose*
(For three days, he cried nights and days, and then he becames determined – He will rise to the top one day and keep his promise to his grandfather. Only then would he lets go all of the tears he held up inside of him for so long.)

Yunho cried for three days when his grandfather died. His grandfather originally didn’t support him working to become a singer and wanted him to pursue his studies. But after his debut, he went to visit his grandfather who had become sick, and his grandfather gave him a thumbs-up to show his support. It was Yunho’s last memory of him. Now, he does the thumbs up as a reminder of an unspoken promise to his grandfather that he won’t cry until he’s done his absolute best.

On Strong Heart, Yunho talked about his struggles and hardships before debut. He stated, “I’ve experienced homelessness before debut. Despite my father and grandfather’s opposition to me becoming a singer, I moved and began living in Seoul alone. I slept at a Seoul subway station a lot because I didn’t have a place to live and I didn’t receive monetary support from my family.”

When performing on stage, Yunho always raises his thumb and gives a thumbs up for reasons previously unknown to fans. Yunho revealed that right before his debuted, he received news that his grandfather was in critical condition while he was recording for DBSK’s debut album. So he went back down to his hometown and see his grandfather, who always known to be quiet. 

Yunho said Though he was normally strict and aloof, Yunho’s grandfather would give Yunho a thumbs up to cheer him on. That was the last image he has of him.Yunho continued, “My grandfather passed way before he could see my debut. Afterward, I heard from my father that my grandfather missed me very much. For three days, I cried night and day. And then I became determined – I will rise to the top one day and keep my promise to my grandfather. Only then would I let go all of the tears I held up inside of me. If you look closely, I have a lot of pictures of me with the thumbs up pose, and it’s because I never want to forget the promise I made with my grandfather.”

He concluded, “I hope to receive a lot of good awards at the year’s end, and cry to my heart’s content.”

(credits: koreaboo+allkpop+Edaily+Sports Today+YunHo♥neyBunny@AF+hoyah@LJ)

*Goodwill Ambassador – U-Know Yunho*
(He Is Down To Earth And A Truly An Angel At Heart!)

Yunho is actively engaged in charity works and carrying out Korean cultural promotional activities in low profile which are not published on media. 
He is known for consistently delivering good deeds for his hometown since his debut. He has been participating regularly in community service opportunities, he has contributed towards a scholarship for his old high school, sponsored buying household appliances for orphanages, delivered presents to hospitals and seniors citizen centres, as well as making a monetary donation to improve social welfare facilities. 

Yunho is consistently active in multiple charity projects. He’s started an annual tradition of awarding a small scholarship to students at his alma mater in Kwangju, he donated 5,000,000 won in 2010 to the victims of the Haiti earthquake, he often volunteers at orphanages and hospitals – either cleaning or donating gifts and always spending time with the children. A friend of his from the R&B ballad group J.Rich discussed Yunho’s activities in the ’85 club – all the members friends of his born in 1985 (and him being a fast ’86, which puts him in line with the ’85-ers). Together, every year, they pull together to raise money and volunteer at public service centers.

In year 2010, he has been chosen as ambassador to participated in many charity events such as: Cartier Love Charity Collection Exhibition; DMZ International Documentary Film Festiva for a charity campaign for the wellness of war orphans; and Charity Auction by Hallyu Stars for Flood Victims.

In addition, on December 2010, Yunho gave out his carry bag as the auction for Charity event in Thaialnd. His hand carry bag made the record for the highest bid of KRW1,000,000* at the “Charity Auction by Hallyu Stars for Flood Victims”, held in Bangkok, Thailand. This auction was organised to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Thai soldiers who fought in the Korean War, as well as give aid to 3,000,000 flood victims.

The highest amount recorded at the charity auction went to a small hand-carry leather bag and even though there are no special decorations, just by the fact that it had been touched by Yunho’s hand, it was sold at the high price of KRW1,000,000.

In addition, at the early 2011, Yunho had donated donated 140 bags of rice in the amount of $US 3000 to Gwangju, his hometown.

Yunho is known as a charity man – a truly an angel at heart:

Yunho is so generous and sweet, especially how he kept all this donating and helping out the past 6 years on the down-low…not like many of the other celebrities that love to show off to everyone that they’re helping others and use it as a publicity stunt. He has been keeping it a secret cause his true intention is help not to making fame like some others, that’s why he is being blessed with greater opportunities and more success in his career.

Truly a role model that the public needs to look up to:

It’s because his hometown is what got him to do this type of work. Hence everytime he has vacations, he always went back to his hometown, he visit his school, his grandfather’s grave, the local nursing home, and visits the pastors and stuffs. He also got to sponsor scholarship for his school.

Well, being the gentle and generous Yunho, he spent his holidays meaningfully by sharing his blessing to other people and paying a visit to his hometown and to the people who helped him become who he is right now. 

Not only this, he also donated money to his old school and takes time for volunteer work too. On 31st December, 2009, Yunho gets about 3 days of vacation in a whole year and he mainly spends the few days off doing volunteer work and donating his time at an orphanage in Nam-gu, Gwangju City. He served food and also cleaned the building.

A representative from Kwang-Il High School said, “For the past 6 years, during his vacation period in January, Yunho would visit the the gravesite of his ancestors, old folks’ home and church, and he would also donate scholarships. He would always come back to his hometown to show his support. Not only does he do this during his fixed vacations, he would also come back to volunteer with friends and acquaintances whenever he has time.”

It said that, even with his busy schedule, he never missed a day of school. Also he sometimes had to dye his hair for performances, but on the days he had to go to school, he would always go to a hair salon and make it black again. The person in charge of the orphanage said that Yunho is a big help to the kids. His kindness was shown on display on the documentary show Star The Secret.

U-Know Yunho Gives Scholarships to Students in His Alma Maters for the past 7 years

Famous idol group TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (real name Jung Yunho), on the 3rd of March’s school opening ceremonies donated 3 million won (T/N: around $772.64) as scholarships to five students at Kwangil High School and to five students from Imgok Middle School. The teacher also revealed that Yunho has been steadily sponsoring his juniors for the past seven years. 

Yunho visits his old schools every year with his parents and donates money for scholarships. Because of his busy schedule with the new album activities and drama filming this year, Yunho has decided to first give the scholarships without visiting. He plans to visit later when he has the time.

Other than giving scholarships, Yunho and his fans frequently participate in community welfare activities, support social welfare facilities, as well as engage in community charity projects. Just last December, the fans’ donation of rice in Yunho’s name became a topic of interest..

(credit: uknowbaidu+tohoshinma+continuetvxq+newsen+YunHo♥neyBunny@AF)

*Legacy and Influence*
(Jung Yunho’s exemplary behaviour as an idol star is ongoing and not just a one-off occassion. The fandom culture is evolving into one where the fans follow their idols closely, and they do all they can to continue the warm, charitable acts of their idols and help those in need.)

Even if anything were to happen, Yunho wants to be at the front protecting everyone. Being the only Asian artiste chosen to partake in Michael Jackson’s (MJ) memorial concert event, along with his volunteer work and donations towards the victims who suffered from an earthquake in Haiti et cetera, YunHo has been receiving much more attention from time to time. 

Although he is only 25 years old, there is an unexpected sense of maturity. He is usually serious, and with his elegant facial expressions, he has showed many unseen sides of himself to the audience through his leadership, singing, dancing, acting, modeling and many more! Yunho really serves as a role model to the fans and to his fellow artists. He naturally has a gentle and caring heart, and it never fails to amaze people how humble and helpful he is despite all the success he has achieved as a DBSK member. 

He was able to go through hardships with the help of others around him, therefore, he decided to work even harder to become a shining star, and to search for something that he lacked when he was younger. He wanted to make more people support and like him. The greatest change in him is the expectation he has for himself; it has grown even larger because of the experiences he had in this society. A good point of this youth, who has grown under a tough journey, is his humility and sincere response to any questions being asked, together with the passion that he has been holding on to all these years.

His action shine brighter than speaking:

On 1st January 2010, Yunho secretly donates 5 million Won (approximately $US 4500) to the earthquake victims of Haiti under his real name “Jung Yunho” while trying not to draw attention to himself. However, on 20th January, fans and people found out about this when a name “Jung Yunho” appeared among the list of donators, which also stated the amount they have donated towards the fund raising for Haiti.

MBC stated that : “He told us that the donor wished for us to show the donation under the name Jung Yunho so not to have his identity as a celebrity revealed. We thought that he did not want or need his stage name to be seen with his donation so we put Jung Yunho in the subtitles.”

In addition, It was reported that in 2009, YunHo has also donated a sum of 25,000,000 Won to Africa, as aid for the rebuilding of the nation. Netizens said, “His actions shine brighter because he donated under his real name,” “It’s great to see him donating secretly,” and “He is good to the core,” and left words of praise for U-Know Yunho.

He is the type of person that never forget his root and always appreciate people who give him a chance and make him this success:

U-Know Yunho gave back to his old school, Gwangju Gwang-Il High School. He’s been giving scholarship money for the underfunded students in the school. He even visited a neighborhood public facility and entertained people. 

The high school said, “Yunho always comes back when he has vacation time. He visits and supports the elderly people’s apartment building, the church and other public service facilities.” The best thing about all of this is that he has been keeping this on the down low. It doesn’t look like a big publicity stunt he pulls off to look good or something he shows off to others. It’s only been leaked now that he’s been donating for so long. It took people six years to find out!

January 8, 2010, U-Know Yunho who went to visit his grandmother at the hospital despite his busy schedule, gave the elderly at the hospital rice cakes and drinks and is said to have had a great time with them. The reason that U-Know Yunho’s visit is in the spotlight is because not many family members visit patients due to the nature of the long-term hospital so he is being seen as a role model for his visit there.

And a few days after he visited his grandmother at the hospital, it was revealed that he has been donating to his old school for 6 years straight. DBSK debuted at the end of year 2003, which that means that he has been donating since he was a rockie. Yunho is quite a generous fellow. 

On the other hand, TVXQ, in which U-Know Yunho is a member, ranked as the most searched artiste at the Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2009 and solidified their popularity overseas as well as in Korea.

Despite his celebrity status and all the great things he’s got going for him (a pretty face, a solid brain), he still seems very grounded. He does not forget his friends, and has often calls someone up whenever he goes out to eat. He doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to see anyone. Also, when Heechul’s grandfather passed away earlier this year, he made a post thanking all the friends who were concerned for him. He thanked YunHo for text messaging him repeatedly to ask if he was all right. Not forgetting where he grew up, on January 2, 2009 he set up a scholarship fund of 600,000 won for 6 students at his old high school. Afterwards, he took out 70 students for lunch.

U-know Yunho Leading A New Hallyu Wave – Encouraging Fans To Donate Across The Border

U-know Yunho (real name Jung Yunho) is leading fans into a new Hally wave by encouraging them to donate across the borders. Recently, one of U-know Yunho’s Japanese fanclubs “Be With Yunho” did their own fundraising and made a trip to personally donate KRW$10,000,000 to South Korea’s Social Welfare Organization. 

The local fans in Japan have also donated more than KRW$5,000,000 to the Haiti victims in Yunho’s name.The donations from international fans not only include Japan, but also those from China, Thailand, and all of Asia, which shows that Yunho’s popularity can be felt throughout Asia.

Under Yunho’s name, the fans in China donated supplies for students within Korea who come from poor backgrounds, and there were also various donation and volunteering activities that took place in Thailand. The donations and volunteering activities of the Korean fans are also such.

This year, on Yunho’s birthday on the 6th, fans used his name to make various donations as a form of wishing him a happy birthday, and one of the fundraisers alone raised an amount of over KRW$40,000,000.

Fans followed Yunho’s footstep:

Yunho resends all of his birthday gifts back to the fans, asking them to show him their love and support by buying DBSK’s newest album. He also expressed that he would like the gifts to be given to people who need them more. Compassion has always been one of Yunho’s strong points. Even on his break in 2009, he went to his old high school and sponsored 6 students with full scholarships to go to college. Yunho now attends Myongji University and has a younger sister.

Initially, the members of the fanclub wanted to use the money collected to buy gifts, but recently, Yunho expressed, “For the many people who are suffering, how about donating together instead?”. So fans started to listen to him and decided to respond to hsi view and made the donation instead. They had donated to earthquakes, orphanages and do volunteering under Yunho’s names non stop from year to year.

And recently, on 27th January 2010, they donate $3,000,000 won To Gwangju in the name of U-Know Yunho. The representative of the Gwangu Social Welfare said, “To celebrate U-know Yunho’s birthday, the members of the fanclub pooled their money together to come up with this sum.”

On Yunho’s birthday which was 6th Feb, fans donated 262 million won. Yunho has donated to his school in the past and the fans seem to have sympathized him. “Also in Japan on Feb.16’s newspaper it showed that Yunho’s Japanese fans donated more than KRW$5000000 to Haiti. The fans who saw Yunho donate made them want to help and donate too.

On 25th January 2010, Yunho’s Japanese fans have started to put into practice to love their neighbors across from their border. This story has become a topic, and it is a story that will warm your hearts in this cold winter. The Community Association of Gwang Ju, more than 300 of Yunho’s fans got together and said, “To anyone who’s spending these winter with difficulty, we want to deposit this money to the social welfare facilities”donating 10,000,000 won.(T/N:around 8900 US Dollars)

The Japanese fans also wrote an email which expressed the feeling that they had been able to create this with the help of people in Korea, “Next month is Yunho’s birthday, so we wanted to do something good for the people from his home in Gwangsan-Gu Gwang Ju”. With this reason they sent in their donation. Japanese’s fan club called “Jung Yunho Fan Blog Ring One” have been in charge of these activities, and after seeing Yunho’s Korean fans giving annual donations they also decided to fundraise money to donate.

The administrator of “Jung Yunho Fan Blog Ring One” said, “Even though they are our neighbors we felt far from each other, but we are extremely grateful to Yunho for showing us and letting us know the many wonders that are in that country across the sea from us” and further stated that, “Although he is a celebrity, rather than separating himself, he shares all the love in his heart and it this Yunho who shares his love that we respect”. Also, “February 6th is Jung Yunho’s 26th birthday, and we want to share his love and celebrate his birthday with the children from his home in Gwang Ju.

It has been decided that the 10,000,000 won that was donated to the social welfare facilities will be shared between two welfare facilities in Gwang Ju.
Yunho, from Gwang Ju, had donated 140 bags of rice (10kg) to Gwang Ju last year, and on top of that, this month Yunho visited the welfare facilities when he donated electrical appliances and also gave the children signs of hope by spending time with them and making happy memories together. Yunho told us that he also volunteers with the members of his fan club and that they also plan activities together.

On August 2011, Yunho’s Fans Donate $6,400 USD to Earthquake Relief. The members of TVXQ Yunho’s Japanese fan page “Let’s Go Together” have attracted attention for their contribution to Japan’s earthquake relief.

Special towels were created on the fan page, “Let’s Go Together” and these towel packs were sold to each member of the on-line community to raise donation money. The latest update to the online community shows their donation history and their gifts to Yunho.

Almost five hundred people participated in raising money and on July 29th, they donated 500,000 yen (approximately $6,400 USD). This was the third time they have donated money, accumulating to a total of 1.5 million yen (about $19,200 USD). They also attracted attention for sending the towels and other various presents to Yunho.

He has always wanted to repay everyone:

“My future dreams, not only as a singer and actor, but also as a stage director who can create my own stage from scratch, etc. Another thing is to let those who want to be an artist to learn free of charge. For those who have abilities and ideas but don’t have chance due to lack of money, I want to support their ambitions. I have been hearing this from seniors in celebrities’ world and my father, “After Yunho has become famous, have to repay a debt of gratitude by helping others within your abilities.” and I am going to do it someday.

My father, whom is like a teacher and friend to me, has been giving me advices. The words that left deepest impression on me was, ‘A genius can’t win over a hardworking person, a hardworking person can’t win over an optimistic person.’ If you do something with positive mood, you won’t feel difficult even though you have to try hard, if you continue to work hard, you can surpass the genius. I have spent my time happily today, and become an artist who can bring happiness to everyone too. I am going to work harder from now onwards.'”

(Source: [etoday+DNBN]+MBC+uknowbar+allkpop+maeil newspaper
credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net+ sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com+YunHo♥neyBunny @ AF)

*Yunho’s Music Career*
(Even a single movement in his eyes, a single site of his dance with such grace…every step, every gesture on stage, grabs the eyes of the audience. His beautiful voice and his spicy and edgy rap, becomes the sound of enchantment. Absorbs ones who listen, not only through the ear, but through all five senses. This rejoice, becomes the energy and drive of their fans for tomorrow. This power, is the proof that he is the true “Superstar”)

credit: YunHo♥neyBunny@AF

TVXQ can sing and dance amazingly, with full charisma, with lovable charms and characters, and loved by everyone: A group that leads and represents all the male groups in the entertainment industry, and the group that started this trend in the industry (K-POP popularity). The ONLY group with that much of absolutely overwhelming presence, continuously showing us the high quality performance. 

Adults tend to think too much and thus give up when the goal is in sight. But Yunho won’t think about needles things and will just continue to move forward on his goal even he already at the top. Yunho once said “A genius cannot win over a hard-worker, and a hard-worker cannot win over a person who enjoys. I want to make happy memories together with fans. It’s more me than anything.” He stated he wants to go as far as he can goes. Like Michael Jackson he admires, he wants to continue to dance and sing even if he gets older. he wants to live a good life as TVXQ.

*Before debuting under TVXQ, he was a backup dancer for Dana’s 2002 single, “Diamond”. He was also featured in the music video.

* Yunho’s Self composed, arranged and sang “Spokesman” with Donghae of Super Junior, which was performed in the 2nd Live Asia tour concert – ‘O’.

* Featured in New Non-stop 4 & 6

*Sang Japanese solo “Crazy Life”, which was featured in the “Close to you / Crazy Life” single, the fourth installment of the group’s “TRICK” series.Here

*Wrote the rap lyrics for “Wrong Number”,one of the tracks in their fourth korean album “MIROTIC” with Hero.

* Yunho and Micky are also featured rappers in “Heartquake” from Super Junior’s 3rd Album “Sorry Sorry” 

*Wrote the rap lyrics for “Love after Love”, one of the tracks in their second korean album “Rising Sun” together with Micky and Xiah.

*Wrote the rap lyrics for “Love Bye Love”, one of the tracks in their fourth korean abum “MIROTIC” with Xiah.

*Self composed, wrote the lyrics (Korean and Japanese), and performed “CHECKMATE” for the 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic and The Secret Code in Tokyo Dome

*A Tribute BAND FROM MJ’s THIS IS IT Movies And U-know Yunho Live. In February 2010, it was announced that U-know would be performing in the Korea leg of the posthumous concert This Is It dedicated to legendary icon Michael Jackson. He will train in Los Angeles and Las Vegas with Genevieve Cleary, Morris Pleasure, and others who worked closely with Jackson. The project is the first joint production between Korea and the U.S

*U-know and Max appeared in the SM Town World Tour after 1 year and 3 month, which was started in August, 2010. The duo performed a special stage with the new single ‘Maximum’ on the show and ‘Why’ by U-know himself.

*Featured in his good friend (Haekang) MV called “Good bye, my love” Here

*TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin Come Back After 2 Years And 3 Months with “WHY (Keep Your Head Down)” album. 

*Yunho’s Solo song “Honey Funny Bunny” in “Keep Your Head Down” album

*Yunho actually came up with the idea for the whip dance in the intro to their “Keep Your Head Down” music video.

Year 2011 Activities:

After the chaos, we stuck it out through the hard times. We’re still standing here.“WE ARE DONG BANG SHIN KI” 

In 2010, in the midst of TVXQ explosive popularity, they announced the break from activities. Now, after a year and a half in silence, TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin have come back to rule ASIA – Superstars Storms Asia.

Yunho said: “Once you’ve climbed a mountain, you have to come down eventually, but it’s because you’ve done it once that you know you can always reach higher. It is because of our descent that we are ascending once again. That day, when the two of us (Yunho and Changming) stood on the stage of SMTown, we found ourselves the next peak to conquer and now we’re making our way towards it, one step at a time.”

“WHY” (Keep Your Head Down) Album

Album Review ♥ KYHD MV ♥ KYHD Dance Version ♥ How Can I MV

Before U Go: 

BUG MV ♥ BUG 16 minutes MV ♥ BUG Dance Version

“WHY” (Japanese Single): 

KYHD Japanese MV

“Superstar” Single: 

Superstar PV ♥ Superstar Dance Version

“TONE” Album: 

Album Preview ♥ B.U.T (BE-AU-TY) MV ♥ B.U.T (BE-AU-TY) Dance Version ♥ I Don’t Know MV ♥ I Think U Know ♥ I Don’t Know Dance Version ♥ Duet MV Making

“Winter Rose” Single:

Winter Rose Preview

(Credits: (Homin) DBSK’s thread in soompi+YunHo♥neyBunny @AF+continuetvxq+B-Pass Magazine)

*Yunho’s Acting Career*
(Not satisfied with only the title of popular artist, YunHo also put in a lot of passion into filming the drama, hoping to touch everyone’s heart and also in creating a close family relationship with the cast and the staff members)

At the height of 184cm, having a remarkable figure of long arms and legs, you can see the masculine part of him in the strong stares from his eyes. This part of Jung YunHo has always left a strong impression to everyone. As the leader of Tohoshinki, who has won over the whole of Asia, he is now stepping onto a brand new stage as an actor. 

It’s no wonder that Yunho is so beloved in Korea. He has become something of a face of Korea – He was the feature star in Korea’s mini movie for the Shanghai World Expo and had featured as a main actor in a mini web drama called “Haru”, and appeared as a cameo in Hollywood movies “Cobu 3D”

01. (MBC, 2005) Rainbow Romance 

Ep. 62 — Yunho’s First Love 
Ep. 64 — Hee Jin becomes a Wolf 

02. [2006] Vacation: Episode 1–Cassiopeia ft. Yunho 

U-know has been getting letters from a fan, Soo Yun, who has leukemia. Her dying wish is to meet him one day so he goes to visit her at the hospital during his vacation. Then a final note came and said Soo Yun died. Too make sure he went to the hospital but,he lost his words after seeing Soo Yun playing with the other kids at the hospital. Soo Yun says she lied for Jung Ah unnie who is hospitalized at the same hospital. She starts asking U-know to hold a concert for Jung Ah’s birthday who got bedridden due to a car accident… After the concert U know goes outside to have a rest with Soo yun. During that time Jung Ah falls out of her wheel chair and gets better. After the Vacation at the hospital U know goes back to his company but soon he gets a phone call saying that Sooyun is dying! He later finds out she has leukemia!

03. [2006]]SBS’s Banjun Theater: Tokyo Holiday

U-Know escape from his manager, who has demanded that all of the members take a day to rest. Yunho meets a Korean tourguide and forces the girl to take him sight-seeing. At the same time, the girl’s father gets into trouble and soon U-Know and the rest of the band are called in to save the day. 

04. [2006] SBS’s Banjun Theater: Dangerous Love

After a photoshoot in a secluded, forested area, all five band members are told to rest in the house they are staying at. Xiah, who desperately wants to play football, drags Max outside to play with him. Both get hurt and are rescued by a mysterious girl, who provides a place for them to heal from their injuries. However, they soon discover that she will not let them leave. Back at the main house, Micky is in his own world, extremely worried about his lost band-mates. Hero, after reading a fanfiction about his supposed romantic relationship with U-Know, becomes anxious about why U-Know is suddenly being extremely nice to him.

05. [2006] SBS’s Banjun Theater: Uninvited Guest

06. [2006] SBS’s Banjun Theater: First Love 

Micky and U-Know both fall in love with the same girl at school, Jun Hye Bin, and must fight for her love. Who will she choose?

07. [2006] SBS’s Banjun Theater: The Unmasked Fencer

During a time of slaves and fencers in Ancient Korea, U-Know is the heir to a rich family and is to marry a rich girl; however, his fiancee loves someone else: Micky, the masked fencer. Micky works for U-Know’s family and is also his best friend. After going through some events, U-Know discovers that his best friend has also fallen for his fiancee and becomes furious, developing a plan to separate the two.

08. DBSK’s Mini Drama: Dating On Earth Link

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s new drama titled ‘Dating On Earth’ is a story about the school and married life between a high school student who’s also a husband (Micky YooChun) and his form teacher (Seo HyeonJin); the other 4 has been casted as YooChun’s classmates whereby JaeJoong is a transfer student.
UKnow YunHo: A handsome head councillor but was always harsh with his words, and who bullies YooChun

09. [2009] MBC’s Drama: Heading To The Ground (NO LIMIT) HTTG Ep 1 [Eng Sub]

Uknow YunHo began a new career through the television drama. Based only on the popularity and fame he already had, and with a television drama that was bound to be popular, YunHo chose instead to play a character devoid of luxury and perks, which surprised everyone. Furthermore, the strengths of “Cha Bong Gun”, which was his candid and simple-mindedness, clashed with a part of Uknow YunHo’s image.

Actors/Actresses: Jung Yunho, Go Ara, Lee Yoon Ji, Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Jae Seung
Story: Cha Bong Goon (Jung Yunho) is a soccer player who dreams of being a nation player and pours all of his efforts into becoming one. Kang Hae Bin (Go Ara) is a rookie sports agent who realizes Cha Bong Kun’s talent but is always bickering with him. Jang Seung Won(Lee Sang Yoon) is cold-natured lawyer who forms a love triangle with Cha Bong Kun and Kang Hye Bin. Oh Yeon Yi (Lee Yoon Ji) is the team’s nutritionist and has been Cha Bong Kun’s friend since junior high and is Bong Kun’s ex-girlfriend. She will be forming another love triangle with Cha Bong Kun and another soccer player.

HTTG DVD box oricon charts after 3 years with the MBC Televsion drama: Episode 1

Yunho, after Bae Yong Joon, has achieved the record of holding number one spot on Japan’s DVD Oricon charts after 3 years with the MBC television drama he acted as the main character, “Heading To The Ground”.

According to the weekly television drama DVD charts on the 28th, Yunho’s first time acting as main character in the drama “Heading To The Ground” has earned both number 1 and number 2 spots with the individual DVD box sets. The only Korean drama to ever achieve number 1 and 2 spots on the weekly Oricon television drama DVD charts was Bae Yong Joon’s drama “The Story of the First King’s Four Gods” in 2007. This is the first time in 3 years since a Korean DVD drama has achieved this feat

10. *Shanghai Expo 2010! Korean Pavilion Core – “Chorus City” Link

U-Know Yunho had featured as the main star in a video to be shown throughout the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. The video, a 12-minute long clip titled “Chorus City”, has been showing at the South Korea pavilion of the Expo which kicked off on Saturday, delivering the message of friendship and harmony between Korea and China. The Expo 2010 Shanghai China will run for six months until October 31 with over 192 countries set to attend the event.

11. Web Drama: “HARU – A One Day Story” – Hallyu Star 2010 Part 1

‘Haru’ is produced by Korea Tourist Service, Inc. and Cheil Communications and is an interactive omnibus drama starring Hallyu stars such as U-Know Yunho, Han Chae Young, Big Bang, Kim Bum, Lee Da Hae and Park Shi hoo. The drama was filmed all across the nation such as Busan, Gokseong, Yangpyung, the Han River and on board the Haerang train in order to shed light onto the hidden beauties of Korea.

U-Know Yunho act as a tough romance and an action actor in play, Lee Da Hae is a script writer, Kim Bum as a photographer, Han Chae Young and Park Shi Hoo as a couple in Da Hae’s scenario, while Big Bang’s story is to seek a local branch school that is being shut down to find children whom they promised to hold a mini-concert before.

The drama is directed by Bakmyeongcheon, the one who directed the drama ‘Coffee Prince The 1st shop’ and Yijeongah who made music for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ would be responsible for producing music for this drama. The crew has been to the coast of Busan, Chonnam, Gyeonggi, Yangpyeong, Haerang train, and has also shot in places like Han River.

12. Poseidon 2011: Episode 1

“Poseidon” is helmed by PD Yoo Chul Yong of “All In”, “H.I.T” and “Swallow the Sun”, and PD Oh Sang Won of “Sad Love Song” and “Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young”, as well as star writer Jo Gyu Won of “IRIS”. Yunho appeared as a cameo in the drama as he is unable to take on a regularly appearing role due to his overseas schedule.

In the drama, Jung Yunho played as Marine Police Special Forces member “Kang Eun Chul”, the recognized and talented tactics team leader of ‘Poseidon’. Although the role he has taken is a short one, he has attempted to transform himself into an actor through a special appearance which has produced great impact.

Kang Eun Chul, the role that Jung Yunho is taking on, is a very principled person who thoroughly abides by his ideologies. He received recognition for having the ability to surpass everybody else and thus became the leader of the Tactics Team. He is scheduled to have an intense showdown and compelling dialogue with Seon-Woo (Choi Siwon), who is also a Marine Police Special Forces team member like him, but who is always getting into trouble.

13. “Cobu” 3D 2012: 

TVXQ’s Yunho will be appearing in BoA’s Hollywood debut film “COBU 3D” as a special guest.

“Cobu 3D” is a Romeo & Juliet type love story which portrays the competition between a male and a female dancer who belong to rival dance clubs in underground New York and come from different backgrounds.This movies is directed by Duane Adler, known as the author of “Step Up” and “Save the Last Dance,” and is co-produced by Robert Colt, the producer of “Jumanji”, along with CJ Entertainment and SM Entertainment.

– “Cobu 3D” Back Story About Yunho As Cameo

COBU director needed a good Asian dancer as an impact character in the movies and only for cameo but as attractive character. So the director decided to held the audition at the U.S, but nobody has ever satisfied. Therefore, Boa, Shim Jae and dancer from Michael Jackson Tribute Concert recommended Yunho to director. Duan Adler (Director) came to SM Town Concert in L.A and saw Yunho and even watch his performances. Obviously! Totally! No doubt! Yunho was billed to play as a special cameo. Super Junior and Shinee were also nominated, but director did not say YES.

(credit: YunHo♥neyBunny@AF)

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    yoon~do U know?

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    yunnie fighting………….

  4. Ulsan MBC says:

    Thats great that you talk about Jung Yunho | ILoveTVXQ5. I was searching for a log time some informations about Jung Yunho | ILoveTVXQ5.

  5. 7. He has 4 piercings. REALLY? WHERE ? O.0

  6. Erlina says:

    love yunho even MORE after read this one..
    He is the one that make me fallen love with DBSK..
    Yunho is the best leader! 🙂

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    oh my god

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    jung yunho ~~ the best leader in the world !!!!!!!! LOVE YOU FOREVER :3

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    He had thyroids at his neck and had a surgery.. Poor Him.. God Bless You 😀

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    more and more respect for you, yunho oppa.. you gave me so much inspiration.. thank you so much..

  11. ayumi chan says:

    this post is awesome!! yunho always inspire me.. >< happy birthday yunho.. \(^o^)/

  12. Mona says:

    Wow, thank you for this article about Yunho, the more i love Yunho so much, the more i respect him…i know the first time i set my eyes on him i feel that Yunho is a good person, that he has a good heart, he was my biased in DBSK next is Max, that is why i am glad that Homin stay remain in the group, for me the two of them will do…i should say that i am a proud fan of Yunho, even though i am much older than him, i feel younger everytime i see his dance moves and hear his angelic voice, Yunho is the best, the greatest man i know in kpop industry, TVXQ the best performer ever, still the King of all KPop Group…missing Yunho so much…waiting for Yunho…waiting for Changmin…waiting for TVXQ…

  13. Jahna says:

    Wow, that’s just amazing. How he could go through all of that and still be the happy, optimistic sweetheart that we know him to be. How could anyone hate someone like this? It honestly doesn’t make sense.

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